Big Gay Establishment Backed Dork Losers EXPOSÉ an EVIL Children’s Music Teacher

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Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 3, 2021

HELLO so after the publication of THIS and reprinted HERE in our publication the Cobmver Mornignf Heveols we have been investigating hard into the story of the so-called “Ally Spazzy” alleged doxxing and who is behind it. So buckle up friends.


The story itself is a big nothing in itself, but it is a top example of how the antifa prefects, politicians, corporate media, inner city bien-pensants, art grant creatives, Dvirpire Gang, and honestly probably also the feds all work together in a seamless lemonparty to patrol the hallways of the liberal state and try to maintain their politico-cultural hegemony. 


NGL after looking into these dorks I am feeling whitepilled af rn tbh fam.  It is quite a cast of characters (faggot losers) to say the least.  There is a lot of information that could be put to the light about these pinheads and primordial dwarves, but we at the CMH have decided to withhold most for now and keep it up our sleeverinos just in case.  Tracy Grimshaw is very heavy and not to be provoked lightly.

The Puppetmaster?

NOTE in this artilce iw ill be using the very high level journalistic device of using the word “allegedly” many times, which I got off nick mckenzie thanks nick. 

OMG neo Nazi

The story begins when one Ally Spzzy aka Alice McNamara was allegedly doxxed for the crime of allegedly using poopy words (lets be honest its really and always about the K word (KIKE) that touched some very touchie (((people))) (the triple parenthesis is an antismitic online canard luminol), nobody cares about the C word (CHINK) or even the gamer word (NIGGER) really) on the internet and also in a weirdly somehow related way being anti-lockdown and anti-mask??? 

Neo nazi

McNamara is a person once of 2000s minor celebrity music band “The Spazzoys” now on the higher path of giving joy and laughter and music to children of all races and creeds.  In this she also provided, at least until her addeglded doxxing, employment to several peoples of colour. But that had to be put to a stop because she alegedy did a poopy racisms, and those coloured people are probably on the cenno now haha oops.

Super Racism Fighter Squad assemble

The group claiming the doxxing is a “clandestine” (it means pussey nerd lol) organisation called the White Feather Sociaty, no incase you were wondering it is not a tickling club but apparently a women’s association specialising in snitching people out to its masters in big media and government?? and trying to shame on those who won’t enlist in Big Homo.

They try to make it sound like they are sophisticatedly infiltrating “encrypted messenger apps” and “analysing metadata” but really they are just punching bewgs all day and lurking in public telegram groups for circumstantial “evidence” lmao.  Idk it seems legally reckless but I guess you can get away with these things when you are raging against (completely aligned with) the Machine and fighting (having big smoochies with) the Power. 

These guys love it when corporate and state media notice them so much that they list all the times on their website like a teenage girl who writes “Brad looked at me x2 in home ec today xoxo” in her diary.


It is extremely apparent that the White Feather read the Cobblers Morning Herald and secretly enjoy it but will not name it for fear of our power.  Unlike our website which is fun and nice and makes everyone laugh, their website is like reading the school captains report to the principal about how they are stopping us from smoking behind the bike sheds (they aren’t stopping us), and they are very envyous.

Typically this group focus on trying to dox people like ultra poopy right wing terrorists and Grampians romans throwers the National Socialist Network, but they loved to get McNamara even more because they consider her one of their own, she was in “the music business” as it is called and so expected to have certain opinions.  In their politics as in their personal lives they have their deepest resentment and hatered for such who reject them, and she had to be stalked punished and made an example of.  It didn’t really work, however in fact it backfired because she is according to our investigations and by all reports a normal functional and welladjusted human being, thus all they achieved was to show themselves to be the obsessive creepors by comparison. 

Nig Mggengly

The White Feathers Squad then fed their scoop upwards into big time jounalist name ((Mick Mckenzie)))( of hard hitting television journalism show “Sigzdy Minuds.” 

Nog Mgongi in Sitting in a Car (2021)

Nig Mocwenzie has TEN Walkelys let that sink in.  As I understand it Walkleys are the Logies of the media caste and awarded for outstanding facial moves in journalism.  Nick deserved his ten Walksleys a lot, he has a range of serious voices and facial moves and stances in different lighting moods and conditions.  He practices them in the mirror in his Walkleys room every night and always gives his best for his producers, he is one of the top in the stable at Nine Entertainment Incorporated along side Big Tracy and Dick Wilikins.

Apparently and allegedly btw I heard that Nib MwaKenzie creep-called Miss McNamara “for a statement” (realy for a kiss) and she hung up on him, causing brutal flashbacks to his teen years??  I WILL NOT LET THIS STAND he cried as he punched the mirror in his Walkleys room OOWWIIIE he cried IT HURTSSS OWW OWWWWwww owowowowwoww.

 “I love southeast Asia” physiognomy (hard g) haver Nig “hard g” Mgenzie with an unnamed *friend* allegedly on their way to Thailand allegendty to meet his Thai penpal and to “purchase fresh fruit” (??) durian I guess, stinkey

Antifa lol

The “story” was also “amplified” by the “big names” of “antifa” pudgy patreon ebeggar “anarchists” Tom Tanuki and Andy Fleming who is too dull to go into here all honestly.

You may haven’t heard of him but Tom Tanuki is Australian B-side cut-price Vaush, antifa facephag and fatuous regime stooger.  He is considered one of the Super Racism Fighters in the scene but he has a strange personality and his :content: is so boring they make you want to die so much. It seems impossible frankly that this gormless fatty and maybe down synners haver doesn’t get a lot of strings pulled to support him and make him dance monky dance. 


Also allegedly I heard he is called “tanuki” (Japanese for “public puller”) because he grooms children in Animal Crossing by inviting them alledgedy to go fishing on his island.

POV you are invited to get fishing “but don’t tell mum okay”

There is a strong theme of LURKING emerging with these guys don’t you think?  Hanging around us in suspension.  What are they waiting for? Is this why they also love lockdowns and being cuddled by oligarchic technocracy. Female middle manager bossy busybody type, What is wrong with them? Why can’t they live their own lives instead of living through us I don’t know.

Good people

Finaly as always are the media and music world dried-up scene goblins and foaming social media lampreys who cannot rest until they have tweet “omg fucketty-fuck she did racism” like they are casting a Harry Potter spell with Reddit swears for three likes and no retweets. 

lmao get rekt faggot

If you went to uni you have known these people.  They are hyperconformists who think living in West Footscray is a personality, they are (maybe) aware on a dim level of their own ridiculousness and pretentiousness and they hate themselves yet they cannot help themselves.  Their confidence and poise is impenetrable despite they have never said or produced anything interesting in their lives, maybe it is just an SSRIs side effect? Their creative “output” goes straight in the abyss, but no problem they can just slime from “contemporary noisesmith challenging public notions of liminality” or “scary. tough. unfeminine. songwriter on wurundjeri land” into a govt arts directorship or corporate HR job because guess what the “skillset” and personality requirements are the same, in other words being able to speak inauthentically and convince yourself it is truth.  

That’s right please understand me, droning anaemically about your derivative music in a public radio interveiw, writing a grant application for a coceptual art performance of gluing xanax to your face, and creating and delivering implicit bias workshops for ANZ employees are all EXACTLY THE SAME THING make no mistake.

Cocaine and raping

For ones so quick to throw another under the bus for being a ‘bad person,’ the people of music and media scene sure do love their cocaine and raping.  It’s funny because rape isnt very progressive and the cocaine trade puts untold misery upon the good people at Central and South America.  Yes hard to believe but progressive niggas really do be cancelling niggas for using da N word while themselves snorping some powder the manufacture and distribution of whichmst almost certainly involbed the torture-murder of at least several POCs on its journey from da jungle to da womens toilets at da Tote.  Meaniwhile the Australian Chauvinist drug of choice is basically just joie de vivre and Moccona when it’s on sale And yet WE are the racists? 

Let me tell you about my new work

Also an Australian Chauvinist would never do a hateful and sneaky male feminist style rape as is allegded to have occurred – if an Australian Chauvinist were to rape you it would be with only joy and lightness of touch and full consent.

Yes again hard to consider but those who think themselves the best in society are ALWAYS hiding their own dark secrets and evildoings of the hand mind heart and even dick, this is not a novel observation by the Cobberles Mrning Heraldo but a fact pointed out many times by sources as diverse as the Bible, Carl Jung and Prince Buster.


Boy o boy would the public love to know more about these people, but for now it is left as a Sword of Danglocles over their heads, for as James said there will be judgement without mercy upon those who have shown no mercy. 


In conclusion, even all that power and influence and these unhappy lost people cannot live as well or be as funny or popular or as joyful as my anonymous internet racist friends, and it is sad.  They cannot even manage to make an innocent woman look bad in the eyes of the public.  The whole thing flew over in a couple of days.  Real people could not care less.  They know who is good and who is allegedly creepy and angry and weird, they would rather have a someone like McNamara around their children, who love her a lot, than Ton Tanuki whom kids fear and which is a hypothetical situation anyway because he failed his working with children check allegedgly. 

Final conclusion

And that is that my friends.  Thank you for wading with me in our fishing pants through some highly dirty waters, now can we have a shower and get our fresh squeaky back.  Honestly I am feeling very joyous rn because we are clearly winning.  This is how Australian Chauvinists are made – our enemies doing the work for us while we laugh at cute pictures of animals and share with each other our favourite Townsends videos.

Typical hyper-racist imagery typical of those uncovered in the extremely encrypted racist messenger apps by the brave volunteers of the Super Racism Fighter Gang.  Have you seen Inglourious Basters by Quincetop Toemantino? 

In finality, we at the Cobblers Morning Dad call upon both Nig Mggenzwie of real estate lifestyle magazine “The Age” and the anonymous nerds of the White Feather Sociaty to republish this piece in its entirety replete with pictures. 

Thank you good luck.

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