Hairy Lumumkey is an Attention Seeking Fag

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 17, 2020

This attention seeking monkey faggot is back chasing headlines. His attempts to be Adam Goodes 2 have been successful, and in fact he has now even surpassed Goodes as the most irritating ape to ever be involved in the AFL.

The Age:

Heritier Lumumba is suing Collingwood and the AFL over racist abuse he says he was subject to during his time as a player.

In documents filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Lumumba alleges Collingwood breached their “duty of care” toward him to provide a safe working environment because of the abuse.

The documents go on to allege the AFL “owed a duty to the plaintiff [Lumumba] to take reasonable steps to prevent players subjecting other players to racial abuse and racially-offensive conduct, and to impose sanctions on players who breached those rules”.

“On numerous occasions during his employment, the plaintiff was subjected to racial abuse or racially-offensive conduct,” the court documents read.

“[Collingwood] failed to take any or any sufficient steps to provide and maintain a safe working environment, including by protecting the plaintiff from racial abuse or racially-offensive conduct.

Lumumba alleges the AFL did not take any steps to stop the abuse or “racially offensive conduct”.

“By reason of the matters set out above, the plaintiff has suffered loss, damage, and injury including trauma, humiliation, distress, and loss of enjoyment,” the claim reads.

He says the abuse and racially offensive conduct stopped when he was traded to Melbourne in 2014.

This dude is just a fucking attention seeking bitch.

First of all, he played for Collingwood between from 2005 to 2014. Nine fucking years. If his experience was that bad, he would have asked to be traded at some point during that time span. This announcement strikes me as an attempt to get his ugly monkey head in the paper again as well as make a nice bit of coin for himself.

It’s funny that he never thought of suing until the fat paychecks stopped. In fact I don’t think he even really spoke about this at all while he was acquiring footy money. He moved back to Brazil by the way, and he probably doesn’t even have a job now. Haha.

This retarded activism is his fall back career I guess. Potential financial gain from the lawsuit is probably not even the be all and end all of this, because he likely will have already made a nice profit by selling this story to newspapers.

Here is a screenshot of a post Lumumkey made that provides more details than the article:

LMAO this nigga assblasted about the nickname, “chimp.” Sorry dickhead, you don’t get to choose your own nickname. Suck it up.

Furthermore, he is offended that the coach didn’t love the fact that he shit talked the president. Is this retard for real? This club is his employer at this point in time, and the employer of many other players and coaching staff. By having a bitch and a moan about a dumb nickname, he puts all of these people at risk of loss of income. Think about how sponsors might drop the club, sensitive members might not renew their membership, etc.

Now that I think about it, everyone involved in this should sue him if his lawsuit fails. Sue him for loss of income.

Anyway, the next thing that sticks out to me is that his feelings were so hurt that he had to start doing magic mushies. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Dude stop lol. I can’t take it anymore. Back to the article.

The documents do not detail any specific examples or circumstances where Lumumba was allegedly vilified.

However, in the past, Lumumba has claimed he was nicknamed “Chimp” while at the club.

Lumumba first detailed his time at the club and the AFL and the alleged treatment he was subject to in an SBS documentary called Fair Game.

Since then he has repeatedly used social media to voice his claims and seek an apology from Collingwood.

Yeah, this is the other thing. The guy released his documentary in 2017 (by the way, I don’t think basically anyone watched it), in which he described Collingwood as a “boys’ club for racist and sexist jokes.” What a gay thing to say haha. Regardless, why has he left it until 2020 to announce he would be initiating a lawsuit? I am sure I am correct in theorising that old Harry was feeling a little attention starved.

He has now blown this nickname saga out to a level that shouldn’t even be possible – an actual Supreme Court claim against a football club. These activists sure have a habit of blowing things out of proportion.

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