The Spirit of WAP: Heaps Racist Moments of Historic Australian Importance

Gary Adequate
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 22, 2020

When someone says “race riot”, you might be forgiven for thinking of the American Negro and his peaceful urban sneaker excursions. But we Australians also have a long history of race rioting, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because race riots are BASED. 

Night of Unbridled Rioting in Kalgoorlie


Night Battle With Rifles and Bombs


The Canberra Times, Thursday, February 1st, 1934

Of course you know about Cronulla and maybe you’ve heard of Lambing Flat, but what about Buckland River, the 1919 Red Flag riots, or the 1934 Kalgoorlie riots?  Hang on, you say, how was Kalgoorlie a race riot— aren’t Italians white?  Well, it’s complicated:

This is a science map, don’t like it cry and piss pant

Look up any of these riots online, and you will notice that all of the modern accounts of them, and even some of the contemporary accounts, are full of the same old tired tropes about the poor innocent hardworking immigrants and how they dindu nuffin, about how it was all down to the completely baseless “resentment” and irrational “racism” of the ignorant locals, who were 100% to blame and also probably drunk, because Australians are so cringe and have no culture blah blah blah blah blah. 

Literally not a single Australian in this picture lol

This complete inability to acknowledge that the rioters could ever have had good cause for their “resentment” and “racism” reminds me of the whiny pleading of a certain other ethnic group who historically has got dunked on over a HUNDERD times but NEVER NOT ONCE was their own behaviour to blame OH NOES. 

Pack up the pennies Hila, we’re getting kicked out AGAIN!! OYyy veyyyyyyy

They cannot admit the truth, or acknowledge the REAL common thread to all race riots anywhere on earth, which is that ethnic tension is inevitable, natural and normal, and that multi-ethnic societies are artificial, fragile, stressful, and can only hold together as long as there is enough money, food, resources, or government intervention to allow people to pretend that they all get along. 

We used to understand this.  In fact the White Australia Policy was an enshrinement of these obvious truths in the form of legislation.  The WAP was itself a reaction to the massive influx of ratfaced chinkaloids over the second half of the 19th century, and a recognition of the urgent need to protect Australians from coolie labour, especially during the devastating depression of the 1890s. 

Thank God this kind of thing doesn’t go on today
Oh wait never mind

In the minds of most Australians, the foresight and wisdom of the WAP was only confirmed by the subsequent events of World War I and II, both full of examples of the horrors that can befall multi-ethnic states.

Around 15 million ethnic Germans were cleansed from Eastern Europe between 1944 and 1950, and as many as 2.5 million died. This is a still from one of the many Hollywood movies made about the subject.

The consensus around the desirability of the WAP only broke down after 1945, which is a whole other (((story)))* in itself. Yes, the WAP was racist (noice), and it also represented a victory of protectionist nationalism over a globalist, capitalist elite, who were then just as now intent on flooding the country with cheap labour and new consumer debt slaves, and by doing so destroying the social cohesion needed to resist them.

And no, in pointing the finger at the neoliberal oligarch elites I am not letting the poor widdle immigwants off the hook; yes they are pawns, but they are willing pawns.  They are not naïve innocents.  They know exactly what they are doing, they know that they are entering another group’s territory and competing with us, though they might stand at the parade barriers and wave our flag around on “Australia Day” (don’t get me started). 

Sorry I don’t buy it

The same goes for the 2nd and even later generations born here. They know deep down that this country was not created by their ancestors. They can never be completely comfortable here. At best they try to blend in, and some of them do it very well; the worst of them are deeply resentful and disturbed souls, people like squashface Tim Sophesoputamane, chonga buttfucker Benjamin Law, and black activist Kon Karapanagiotidis, whose asylum seeker advocacy is literally a childhood bullying victim’s revenge fantasy played out in the form of a career. 

Laotians: so shit-tier that even Viets look down on them
I hate whites, unless of course they are in my BUTTHOLE!!
Good afternoon and a big hello to my corporate overlords we must import 10,000 brown people for every time I got called a fat dago in primary school thank you for listening to my presentation

The Kalgoorlie riots happened against the background of the great depression.  At a time of high unemployment and extreme poverty, why were there foreigners in Australia at all, competing for our resources?  Well, here we are in 2020, maybe on the brink of another great depression, and we could ask the same question.  Chink AIDS has given us a brief respite from the endless stream of migrants undercutting our wages and driving up our house prices, yelling gibberish into bluetooth headsets on our trains and buses, spitting on our streets and stinking up our neighbourhoods. We have a rare chance to reset, and yet all the same forces are demanding a vaccine so the floodgates can be reopened to “save the economy”, and there is nobody in government or the mainstream media to counter them. 

The make-up of migration at the time the pandemic hit has been changing for some time. The share of immigration has shifted dramatically in recent years in favour of international students. . .

. . . Those big student numbers point to one way we can get migration up again and kickstart growth post pandemic.

– Laura Tingle, impartial ABC journalist

Instead they are all in cahoots, they cheer it on, and do everything they can to make you doubt your natural, healthy instincts towards ethnic self-preservation and distrust of the outsider. They hate you and don’t even try to hide it.

DISCLAIMER: neither the author nor the Cobber’s Morning Herald endorse race riots (even though they are BASED), or any form of racial violence or hatred. Peace.

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