A Green Australia is a Brown Australia

Gary Adequate
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 30, 2020

Nothing exposes the modern left’s hypocrisy, moral emptiness, and ideological commitment to global capitalism quite like the “intersection” between immigration and environmentalism.

“[Immigrants] have a closer relationship with the environment, may be more concerned about natural resources, and have been living a more energy-efficient life than many local Australians,” Dr Zhang told the ABC.

-“Planting Seeds of Change”, ABC News website

A great example is the ABC article quoted above, in which immigrant families are portrayed as angelic stewards of the environment, in contrast to “local Australians” who by implication either don’t care or, unlike the supposedly genuine environmentalist motivations of immigrants, are only doing it for clout on “aspirational instagram pages.”

This Chinese man not included in ABC article

Of course this is complete bullshit. As always, the ABC is asking you to ignore your lived experience and take their painstakingly sourced outliers as representatives of the norm. Everyone who breathes knows that chongids and pajeetids are massively consumerist and materialistic. Chinkompoops in particular have the highest carbon footprint of any ethnic group in Australia, FACT. 

Look it has solar panels

So let’s start with the chongalong family in the article, the Cai-Yangs. All I see here is a typical migrant story, i.e. family moves to Australia purely for reasons of economic self-interest, and after arrival simply continues in that vein. They bring their elderly parents out. The parents are a drain on the tax base and healthcare system and they don’t contribute anything to society, but they sure do contribute to the family, providing free child care and food-growing labour. They get 100 solar panels with the help of a government rebate, giving them a further financial advantage over renting Australians who have to pay in full for boring regular electricity.

He said in total the panels cost about $30,000 but along with a government rebate, the investment was quickly paying off.

“I used to pay $1,600 per month on electricity, but now I only pay $300 per month,” he said.

Mr Cai said he expected to recoup the cost of the panels within a couple of years.

Well done Mr Cai, the Australian Conservation Foundation looks forward to your generous donation

Oops, Mr Cai appears to not give a flying fuck about the environment at all LOL. He is basically admitting that they have solar panels for the most eternally Chinese reason: money accumulate become rich glory ancestor proud child success accountant become. 

Haha fool you stupi gwailo me no care bou envimen me care famiry ancestor descend only!! HAhaha

Next up is the Singh-Kaur family. BTW have you ever played the Early Life game with Indians? Just as wiki-digging into a “fellow white person” often reveals tribal roots, and many a “Black” turns out to be “Blachowitz”, if you look into any social justice pajeet you’ll generally find that the surname is either a high-caste Hindu name, or a Sikh name like Singh or Kaur, names originally intended to “reduce caste-based prejudice” and now very convenient for covering up a high-caste background. Anyway, this is the daughter, Ms Kaur:

Eating all the pies to save the environment

Like Mr Cai, Ms Kaur is a walking stereotype of her people abroad: a privileged, highly educated young female activist who has thoroughly internalised a kind of Jewish liberal worldview, who hates the West (of course being an activist here is hard for her because misogyny and racism) but would never live anywhere else.

Ms Kaur, a University of Sydney student, and former co-organiser of Australia’s School Strike 4 Climate protests, regularly commuted from her hometown of Mudgee to Sydney — about a three-and-a-half-hour drive each way — while also being active online and on the airwaves.

– ABC News

LMAO I’m sorry what did I just read? Nigga probably thinks cars run on Shiva cum. But actually this is just further evidence of how integrated she is. She gets it: it doesn’t matter what you do or how you live, what matters in global environmentalism is what you say and what you appear to be doing. She even admits as much:

“The idea that individuals must reduce their emissions is a Eurocentric narrative that absolves fossil fuel corporations and governments of responsibility”

– Chubby WOC

Wait, is she saying that moral agency and individual responsibility are a European thing? Big if true!?

The busy life of an Indian activist

The obsession with “global emissions” is a telling clue to where the modern left’s allegiances really lie. For them, environmentalism must be global and capitalist, because that is also their economic and cultural ideology. “The environment” to them is a vague abstraction; they are all about “PPM CO2” and buying green gadgets off Amazon, not real environmentalism like picking up litter or repatriating immigrants or re-establishing a true Nation that gives people a sense of belonging and makes them less prey to mindless consumerism.

This human capital unit could be making environmentally friendly consumer choices in Australia instead of India what a waste smdh

Global environmentalism allows you to justify the free movement of people, because you can tell yourself, at least in theory, that the Cai-Yangs or the Kaurs could be anywhere on earth and would still be consuming and emitting, so why not bring them here? Even if you accept the article’s claim that immigrants have smaller environmental footprints than Australians (who knows because of course there is no citation), this is only because they’re POOR, which is why they come here in the first place. The fact is that their consumption increases just by the act of moving to Australia, which is exactly what they intended, because guess what, they don’t move here to save the environment, they move here “for a better life”, i.e. to CONSOOM.

A queue outside an Apple store, in Sydney but it could be anywhere really

You might think that the left are being naive or disingenuous on this point. Some are, but many have a tech fetish and LOVE to CONSOOM and genuinely believe that at some unspecified time in the future, fake greentech like solar and wind will reduce our “emissions” to zero, and Australia will comfortably house a billion brown people, all growing 100% of their own food in the boots of their Teslas.

This village cooperative in Europe achieved zero emissions way back in the 1940s! Amazing!!

On the other hand, if your environmental concerns are more local and immediate, say for example protecting productive farmland west of Melbourne from urban sprawl, or preventing the looming extinction of koalas in the wild, then all of a sudden it requires much greater mental gymastics to suppress the obvious question: why are the Cai-Yang and Kaur families here at all?

Which life has more value? Hint: the koala’s. Haha JOKE okay

The most hilarious thing about the article is that, despite the pretense to global concern, it reeks of ethno-narcissism. Written by: Samuel Yang (who only writes articles about his own ethnicity, and racism) and Prianka Srinivasan (basically ditto). Expert consulted: Ying Zhang. Actual Australians included: zero. If anything, it unwittingly confirms what we already know, which is that you can and should only care about the local: your own people and your own environment.

mfw thinking about chopping the hands off the people trying to get into my lifeboat

They want us to cry for them when they are in their own countries because they can’t stop shitting up their homeland and don’t have Harvey Norman, and then when they arrive here we should somehow be grateful to them for making our home more and more unlivable? NO. If we really care about our environment, we must, in the words of Mr Linkola, CLOSE our eyes and ears to these people, whether they be far away in the places where they belong, or here, where we do. They don’t care about us, so why should we care about them? Real environmentalism is properly and naturally the cause of the real Right, not the fake left, and we are taking it back!

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