The Necessity and Beauty of Violence in the Modern Era

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 29, 2021

We have, in our very recent history, witnessed a glorious uprising of dinky-di Australian gamer/workers against the wicked beast system and it’s cruel lockdown enforcement measures in Victoria, Australia.

To briefly and simply recap the events that instigated this gamer-worker uprising:

  1. Victorian State Premier, Daniel Andrews, announces va666ine mandate for construction workers. No dead baby juice injection, NO JOB!
  2. CFMEU, and John Setka as it’s head, does sweet fuck all to back worker’s choice.
  3. Working Australian men show up at the CFMEU trade hall to demand the freedom they deserve (and trash the joint, cobber style).
  4. The threat is made that this continues every day until unvaccinated workers are permitted to return to work
  5. John Setka calls his members, “drunken fascist un-Australian morons”

Of course, there are many other interesting details involved in all of this – from unsuccessful police brutality attempts, to VN skidpig conquest of the Westgate Bridge and worker occupation of the Shrine of Remembrance. All of this however, is besides the point of this particular article.

I instead wanted to refute a talking point that I hear from so many normies in orbit of my social circles.

“I would understand it if it wasn’t so violent. Can they not protest peacefully?”

Any old cunt on the street

This point is quite simply, ‘retarded’.

The reality is that it is essential that those tasked with enforcing this beast system in Victoria are made to feel uncomfortable. Contrary to what toothless retards would have you believe, a peaceful protest is a meaningless protest.

This comes down to what I will term ‘protest theory’. For years, the consensus has been to promote ‘peaceful protest,’ and the reason this is promoted is that it achieves nothing. Many of these peaceful protests have occurred over the years and they have resulted in nothing more than irritating people who are on their way to work.

Understanding this, we must accept that the purpose of a protest is not to transmit ideas or persuade people. The purpose of a protest is to get what you want. To this end, anyone who is paid to enforce this current systemic overreach being enacted upon Australians, must be made to feel uncomfortable. Otherwise nothing will change.

They should worry that their choice in favour of a paycheck may result in some kind of discomfort. If this were to continue, it would not take long before these paycheck chasers decide it’s not worth it to enforce these gay laws at the expense of their fellow Australian or at the potential expense of their own physical wellbeing.

I must add that this is not advocacy for acts of violence. Rather, it is an acknowledgement of the pragmatism of non-peaceful protests.

From a clear love of danger, from habitual courage and from every-day heroism spring precisely—and naturally—an urgent need for and recognition of the beauty of violence?

F.T. Marinetti, The Necessity and Beauty of Violence

Unfortunately, our noble tradie protesters, who understood the reality I speak of, were distracted from their great cause by the AFL grand final occurring right at the peak of their energies. How convenient for our anti-human elite.

However, the cause need not end there.

We are now on the precipice of legislation previously thought impossible.

Here is a thread summarising the new Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill:

For those of you completely incapable of clicking through that link to view the full thread, I present it to you right here:

Thread on the new Public Health and Wellbeing Bill in Victoria:

Section 1.B It gives the Premier the power to declare a state of emergency in regards to a pandemic at his own discretion.

Section 1.C He can renew the state of emergency every 3 months with NO LIMIT. He can keep these powers indefinitely.

Section 1.D “Provide the Minister for Health with broad powers to make pandemic orders where reasonably necessary to protect public health”

Section 1.E Gives the CHO and Authorised officers a “non-exhaustive list of pandemic management powers”

Section 1.F “remove barriers to gathering and sharing information during a pandemic”. Great they can track us even more

Section 1.H Let’s them appoint any number of their own “Authorised Officers” to enforce all of this.

Section 1.K Allows them to fine people 20k for protesting, not signing in, not wearing a mask or any other “egregious pandemic-related behavior”. Could theoretically include not getting vaxxed.

Section 1.L Let’s them fine businesses 100k for non-compliance with CHO orders

Originally tweeted by Adam Smith (@SigmaSugma) on October 26, 2021.

If there was ever a time to crack the shits, it would be right now.

We are currently living through the most entrenched and pernicious empire we have seen in the entirety of human history. It spans the entire globe, and its most brutal expression is occurring right here in Australia – specifically the state of Victoria.

Many people are wavering under pressure in their decision to reject this va666ine. To these people I want to provide some reassurance of their decision:

First of all, I would say that if you submit to this bureaucratic overreach, you are then subject to any subsequent bureaucratic overreach. If the precedent is set that you can be forced into receiving this dead baby juice, then you can be forced to submit to any demand that is made of you by our perfidious global-financial beast system.

Furthermore, this overreach doesn’t stop with these two vaccinations. If you take these, you will then be required to take a 3rd, 4th, 5th dose, etc. Failing to do so, you will be in the same reject class that you would have been in had you never received the first two doses!

Regarding the new proposed legislation (as linked earlier), The Age has reported that even the president of the Victorian bar, Christopher Blanden QC, has stated that it would give the Premier unprecedented power with little to no checks and balances.

The official town bike of Australian politics, Fiona Patten, supported the Andrews government legislation after having gone on record as saying that she did not believe Covid-19 should be managed under a never ending state of emergency and that she would be unlikely to extend SOE again. The rumour is that she did this in exchange for rushed through sex work decriminalisation laws, injecting rooms, and abolishing the Lord’s Prayer from parliament. What a principled old bag she is.

These street hooker decriminalisation laws stipulate requirements regarding sex work at or near certain places (section 38B, p. 10). The only requirements are that a whore cannot solicit or loiter at a school premises, education or care service premises, children’s service premises, or place of worship – between 6am and 7pm.

Is anyone else seeing the issue with this!? This is quite clearly permission to operate at these premises outside said hours, rather than a requirement not to operate within them.

So not only is the precedent being set that Daniel Andrews can strip you of your freedoms whenever he feels like it – and for whatever reason, but this power was given to him by a prostitute in exchange for legalisation of crackheads shagging her at your church or your kid’s school after hours. It is truly a filthy and satanic world we are living in.

The time for resisting the temptation of submission and compliance is right now.

As the fabric of our society continues to tear. As we are plunged further and further into a world with no higher goals than hedonistic self indulgence and material, carnal, gratification. As our freedom to express our dissatisfaction is taken from us, perhaps we must turn our backs on the concept of ‘peaceful protest,’ and instead ponder the necessity and beauty of violence (‘the necessity and beauty of violence,’ refers to a writing by Italian Futurist, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti).

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