Terrorism: Caused by Muslims, or a Symptom of Global White Supremacy?

Cobber’s Morning Herald
January 23, 2021

Our dear friends at the ABC continue to publish bizarre opinion pieces warning of the dangers of far-right extremists. In the wake of recent Islamic terror attacks in Europe, it is extremely important that we remember the real threat – white guys. You see, Muslims are just trying to integrate into French culture by bringing back the centuries old tradition of decapitating your enemies.  White right wing extremists, on the other hand, don’t want the Muslims to integrate at all! Ask yourself, who is on the right side of history here?


The attack in Vienna this week — where an armed assailant killed four people and injured others — was claimed by the Islamic State and was one in a string of recent attacks in Europe this week, following three other jihadist motivated killings in Paris and Nice.

The perpetrator of the Vienna attack was another frustrated traveller: he was convicted of terrorism charges last year for attempting to travel to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

Frustrated traveller eh? That’s a weird way to describe someone who just shot several people. It seems this is a term that has been in use for some time.

The attacker had complied with court ordered rehabilitation programs and was released early from prison. The data shows that there is a lower risk of recidivism for terrorism offences, yet he still went on to commit violence.

This demonstrates the enduring appeal of the jihadist cause despite the Islamic State’s territorial defeat.

Right, that makes sense. It seems rehabilitation programs don’t work on jihadis (as an aside, there is a hilariously out of place mention of the Chosen People towards the end of this article).

But it also points to the potential for reciprocal radicalisation — where the jihadist threat provokes a far-right backlash.

Sorry? Let’s run through this again.

Vienna attacker went to jail for trying to join ISIS.

Went through rehabilitation program.

Released from jail early.

Committed terror attack anyway.

This demonstrates a high likelihood of right-wing violence.

I’m not sure I see the link here, but maybe it’s because I’m just a dumb evil racist?

Anyway, the article continues:

This could threaten the cohesion of multicultural societies, driving individuals to extreme positions and creating a loop of cyclical responsive violence and cumulative extremism.

Gonna have to Fact Check you on this one sorry ABC, multicultural societies are the opposite of cohesive.

While the jihadist threat is enduring and has remained at the top of intelligence and law enforcement risk profiles despite the collapse of the Islamic State and weak al Qaeda leadership, the data has also shown that there has been as much as a 320 per cent increase in right-wing extremist attacks in Europe, America and Australasia over the past five years.

Unfortunately there is no citation for this 320 percent figure (thanks ABC!), but I think it is referencing this report. I would invite you to have a read through the key conclusions and general summary of the report and make up your own mind about the danger of right-wing terrorism, but here are a few key points of my own:

  • The ten countries subject to the most frequent terrorist attacks are all in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, all suffering attacks from Islamists or Communists. No country mentioned in the report experienced any right-wing terrorism.
  • The ABC’s 320% increase in right-wing violence refers to an increase from just over 10 incidents in 2015, to a peak of 57 in 2018. 57 incidents might seem like a lot, but it is vanishingly small compared to other forms of terrorism.
  • Since 1970 there have been 688 deaths in the West from far-right violence. I found it very difficult to find figures for left wing or Islamic terror in the same period, but the 2018 GTI report shows a chart on page 46 from which I can roughly estimate that there were about 455 Western deaths from ISIS alone from 2013-2017.
  • Even excluding September 11, deaths from religious (ie Islamic) violence in the West massively dwarf deaths from any other kind of violence in the last ten years, apart from 2011 (Anders Breivik).

I think I have illustrated my point here. You can go down a massive rabbit hole with this stuff and it can be extremely difficult to find useful information. If someone can point me to the raw data used in these Global Terrorism Index reports I would very much appreciate it.

The article then moves into the usual boilerplate about spooky scary right wingers:

The 2016 election of US President Donald Trump has emboldened many far-right actors who commit racially or ethnically targeted violence.

The link in this sentence takes the reader to an article about Trump inviting a bunch of black and brown “conservative” twitter personalities to the White House. Who are they committing racially targeted violence against? White people? I’m confused. I thought this was meant to be about white supremacy?

This includes enduring anti-Semitism and the exploitation of technology platforms to create extremist online echo chambers which foster radicalisation. It has also led to a disillusionment with the neo-liberal consensus and the democratic process. These people have been pushed peoples towards extreme right groups which promote vigilantism, authoritarianism and nativism.

But an additional factor driving right-wing extremism is the growing and mainstreaming of Islamophobia fuelled by continuing jihadist attacks.

Violent extremists on the right — including the perpetrator of the Christchurch attacks — have justified their violence as revenge that responds to jihadist violence

Wow, who would’ve thought that people don’t like being constantly attacked in their own lands by strangers to those lands? What a weird reaction. These right-wing radicals are nuts.

The far right and extreme right believe that the jihadist actors represent Islam and Muslim culture and believe that the West should be protected from Islamisation and what they believe is an influx of Muslim immigration.

15% increase in Australian population share from 2011 to 2016, more in Europe, nothing to see here.

They do not view these jihadist terrorist attacks for what they are — extremist outliers.

Pew has studied the level of support for suicide bombing among Muslims for several years. It is declining, but in 2014, in all but three countries over 10% of respondents felt that it was often or sometimes justified, ranging up to 47% in Bangladesh. Average support across all countries surveyed was 20.7%. Sure, none of the countries studied are Western nations, but Muslim immigrants have to come from somewhere and 1 in five support isn’t exactly ‘outlier’. This study also does not cover other forms of terror attack which may well have more support.

Rather they help justify their belief in white racial superiority and that Europe or the majority white countries of the New World should curb immigration — especially from Muslim majority countries, claiming they aren’t compatible with Western culture.

Call me a cuck all you want but I don’t agree with dressing women in garbage bags, killing people who leave your religion, or blasting prayers in Arabic through Australian cities. Something else to note here is that the entire premise of this article is that right-wing violence is largely in response to Muslim violence, so if we got rid of the Muslims maybe both would disappear. Why do we need Muslims in Australia again?

Far right and extreme right adherents also perceive these jihadist attacks as justifying the “great replacement” conspiracy theory that so many of them believe in. This conspiracy theory posits that “international liberal elites” are intentionally encouraging immigration and have used globalisation as a means to “replace” the native population of Europe.

I wrote about “international liberal elites” intentionally encouraging immigration several months ago, and there is no shortage of evidence out there to show that this is clearly what is happening. Europe, Australia, and the US are becoming increasingly non-white, yet the native population is not being replaced? Ignore all the propaganda about needing immigration to support our ageing population, that doesn’t exist.

The remainder of the article rehashes the idea that “right-wing extremism and far-right movements” are driven in large part by Muslim immigration and jihadist terrorism. Certainly this is a significant cause of these so-called extremist movements, coupled with immigration in general and the degeneration of culture and society, but such a statement begs the question I posed above – what is the benefit to bringing Muslims into Australia? It seems that if the elites really wanted to end right-wing violence it would be as simple as just turning off the spigot.

In closing, the author, an Egyptian woman who has made a career out of studying “extremism”, complains about “far right actors” vocalising their displeasure at the latest round of Jihadist attacks online:

Online posts from far right actors after the recent attacks in France and Austria have spewed Islamophobic content and in turn online threats from Islamic extremists have threatened more attacks in response to insults against Islam.

In this heightened environment, when each group feels increasingly threatened by the other and believes that the other group is primed for action, the risk of violence increases.

From my perspective, it seems that only one group is truly primed for action. As I’ve shown above, right wingers are far less likely than Muslims to go out and kill a bunch of people.

The spate of jihadist attacks is concerning in and of itself, but more so because it feeds the anti-Muslim sentiment that fuels violent right-wing extremists and threatens social cohesion at a time of growing far-right sentiment.

The spate of jihadist attacks is concerning

Man, people being beheaded in the street is really concerning. I’m feeling some real concern about this turn of events.

…but more so because it feeds … anti-Muslim sentiments

This sort of thing crops up after every terror attack. Articles and videos expressing support for the Muslim community and circle jerking about how terrifying the possible backlash could be. As far as I can remember, that backlash actually came once and once only, in the from of the Christchurch shooting. There was certainly no expression of support for the white community after that.

I guess the final takeaway from this is that there is a clear and obvious solution here, and it’s not one that anyone in power wants to take. They’d rather just feed you this swill and hope you’re too dumb to read between the lines.


Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
January 20, 2021

Daniel Andrews has once again cast an ominous shadow over the state of Victoria, looming as an ever present threat to the Australian nation. His demonic silhouette threatens to blot out the Sun on one of our most sacred days.


Premier Daniel Andrews has issued a stern warning for Victorians not to protest the day that divides the nation – Australia Day.

It comes as the traditional Australia Day parade has been ruled off the calendar this January 26.

Mr Andrews has urged people against gathering, regardless whether for celebrations or protests.

A dumb retarded centrist might read this and think, “oh well at least it is very fair durr he is not allowing the parade but he is also not allowing the protest durrrrr.”

That is a dumb, gay and frankly retarded opinion.

The first reason I say this is that we all know protesters will be treated very nicely, given lots of kisses by Andrews’ police force and be let off lightly for whatever crimes they commit during their protest. Meanwhile, Pro-Australia Day patriots will probably be sprayed with a newly developed gay pepper spray, which not only hurts your eyes, but can also make you gay if your spirit is not strong enough.

The second reason I am critical of this centrist opinion is because of the replacement celebratory event that is being backed by Melbourne City Council.

But an “Invasion Day” dawn service will proceed, with the backing of Melbourne City Council.”

I don’t believe the world should stop because of COVID we just have to do it differently,” Jill Gallagher, Former Treaty Commissioner, said.

“It’s still important to get message across about what Australia Day means to us as aboriginal people.”

Outdoor gatherings in Melbourne are currently limited to 100 people, but exemptions can be granted for public events as long as organisers submit a COVID safe plan.

Everyone in attendance must be registered and they’re required to maintain social distance.”

The dawn ceremony is a way of supporting an event that reflects that ancient Australian history,” Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said.

So all the cool stuff we normally do for our national day is cancelled, but they are still going ahead with some stupid dawn service where they can, “get message across about what Australia Day means to us as aboriginal people.”

This is not about being COVID safe, it is a means through which everything that great Australian men built can be deconstructed until we have no meaningful national identity. This is a ploy to take another step towards ending Australia Day permanently and divorcing ourselves further from the historic Australian nation and its values. We, as nationalists and Australian patriots, must strongly oppose this government sanctioned program to uproot us from our historic cultural traditions.

For this reason, I am encouraging any of you who are in the Melbourne area to DO SOME LIGHT EXERCISE! I encourage you all to go for a walk. You might go for this walk by yourself, or with just a few friends, but there may also be many other people out for some LIGHT EXERCISE! People often like to do light exercise and nobody should be allowed to unfairly group them together just for trying to keep very healthy at the same time coincidentally.

Image unrelated to recommended LIGHT EXERCISE

Intelligence have suggested protests are being planned by those on both sides of the political spectrum.”

There will be zero tolerance for any antisocial or criminal behaviour,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

Please make sure that you are not antisocial or criminal when you go for your walk lol. This is a good rule to follow every day because we love our cops and our law enforcement. But it is especially a good rule to follow on Australia day.

If you are able to do so, it is your duty to do your part to defend this sacred day of ours by engaging in some healthy light exercise. BUT, before you do so, strengthen your spirit so that you are immune to the newly developed gay pepper spray (hurts your eyes and can make you gay if your spirit is not strong enough).

In the coming days, I will be writing in more depth as to why we should be defending our day against the slanderous, anti-Australian remarks to which it has been subjected so consistently in recent times. Please stay tuned!

Hairy Lumumkey is an Attention Seeking Fag

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 17, 2020

This attention seeking monkey faggot is back chasing headlines. His attempts to be Adam Goodes 2 have been successful, and in fact he has now even surpassed Goodes as the most irritating ape to ever be involved in the AFL.

The Age:

Heritier Lumumba is suing Collingwood and the AFL over racist abuse he says he was subject to during his time as a player.

In documents filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Lumumba alleges Collingwood breached their “duty of care” toward him to provide a safe working environment because of the abuse.

The documents go on to allege the AFL “owed a duty to the plaintiff [Lumumba] to take reasonable steps to prevent players subjecting other players to racial abuse and racially-offensive conduct, and to impose sanctions on players who breached those rules”.

“On numerous occasions during his employment, the plaintiff was subjected to racial abuse or racially-offensive conduct,” the court documents read.

“[Collingwood] failed to take any or any sufficient steps to provide and maintain a safe working environment, including by protecting the plaintiff from racial abuse or racially-offensive conduct.

Lumumba alleges the AFL did not take any steps to stop the abuse or “racially offensive conduct”.

“By reason of the matters set out above, the plaintiff has suffered loss, damage, and injury including trauma, humiliation, distress, and loss of enjoyment,” the claim reads.

He says the abuse and racially offensive conduct stopped when he was traded to Melbourne in 2014.

This dude is just a fucking attention seeking bitch.

First of all, he played for Collingwood between from 2005 to 2014. Nine fucking years. If his experience was that bad, he would have asked to be traded at some point during that time span. This announcement strikes me as an attempt to get his ugly monkey head in the paper again as well as make a nice bit of coin for himself.

It’s funny that he never thought of suing until the fat paychecks stopped. In fact I don’t think he even really spoke about this at all while he was acquiring footy money. He moved back to Brazil by the way, and he probably doesn’t even have a job now. Haha.

This retarded activism is his fall back career I guess. Potential financial gain from the lawsuit is probably not even the be all and end all of this, because he likely will have already made a nice profit by selling this story to newspapers.

Here is a screenshot of a post Lumumkey made that provides more details than the article:

LMAO this nigga assblasted about the nickname, “chimp.” Sorry dickhead, you don’t get to choose your own nickname. Suck it up.

Furthermore, he is offended that the coach didn’t love the fact that he shit talked the president. Is this retard for real? This club is his employer at this point in time, and the employer of many other players and coaching staff. By having a bitch and a moan about a dumb nickname, he puts all of these people at risk of loss of income. Think about how sponsors might drop the club, sensitive members might not renew their membership, etc.

Now that I think about it, everyone involved in this should sue him if his lawsuit fails. Sue him for loss of income.

Anyway, the next thing that sticks out to me is that his feelings were so hurt that he had to start doing magic mushies. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Dude stop lol. I can’t take it anymore. Back to the article.

The documents do not detail any specific examples or circumstances where Lumumba was allegedly vilified.

However, in the past, Lumumba has claimed he was nicknamed “Chimp” while at the club.

Lumumba first detailed his time at the club and the AFL and the alleged treatment he was subject to in an SBS documentary called Fair Game.

Since then he has repeatedly used social media to voice his claims and seek an apology from Collingwood.

Yeah, this is the other thing. The guy released his documentary in 2017 (by the way, I don’t think basically anyone watched it), in which he described Collingwood as a “boys’ club for racist and sexist jokes.” What a gay thing to say haha. Regardless, why has he left it until 2020 to announce he would be initiating a lawsuit? I am sure I am correct in theorising that old Harry was feeling a little attention starved.

He has now blown this nickname saga out to a level that shouldn’t even be possible – an actual Supreme Court claim against a football club. These activists sure have a habit of blowing things out of proportion.

‘Random Jew Event,’ has Occurred in Melbourne. Jews are SEETHING!

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 16, 2020

If only one good thing came out of COVID-19 China virus hysteria, it is this heartwarming story.

Daily Mail:

Furious Melbourne locals have engaged in a heated row with a group of orthodox Jews and accused them of breaking lockdown laws. 

Confronting footage showed worshippers, believed to be the Satmar Hasidic group, leaving the Adass Israel School, in south Melbourne, on Saturday night. 

The two groups were seen screaming at each other and one clip showed the cameraman pointing at a large group of worshippers flooding the street.

‘All of these people and about 50 more were in this school,’ he said.  

People are beginning to call this the, ‘Random Jew Event.’ It seems as though jews in Melbourne have gone Mitzvah Mental and decided to have a barney with the locals!

Hahahahahah. This is so funny to me. I can’t stop laughing at this weird poofter sounding bloke slowly running away and saying, “they’re trying to attack me.” Absolute Pissa.

The video of people ‘pouring out’ of the building was shared to Twitter and shouting and screaming could be heard in the background.  

A second clip showed the worshippers together on the street in Elsternwick before one man began to chase cameraman.   

‘These people are breaking corona rules and they’re trying to attack me… they’re trying to attack me,’ he said. 

As funny as this Random Jew Event is however, it is important to consider the true meaning that it conveys to us. What this shows to me is that once again, we have ethno-cultural outsiders willing to blatantly disregard the rules that we choose to put in place.

Whether these rules are reasonable or not is irrelevant in this scenario. The fact is that the rules are meant to be in place for the protection of our citizens – and these people, who identify as jewish before they identify as Australian, would rather have their ridiculous chicken swinging parade than respect the rules we have established.

This follows from the theory established in one of my previous articles, “THIS UGLY SON OF A DONKEY Is Giving Your Granny COVID and basically you are fucking stupid. (How? …Just Read The Free Article),” which established as an unequivocal fact that Waleed Aly was possibly planning a Chinese virus fueled, islamic jihad against Australia’s elderly population.

The article also provided evidence for the idea that COVID-19 cases were significantly higher in regions of Victoria more densely populated with towel heads, and the reason I gave for this is that they are much more likely to flout our rules than we Australians are. They have their own laws – they couldn’t give a flying rat’s arse about ours.

It is the exact same case with these jews. They have their own rules and systems, which are incompatible with ours. That is fine, but they are going to have to follow those rules and systems elsewhere (in hell? (with Big Floyd and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?(probably lol)))

The Jewish man then screamed in another woman’s face and she labelled him ‘disgraceful’.  

‘You are a member of this society,’ she yelled. 

Actually, no. He is not. He is not a member of this society. And he is crying out as he strikes you.

Donald Trump Finally Removing Women!? (From Earth)

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 15, 2020

Donald Trump has announced that he will be sending a woman to the moon, and he gave no indication that he would be bringing her back!

The very whitepilling announcement took place during his campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, 2 days prior to the publishing of this very article. Ever since the statement was made, people have been wondering whether he omitted the details of this woman’s return from the moon, or if there is no plan to bring her back at all.

People have also been talking, and they are talking about who this mystery woman is. Perhaps even she is not yet aware of this master plan. In my opinion, the strongest theory is that Trump plans to send Joe Biden’s presidential running mate ‘Kabbalah Haaretz’ to the moon, and leave her there! Haha.

I like the way this is heading. As the White Man colonises Mars and even other galaxies while breaking the conceived boundaries of technological innovation and philosophical thought, women will be sent to the Prison Moon Breeding Facility, where they shall remain forever. And it’s going to be very soon.

Me Clazy, Me Pokie Yu Brea Wi Needor

Gary Adequate
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 8, 2020

Seriously what is it with the chinks and their need to molest food in supermarkets?

A man has been charged with contaminating goods after he allegedly inserted a used needle into a loaf of bread on the shelves of a Woolworths supermarket in Roxburgh Park.

Court documents allege that Fue Yang, 33, poked the bread with a “soiled hypodermic needle”.

The Age

Stories like this should be enough to redpill people on race realism and the FACT that every race manifests mental illness differently. Blacks, for example, tend to get naked in the street and rape inanimate objects, for example a statue, an exhaust pipe, or the street.  For Jews, mental illness is the default state. Whites stay up for weeks and make incredible scientific discoveries and compose epic music. 

Mento illness? No thats the Messiah luv

And, as we see time and time again, chinks love to poke our delicious supermarket foods with needles. 

You and I see a delicious wholemeal sandwich loaf; the chink sees only a place to put his needle.

Esteemed scholar Kevin MacDonald wrote a book in which he proposed that jewish culture is a “Culture of Critique”.  Well I would like to suggest that chink “culture” is a culture of contamination. I’m not going to write a massive expensive trilogy about this fact though, because it is so self-evident that it requires only a sloppy 350 word article punched out for free on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

And yes I am familiar with the “insight” of pathetic centrists like Jordan Peterson that “right wingers” like “Nazis” have a “disgust response” to the outsider and see him as diseased, unclean, etc. So the fuck what? Timely reminder here that psychology is materialistic and FAKE and Peterson is a grifter and a mental (Canadian phenotype) drug addict denied his vegetables by his even more grifty and mental thot daughter.  

Oh you see them as a plague? Well that’s just a disgust response that is simply an expression of the particular set of genes that you happened to inherit, Nahtzee

The TRUTH is that comparing outsider aliens to contaminations, diseases, or infections is a perfectly valid and epic comparison. Especially for chinks. I mean come on, this year they literally contaminated the whole world with a literal infection LMFAO. They contaminate our streets and our eyes with their weird slab-like heads, their anti-haircuts and their blank automatonic expressions. They contaminate our universities with Confucius Institutes. They contaminate our high-trust Northern European business ethics with their greedy low-trust practises.  They contaminate our buses and trains with their shitty tonal language and toenail clippings.  They contaminate their shitty products with toxins and heavy metals. They contaminate the entire planet with contamination, and nobody would miss them if they were, uhh, REDACTED.

Sheila’s of Colour: Patrolled, BY COBBERS!!

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 8, 2020

Women of colour are a truly toxic faction of, ‘people,’ currently existing in Australia. Luckily, they are crying and complaining now because they keep getting dunked on for being annoying. This is a great sign and more dunking is still to come!


As a Masters student passionate about gender equality and diversity, Angelica Ojinnaka spends a lot of time on social media and she’s come to anticipate the worst.

Angelica Ojinnigga

“Often when you’re someone like me who is a black woman, who is sharing things in the area that they are passionate about, the types of comments that can come through are about my features or about my identity as a woman,” she said.

No shit. Of course Australians are going to react negatively to some stupid black bitch complaining about their country. This is a foreigner (clearly, just look at her), whining on the internet about her host country. So yeah, we will comment on your features and your identity as a dumb bitch Angelica – because they render your opinions invalid.

Feel free to comment on her features and identity as a woman if you want.

“They can be very racist in nature, you just have to come with an expectation that that’s going to happen.”

(real quote)

For Ms Ojinnaka, social media is an essential tool for research and advocacy — she’s active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

“I love to make sure that I’m engaged with what’s happening in the academic world online, as well as areas of social justice that I’m passionate about, too,” she said.

But she has plenty of experience that shows being online has a cost, like the time she shared some research on how Australia was moving forward with racial justice.

“I got a comment under that piece that was calling me obscene things like an ape, monkey,” she said.

“As a black woman, that’s the type of thing that we encounter.”

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Ape monkey’s btfo’d.

In all seriousness however, this whole concept that the article hints at is completely retarded. First of all, the idea that being online has a cost (because of racism or bullying or something). Just log off bitch, haha. Problem solved. In fact we’re not going to stop calling you ape monkey until you do log off. It’s for your own good!

She is far from alone. A new report from the charity Plan International found online harassment and abuse is a common experience for girls and young women.

Plan surveyed 14,000 girls and young women aged 15-25 in 22 countries around the world. Of those surveyed, 1,000 were in Australia.

In the report, Free To Be Online, the charity found 58 per cent reported being exposed to harassment online, including insulting language, body shaming, and threats of sexual violence.

In Australia, the results were worse than the global average — 65 per cent of girls and young women reported being harassed or abused online.

This ABC article is an advertisement for that organisation, Plan International. It could not be more clear. Our taxpayer funded outlet is giving us an advertisement dressed up as a news article. Kinda cringe.

I should also say that this report is bad. The results are useless because of the way that the data was gathered. The methodology is available in the report (which you can read for yourself here by the way), but it is somewhat vague. I will elaborate.

The report draws on two means of data collection and analysis – quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative data was collected through online surveys and computer assisted telephone interviews. The report states that respondents were selected from a, “pre-arranged pool,” but there is no explanation for how the pool was arranged or who it consists of. For all we know, the respondents may all have been Plan International employees.

Though there is no explanation for how the pool of respondents were pre-arranged, I believe it is safe to assume that responses were submitted by people who self-selected. They may have individually expressed interest in participation, or possibly responded to a prompt of sorts, such as an email with a link to the survey. It really doesn’t matter, the point is that participants almost certainly self-selected.

Self-selection in a study like this is a major limitation that almost entirely invalidates the results. The reason is that response rates are of course going to be higher amongst people who are already engaged in the topic. This means that the population responding to the survey is probably not an accurate representation of the actual population.

Simply put – someone who has no experience of being bullied online, is very unlikely to participate in a survey about being bullied online. So through your selection criteria, you have already targeted a population that will respond in a certain way.

This same selection problem existed as a part of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2017 report on sexual harassment. You may remember the one that found one in five students had been sexually harassed? Yeah well the respondents for that study self selected by clicking through to the survey from a link sent to their student email. (Sexual harassment also included hearing a joke that made you feel uncomfortable lol).

You might think that this is some unintentional limitation of conducting these studies, but it is not. Self-selection is a tool used to achieve the results that the organisation conducting the study wants to achieve. Once a study has been conducted, these people can say, “woah look at these results, we were right all along, women are oppressed and men are really terrible.”

There are many reasons for why an organisation might want to rig a study like this, but the most important are:

  1. Achieving results that show your organisation is necessary. If you are an organisation that runs on advocating for women who get cyberbullied or sexually harassed, you obviously want people to think that many women are being cyberbullied and sexually harassed. Then you can get those sweet sweet government subsidies and also your organisation will be spoken about in the media for many months.
  2. Deconstructing western nations by turning the women against the men, and the weak men into poofters and simps. Organisations often do this if they are run by annoying liberals or jews. In this case, Plan International is just run by some annoying liberal woman.


Get this cobs, the subjects that contributed qualitative data were, “a varied group of young female activists with intersectional characteristics.” Jeez Louise! Yeah they sure aren’t going to have a bias are they? Lmao.

Anyway, what is the point of all of this data that they have been collecting?

Well, they want to force social media companies to start banning people who are too epic.

Maya Ghassali, 19, from Melbourne is one of those who’d like to see social media companies do more to stop online harassment.

Maya Ghassali wants to kill babies. Overturn Roe vs. Wade NOW!

Go back to Syria Maya. Australia is full already.

Two years ago, Ms Ghassali was excited when an older man she’d met at a professional event wanted to connect on Instagram.

She thought it would help her with her activism on refugee rights and other issues.

“As a young person, I felt that was a really cool experience because he works at a place that I want to be at in the future,” she said.

“He ended up sending me some inappropriate personal messages that I didn’t expect and that made me feel really uncomfortable.”

Eventually she deleted him off all of her social media.

SAD! This silly girl got played by some degenerate old poofter. Basically any man who is virulently left wing and over 35 is a creep and a poofter by the way. I conducted a study that found 100% of leftist men over 35 are poofters and/or creepy pedo’s.

Now look, I wish that this ABC article was more accurate. I wish I could tell you that there are all of these based kings out there, patrolling dishwashers of colour daily. It would, however, be a lie.

There are not enough kings yet. Australia depends on each and every one of you. Please, dear reader, patrol women of colour online. Patrol them all.

Microaggressing the Coloureds: How to SFW Racism Safely for Work in Real IRL Life

Gary Adequate
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 1, 2020

There is some debate about whether the phenomenon of “microaggression” is real or not.  Well I’m here to tell you that it is very real, and not only is it real, it’s fun as.

I’m as Aussie as can be. I’m an Aussie, I chose to be an Aussie

some wog, ABC

If you have to exist in a multicultural hellworld in which anybody make a statement like the above and you are supposed to feel “racist” for believing otherwise, you might as well make a game of it. And microaggression is absolutely one of the frontline tools at your disposal in the war on coloured people. 

You can employ microaggressions to relieve the stresses and frustrations of living in a society, to aggravate the POCs in your life, and to embody and reinforce in their minds the image of Australians as ignorant and racist, i.e. BASED.

uhh no, you’re a wog

Microaggressing also has a serious purpose: to never let the interlopers forget that they are in the wrong place, to always remind them that they are not Australian, they are The Other.

HAHAHA it’s a perfectly reasonable question, just answer the question slope bitch

Microaggressing while staying just on the safe side of 18C is a subtle art. You must yourself remain perfectly calm and reasonable.  Don’t be the angry wignat, everyone hates that guy, he is cringe and he will get arrested.  Be light, sincere, friendly.  Be blithe.  A poker face and a slightly condescending tone, as if talking to a child, is extremely satisfying and offers effective protection against persecution.  Your sincerity must be both plausible and suspect at the same time, to cause maximum confusion.  You want them to come away from the encounter thinking, “OMG did he just insult my people?”


Let’s start with the all-time granpa classic.  If someone has an accent, ALWAYS ask them where they are from, or even better, what they are doing here.  After they tell you, your next question should always be “When are you going back?”  If they insist that they’re staying, smile mysteriously and say “Oh, I think you’ll go back.”  If they are an Australian on paper, still ask them where they’re from, and when they answer “Melbourne” or something, just keep asking “No, where are you REALLY from?” until they admit that they’re Chinese. 

No, really

You might have noticed that immigrants are always whingeing and saying critical things about “Aussies” and Australian culture and how x, y and z is better back home, despite the obvious fact that we are full.  Never let these insults pass unchallenged.  Always have a response.  So when the snooty pajeet in your office is complaining about how he can’t get authentic Indian food in Australia, don’t say “Well maybe you should fuck off back to India then!” That would be actionable. Instead, with deep concern in your voice, say “It must be so hard for you here.  Don’t you miss your homeland?  Don’t you want to go back?  I know I would.” 

And when our skinnyfat brahmin friend is mocking our delicious Australian cuisine like roast and three veg or snags in bread for being “boring” and “bland,” resist the temptation to call him a streetshitting sisterfucker.  Instead ask, in a tone of sincere curiousity, “I heard that Indian food is so spicy because chili kills fecal bacteria, is that true?” or “Do Indians really only eat with their right hand?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just use toilet paper and wash afterwards?”

Well maybe you shouldn’t have shat in the handbasin then, hey Mr. Pajeet

“Accidentally” mistaking people for another ethnicity is another timeless classic.  Every ethnicity has a button you can push.  For example, always pretend to mistake the Asian races for one another, because they all hate each other’s guts. 

Always tell people that they look like some random celebrity just because they’re the same ethnicity.

Or ask a Hindu what he is doing for Eid.  Then when he starts to explain that Hinduism isn’t Islam, just cut him off or walk away like you’re not interested, because you’re not. 

ALWAYS mistake Greeks for Turks.  When they start droning on about Cyprus blah blah blah, say hang on, aren’t you Australian?  Why should an Australian care about all that ancient history stuff? 

The origin and beginning of all our problems; the source of the “assimilated immigrant” myth

Any med will generally go sicko mode if you imply that he is an arab, so never miss an opportunity to do this. 

Absolutely uncategorically NOT an arab. 0% arab admixture. 100% Phonecian phenotype.

Then when the med gets all aggro and starts gesticulating in that embarrassing wog way, point out to him how ironic it is that he has reacted just like an arab would. As long as you have Northern European detached cool on your side, you cannot lose! 

I Wish To Claim The Prize That I Deserve

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 30, 2020

With a decision being made tomorrow, it seems I missed the boat on winning this prize in 2020, but I now have a goal for next year!


The 28th Annual Ernies Awards for sexist remarks (yes – it has been that long, you’re not imagining it) will take place on Thursday 1 October. The 28th year of celebrating world class sexism and inappropriate speech.

Ernies founder and organiser Dr Meredith Burgmann explained the process for this year. 

“Because of Covid we can’t hold the usual Ernies Awards Dinner for 350 enthusiastic (and sometimes emotional) women, where the winners of each category are decided by the loudness of the boos which greet each remark. 

So, this year we are holding a virtual Awards night on Thursday 1 October where an ‘Ernies Council of Elders’ will choose the winners of the categories and the eventual Gold Ernie from the hundreds of nominations that have been sent in during the year from over 3,000 women.

Nigga this is the perfect award for me. I am a world class sexist and inappropriate speaker. Next year, I will require all cobber’s to nominate me for this epic achievement. All we need is about 4000 of you cunts to vote and my ultimate victory will be guaranteed. Thanks in advance ya filthy animals.

I should add that this cunt dishwasher, Meredith Burgmann, needs a good (and on the advice of my lawyers, metaphorical) smack in the chops if you ask me. I wonder what she is a Dr of… I bet (metaphorical bet, as per the advice of my portfolio manager) that she is a Dr of washing dishes. haha.

Anyway, this spawn of satan’s cock has made a career out of being a bitter old bitch for the last 28 years. It was in 1993 that she started this award, where she encourages women to attack men who have even the slightest hint of knackers. Coincidentally, she did this not long after divorcing her husband in 1990.

Probably not a coincidence actually, now that I think about it.

Some of the front runners for 2020 are old favourites Mark Latham, Jeff Kennett and Craig Kelly, joined by newcomers Adem Somyurek and Israel Folau.


I am a much better sexist than these guys.

I will claim my award. I will be recognised as the premiere woman decker in Australia.


Women Need Your Meat NOW!

Terry Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 28, 2020

Could it be that women invented hunting?

Lets step back in time, to a simpler time where men had barely broken free from their monke ancestors.
Now picture a group of men, armed with clubs and sharp sticks, charging into battle against a mighty beast.
Why? What drives them? What would make a man leave the comfort of his cave, the loving bosom of his proto-wife, his children and family – to risk it all on the Auroch prize?

good art, not like that Abrodginal rubbish

What about if it was women? 👀

As many trad and based cobber’s would agree a woman’s love is like no other, yet, a woman’s hate is like a demonic entity.
And we – as men – do generally cop the brunt of that torturing despise from time to time, well, every month to be exact.
Yes, you may guess where this is going cobber’s, women are a strange creature, lovely to be sure, but mad as a cut snake at times.
During menstruation and pregnancy a woman’s hormones do weird and wonderful things, she may want a root, want a cry, want a fight, or all three at once.

I propose that It was women who spurred men on to slay beasts for their tasty flesh, by forcing them from their homes by way of being abominable wenches.

“But hold on terry, one single woman can’t force out all the blokes of a tribe, they’d tell her to shut up and get nicked”

-Bloke at the pub I’m waffling on to
women: the original fags

Women who share close proximity to each other can often have their periods at the same time, it’s called menstrual synchrony.
Synching pregnancies and allsorts, although this effect has recently been “debunked” (probably by some jew) it’s real and it happens in animals too.

You could potentially have more than half of the young women in the tribe going batshit crazy at once.

I’ll take my chances with the wild beasts

So now in perspective the hunter stands before the mighty beast ready to die:

With the urge to attack something rising, Blokes came up with the perfect answer. The Hunt.
Man do what a man gotta do – heck, we love it.

So after the hunt is finished and the big lad brings home the bacon so to speak (but literally really bring home bacon), they are met by their (now hormonally normalised) trad wives and get food, love and sexy time, very cool.

Women need meat during pregnancy and often have intense cravings for it, even menstruation leaves them in need of meat so it stands to reason that they were probably whining and bitching about getting meat, all the time.

Even in an age where going “Natural” is trendy and cool our society has continued to neglect the fundamental nature of our biology, our fertility.

During my research for this article I stumbled across something that took me by surprise, both in it’s strangeness to our culture and also it’s pureness and simplicity.

Natural fertility, it is the fertility that exists without birth control.

BBC writes:

Menstruation is also rare in human societies that don’t use any form of contraception. There are a few such “natural fertility” populations even today, and women in these societies spend most of their reproductive life either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Among the Dogon, a natural fertility population in Mali, Strassmann has found that women have about 100 periods over their lifetime. This was probably fairly typical for much of our species’ history.

By contrast, most modern women have 300-500 periods. “What we are experiencing, as part of our evolution, is very unusual,” says Strassmann.

Actually a very interesting article

Women are cyclical, hormonal and cyclical, one can see the kind of poisonous creature that this society breeds when women take birth control for all of their fertile years and then spits them out – a spinster with a barren womb and brain damage.

The answer really is to leave women’s reproductive fertility alone, simple isn’t it?

But how in the hell did we get to this point? It really hits home now, the assault on our women, the continual relentless war which they have endured. I feel sorrow and pity for the victims of this biological attack.

With people at the forefront of “birth control” such as George Rosenkranz (invented the pill), Emma Goldman, Rose Pastor Stokes, Margaret Sanger… one can see that the attack is of course… jewish at it’s core.

In fact, weirdo jews seem to have a real obsession with menstruation, Orthodox jewish women have to take their dirty underwear to the rabbi so he can check if she is still unclean from bleeding. (eww gross I bet they beat off their disfigured little peckers over the nasty undies yuck)

Scratch and sniff:


I do believe that humanity will inevitably come to it’s senses, eventually when we stop drinking the fluoride, eating the poison, and watching the brainwashing, we will live closer to God as we are meant to naturally and healthfully.

And men.. remember to give women your meat.