Me Clazy, Me Pokie Yu Brea Wi Needor

Gary Adequate
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 8, 2020

Seriously what is it with the chinks and their need to molest food in supermarkets?

A man has been charged with contaminating goods after he allegedly inserted a used needle into a loaf of bread on the shelves of a Woolworths supermarket in Roxburgh Park.

Court documents allege that Fue Yang, 33, poked the bread with a “soiled hypodermic needle”.

The Age

Stories like this should be enough to redpill people on race realism and the FACT that every race manifests mental illness differently. Blacks, for example, tend to get naked in the street and rape inanimate objects, for example a statue, an exhaust pipe, or the street.  For Jews, mental illness is the default state. Whites stay up for weeks and make incredible scientific discoveries and compose epic music. 

Mento illness? No thats the Messiah luv

And, as we see time and time again, chinks love to poke our delicious supermarket foods with needles. 

You and I see a delicious wholemeal sandwich loaf; the chink sees only a place to put his needle.

Esteemed scholar Kevin MacDonald wrote a book in which he proposed that jewish culture is a “Culture of Critique”.  Well I would like to suggest that chink “culture” is a culture of contamination. I’m not going to write a massive expensive trilogy about this fact though, because it is so self-evident that it requires only a sloppy 350 word article punched out for free on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

And yes I am familiar with the “insight” of pathetic centrists like Jordan Peterson that “right wingers” like “Nazis” have a “disgust response” to the outsider and see him as diseased, unclean, etc. So the fuck what? Timely reminder here that psychology is materialistic and FAKE and Peterson is a grifter and a mental (Canadian phenotype) drug addict denied his vegetables by his even more grifty and mental thot daughter.  

Oh you see them as a plague? Well that’s just a disgust response that is simply an expression of the particular set of genes that you happened to inherit, Nahtzee

The TRUTH is that comparing outsider aliens to contaminations, diseases, or infections is a perfectly valid and epic comparison. Especially for chinks. I mean come on, this year they literally contaminated the whole world with a literal infection LMFAO. They contaminate our streets and our eyes with their weird slab-like heads, their anti-haircuts and their blank automatonic expressions. They contaminate our universities with Confucius Institutes. They contaminate our high-trust Northern European business ethics with their greedy low-trust practises.  They contaminate our buses and trains with their shitty tonal language and toenail clippings.  They contaminate their shitty products with toxins and heavy metals. They contaminate the entire planet with contamination, and nobody would miss them if they were, uhh, REDACTED.

One thought on “Me Clazy, Me Pokie Yu Brea Wi Needor

  1. “mental (Canadian phenotype) drug addict”

    I’m absolutely buckled cunt. keep it up, I live for the writing here.


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