The Necessity and Beauty of Violence in the Modern Era

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 29, 2021

We have, in our very recent history, witnessed a glorious uprising of dinky-di Australian gamer/workers against the wicked beast system and it’s cruel lockdown enforcement measures in Victoria, Australia.

To briefly and simply recap the events that instigated this gamer-worker uprising:

  1. Victorian State Premier, Daniel Andrews, announces va666ine mandate for construction workers. No dead baby juice injection, NO JOB!
  2. CFMEU, and John Setka as it’s head, does sweet fuck all to back worker’s choice.
  3. Working Australian men show up at the CFMEU trade hall to demand the freedom they deserve (and trash the joint, cobber style).
  4. The threat is made that this continues every day until unvaccinated workers are permitted to return to work
  5. John Setka calls his members, “drunken fascist un-Australian morons”

Of course, there are many other interesting details involved in all of this – from unsuccessful police brutality attempts, to VN skidpig conquest of the Westgate Bridge and worker occupation of the Shrine of Remembrance. All of this however, is besides the point of this particular article.

I instead wanted to refute a talking point that I hear from so many normies in orbit of my social circles.

“I would understand it if it wasn’t so violent. Can they not protest peacefully?”

Any old cunt on the street

This point is quite simply, ‘retarded’.

The reality is that it is essential that those tasked with enforcing this beast system in Victoria are made to feel uncomfortable. Contrary to what toothless retards would have you believe, a peaceful protest is a meaningless protest.

This comes down to what I will term ‘protest theory’. For years, the consensus has been to promote ‘peaceful protest,’ and the reason this is promoted is that it achieves nothing. Many of these peaceful protests have occurred over the years and they have resulted in nothing more than irritating people who are on their way to work.

Understanding this, we must accept that the purpose of a protest is not to transmit ideas or persuade people. The purpose of a protest is to get what you want. To this end, anyone who is paid to enforce this current systemic overreach being enacted upon Australians, must be made to feel uncomfortable. Otherwise nothing will change.

They should worry that their choice in favour of a paycheck may result in some kind of discomfort. If this were to continue, it would not take long before these paycheck chasers decide it’s not worth it to enforce these gay laws at the expense of their fellow Australian or at the potential expense of their own physical wellbeing.

I must add that this is not advocacy for acts of violence. Rather, it is an acknowledgement of the pragmatism of non-peaceful protests.

From a clear love of danger, from habitual courage and from every-day heroism spring precisely—and naturally—an urgent need for and recognition of the beauty of violence?

F.T. Marinetti, The Necessity and Beauty of Violence

Unfortunately, our noble tradie protesters, who understood the reality I speak of, were distracted from their great cause by the AFL grand final occurring right at the peak of their energies. How convenient for our anti-human elite.

However, the cause need not end there.

We are now on the precipice of legislation previously thought impossible.

Here is a thread summarising the new Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill:

For those of you completely incapable of clicking through that link to view the full thread, I present it to you right here:

Thread on the new Public Health and Wellbeing Bill in Victoria:

Section 1.B It gives the Premier the power to declare a state of emergency in regards to a pandemic at his own discretion.

Section 1.C He can renew the state of emergency every 3 months with NO LIMIT. He can keep these powers indefinitely.

Section 1.D “Provide the Minister for Health with broad powers to make pandemic orders where reasonably necessary to protect public health”

Section 1.E Gives the CHO and Authorised officers a “non-exhaustive list of pandemic management powers”

Section 1.F “remove barriers to gathering and sharing information during a pandemic”. Great they can track us even more

Section 1.H Let’s them appoint any number of their own “Authorised Officers” to enforce all of this.

Section 1.K Allows them to fine people 20k for protesting, not signing in, not wearing a mask or any other “egregious pandemic-related behavior”. Could theoretically include not getting vaxxed.

Section 1.L Let’s them fine businesses 100k for non-compliance with CHO orders

Originally tweeted by Adam Smith (@SigmaSugma) on October 26, 2021.

If there was ever a time to crack the shits, it would be right now.

We are currently living through the most entrenched and pernicious empire we have seen in the entirety of human history. It spans the entire globe, and its most brutal expression is occurring right here in Australia – specifically the state of Victoria.

Many people are wavering under pressure in their decision to reject this va666ine. To these people I want to provide some reassurance of their decision:

First of all, I would say that if you submit to this bureaucratic overreach, you are then subject to any subsequent bureaucratic overreach. If the precedent is set that you can be forced into receiving this dead baby juice, then you can be forced to submit to any demand that is made of you by our perfidious global-financial beast system.

Furthermore, this overreach doesn’t stop with these two vaccinations. If you take these, you will then be required to take a 3rd, 4th, 5th dose, etc. Failing to do so, you will be in the same reject class that you would have been in had you never received the first two doses!

Regarding the new proposed legislation (as linked earlier), The Age has reported that even the president of the Victorian bar, Christopher Blanden QC, has stated that it would give the Premier unprecedented power with little to no checks and balances.

The official town bike of Australian politics, Fiona Patten, supported the Andrews government legislation after having gone on record as saying that she did not believe Covid-19 should be managed under a never ending state of emergency and that she would be unlikely to extend SOE again. The rumour is that she did this in exchange for rushed through sex work decriminalisation laws, injecting rooms, and abolishing the Lord’s Prayer from parliament. What a principled old bag she is.

These street hooker decriminalisation laws stipulate requirements regarding sex work at or near certain places (section 38B, p. 10). The only requirements are that a whore cannot solicit or loiter at a school premises, education or care service premises, children’s service premises, or place of worship – between 6am and 7pm.

Is anyone else seeing the issue with this!? This is quite clearly permission to operate at these premises outside said hours, rather than a requirement not to operate within them.

So not only is the precedent being set that Daniel Andrews can strip you of your freedoms whenever he feels like it – and for whatever reason, but this power was given to him by a prostitute in exchange for legalisation of crackheads shagging her at your church or your kid’s school after hours. It is truly a filthy and satanic world we are living in.

The time for resisting the temptation of submission and compliance is right now.

As the fabric of our society continues to tear. As we are plunged further and further into a world with no higher goals than hedonistic self indulgence and material, carnal, gratification. As our freedom to express our dissatisfaction is taken from us, perhaps we must turn our backs on the concept of ‘peaceful protest,’ and instead ponder the necessity and beauty of violence (‘the necessity and beauty of violence,’ refers to a writing by Italian Futurist, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti).

A Statement by Alice McNamara

Alice McNamara
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 29, 2021
Originally published by Alice McNamara on September 26, 2021

Hi everyone, it’s been a minute. For those of you who are expecting an apology, well you might be disappointed.

Firstly, to address the claims made by members of the media and their ‘anonymous’ ANTIFA sources that the articles published about me were done in the public interest…. Well, quite frankly, that is complete bullsh*t.

You slimy, self interested worms print salacious tabloid gossip like that as click bait and to boost your own social media engagement and ad revenue. The underhanded tactics you employed to dox me, cancel my business and have me shunned by society are horrifyingly reminiscent of those used in East Germany to silence political dissidents. You have only proved that you are the most willing establishment shills on the planet. History will not look kindly on your actions and normal people already know what disreputable smear merchants you are. Barely anyone reads the Age and the dozen or so private messages I received before deleting my accounts (mostly from people offering support) shows how drastically your reach has dropped. Pretty pathetic that a one time celebrity from the early 2000’s created the most engagement you have had all year. And even that must have taken up most of your budget given the number of bots that were paid to attack my social media pages on the morning the story broke.

Secondly, the invasion of privacy. The media published snapshots of conversations I was having in what I thought were private groups. Regardless of whether the general public approve of the comments, they should be honest that there are probably things in their own conversations that would not reflect well on them should they be splashed all over the front cover of mainstream media outlets. Do you really want to live in a world where comments you make in what you believe are private conversations can be used to turn public opinion against you and destroy your livelihood?

Mary Manson is an online persona. An alias. Was David Bowie really Ziggy Stardust? Is Eminem the real Slim Shady? The things she said were intended for a small audience who understand that they were satirical and hyperbolic. They were never meant to be read by the children or parents who came to Kiddyrock classes. I have actually had a long career of making offensive art. My band was called the Spazzys for heavens sake. I had lead roles in a theatre group called Sissies and Sluts. We weren’t even the only theatre group doing shock humour. There were others even more successful who received arts funding and were competing for our audience. To those who know me, do you really think this is something new for me? I have always been attracted to edgy ideas and offensive language but have never mixed my audiences up. My work with children has always been the thing I am the most proud of though.

The people who ‘unmasked’ me haven’t protected anyone or saved anyone from harm. My work and conduct with children has always been warm, kind, respectful, inclusive and professional. It’s unfortunate that children and families have been affected and that Kiddyrock music classes, a business I built from nothing and which has given children so much over the last decade, is now no longer able to continue as it had been, limited as it was by the lockdowns. Kiddyrock has never had any political agenda and it is truly saddening that children will not be able to experience the joy and fun of such a high quality music education service at a time when they so desperately need social interaction.

The people who wrote that hit piece on me, and the people who disavowed me on social media, are the same ones who burned witches, and went to the holy land to kill the unbelievers. They are the same as those who denounced people to the Stasi, Gestapo and KGB and were glad that those ‘evil’ people were sent to the Gulags, re-education or concentration camps.

This is not an apology. I DENOUNCE YOU.

Nick McKenzie – You are a talented actor, I mean investigative journalist. Your ‘expose’ essentially amounted to a high production edit including scary music, covert meetings in cars under bridges shot from 3 different camera angles, you typing furiously at your computer, you on the phone to your sources, wide angle shots of the Melbourne city skyline. It all seems so sinister when cut together like that. Why present to the public another disaffected young man with controversial political opinions, when you can scare them into thinking that wholesome music teachers are the informal leaders of the ‘Nazis Next Door’. Makes it sound like a much bigger issue than 10 gym bros boxing in a driveway and spouting off some offensive, racially charged rhetoric. Congratulations, Nick you have really earned your gold Logie (oops, Walkley) this year.

Tom Tanuki – You are a creepy, unintelligent, unfunny establishment shill who pretends to disavow the very tactics you used against me. To point out that you and your ‘comrades’ are hypocritical, pick-me left wing corporate media bootlickers would be stating the bloomin’ obvious. You’re a grifter. I earned my money fair and square. You beg for yours online.

Could it be that you are the anonymous writer for the White Rose Society and that your ‘very important work’ includes doxxing women who make jokes you don’t like and collecting screen shots of private conversations they have with other people? It’s a bit like stalking. The public wouldn’t really be ok with it and you know that which is why you did it anonymously. Allegedly.

Did you also use a link to a video of me performing on stage with children without blurring their faces and promote it to your followers whilst simultaneously declaring me a neo nazi? Wtf bro. Say what you want about me but including that in your piece is really sick. They’re innocent children. Did you choose that clip because my other videos prominently featured performers of African and Asian descent and didn’t really gel with your neo nazi angle? You’re a scum bag for using children like that, Tom. A real whack job. Luckily your audience is small and you struggle to generate any real engagement. You adopt the cool and funny language used by gamers in the ‘far right’ internet chat rooms that you lurk and try to pass it off as your own ‘comedy’ but your sperg-posting only attracts an audience who is as weak and bitter as you are. You’re delusional if you think you’re not embarrassing yourself every time you show your nasty, bitter, fat face on screen. All you appear to have in your life is a cat and a Twitter account that no one cares about, it’s just you replying to yourself. I’m sure these are the most words that have ever been dedicated to you. Tweet about it, bro. The 20,000+ tradies you claim are also neo nazis will be high five-ing me in the streets if you do.

Kat and Lucy Spazzy – Remember a few years ago when I said we should change our band name because people might not like it moving forward? Bet you wish you had listened to me then. It’s you who have spat on the legacy we created together as young people. It makes no difference to me as I have been embarrassed to be a part of that band for a long time. You claim that it was your decision to part ways but we all know that’s not true. I chose to stop playing because the music had become stale and boring and I grew to loathe the pretentious, self important phonies in the music industry. I still considered you friends though. We shared so many experiences and I will always treasure memories of seeing the world with you. I never thought the day would come when you would throw me under the bus because you believe ridiculous media allegations about me being a neo nazi. Do you also believe claims that the Croatian CFMEU members at the recent protests are neo nazis? Your dad literally fled communism in Yugoslavia to find a better life and here you are, in Australia, ushering it in. Smdh.

Richard Stanley – You know the dirt I have on you. But it’s not just one allegation anymore. It’s multiple allegations from several women about your disgusting sexual misconduct. You’re an alleged rapist and serial sex pest.

Sarah Hardiman – Eternal narcissist. Selfish, manipulative, angry, miserable wretch. You have also had non consensual sex allegations levelled against you in the past. I stood by you through that but you turned against me after I said I’m not a feminist and don’t believe in the popular mainstream conspiracy theory about a mythical, oppressive patriarchy made up of white men.

I understand that you’ve been suggesting that I am a Q-tard? Cringe, Sarah. So cringe. You told people to listen to a New York Times podcast on the Q movement to help them understand my state of mind. I listened to the first 10 minutes and it is Tom Tanuki tier. People like him have been spruiking that theory and trying to paint dissidents as a monolith to discredit them. None of you seem to have any kind of grasp on what Q Anon was about so I’m going to do you all a favour and drop some information on you and anyone else still reading along.

The Q Anon movement was similar to a well known psy-op that was used in the Russian civil war called Operation Trust. The Bolsheviks devised it as a counter intelligence operation aimed at neutralising opposition by creating the false impression that military leaders had organised to stop the communist takeover. It placated patriotic Russians into waiting idly by while the Bolsheviks consolidated power and also flushed out those still loyal to the Tsarists. It’s interesting that Q Anon culminated in a ‘terrorist’ attack on Capitol Hill on January 6th where a woman was murdered by an agent of the state and other protestors are still languishing in prison for allegedly participating in an ‘insurrection’. Donald Trump promoted the rally and then disavowed those who attended as extremists. Seems to be straight out of the playbook, huh?

The media tries to ridicule Q followers for believing that there are pedophiles in government though it’s not hard to find evidence that human trafficking and pedophilia exists in the highest halls of power. Ever heard of Jimmy Savile? How about Jeffrey Epstein? I’m sure you don’t have any problem believing accusations like that when they’re made against George Pell or Scott Morrison and members of the Hillsong church. The implication that the Clinton Foundation and other people of note were involved in some extremely suspicious activities came from coded messages that were discovered in the Wikileaks email dump. You love those guys right? Have you looked into those at all? I doubt it and I’m sure you’ll just continue to form your opinions based on information spoon-fed to you by biased left wing hacks at the NYT. You and people like you are stuck in a binary of left versus right, men versus women, black versus white and now vax versus anti-vax. Pour yourself another drink, Sarah.

Anthony Biancofiore – You designed the sunglasses for Bobby the beach ball. Did you know you were including a neo nazi dog whistle in your design and radicalising toddlers into fascism?

Lee Gambin – I still have hard copies of the Sissies and Sluts plays as well as copies saved to my email and hard drive. I wonder whose words would be deemed more offensive if those ever see the light of day again. By disavowing me you are disavowing 90% of the art you ever created and the people who supported you.

Pat Telfer – Did you threaten/intimidate/harass an ex girlfriend? I’m just asking because allegations like that are not very consistent with your purported feminist values.

Everyone else who felt the urge to offer up unnecessary, low information cold-takes to social media, attempting to camouflage your own stupidity and malice with concern for my mental health, it is not up to me to unburden you of the guilt of participating in a virtual lynch mob. You are not owed an explanation. You are not victims because some rude words were said on the internet. I know many of you participate in very toxic and harmful behaviours. Sexual assault, drug abuse, domestic violence, deviant sexual fetishes, infidelity, all of which could be very damaging to your personal and professional lives should they be made public. You dare to condemn me? I set my face like flint. I will not be put to shame by you.

This will be the only statement I make on the issue. I will not be doing business in the public realm anymore. Deleting all social media has been one of the blessings that has come from this but there have been many more. I would like to thank the friends and family who have stood by me and reminded me of who I am, when I felt as if I was losing myself amidst all the noise and harassment. I also thank God for revealing his truth to me and guiding me on my path out of Babylon.

Yours Sincerely,

Alice McNamara

The Tax

Tery Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 19, 2021

It’s time that we start paying our way.

The old saying goes thus; There are two things for certain in this life, Death and taxes.

Yes, we agree on these, the first for sure and the second… Well, it is so ingrained in our civilization and societies that the saying becomes true, but as with other societal garbage it is merely a phantom.

The alternative to paying taxes is made, by it’s design, so uncomfortable and cumbersome let alone illegal, that it’s just easier to do it. and that is where we find ourselves in this day, simply as tax paying citizens under rule of a government that supposedly represents us.

One might be wondering, “what on earth is Terry talking about here? is he genuinely going to call for the cessation of taxes!” No, that is not the crux of that which I want to bring about.

I actually think we should pay MORE taxes, hear me out here.

We should be paying a tax to ourselves, we should be paying towards our own welfare. It is simple to anyone with eyes to see, that our Government is no longer ours, our governors are in fact calling for the end of us, our morals, our ethnicities, our freedoms, everything.

Still, we pay our way to these imposters and receive our paltry services for the reward.

Talking of rewards there is an old Scottish tale of The Brownie, Have you heard of it?

He was a shaggy brown looking elf of some sort who would hide away in old homes and at night come out to do chores around the house, working tirelessly and asking for none in return, that is, until the owner of the house decides he deserves payment and gives him a wage for all of his hard work. Having received his payment he leaves and never returns.

Upon hearing this tale one might question; Why Is it so? Is it that their is a fear of a reward? And, why would one fear a reward?

A wage or a reward may be the single most dangerous thing for a persons soul. If one were to receive a wage would he not want to stay and collect another? here we see the trap as old as time, the honey on the fly paper, the trap is immediately set.

We are wage slaves, simple as.

The chain tied to our necks is getting shorter every day, we see it clearly, and currently, with our current predicament where Government mandates around Covid 19 Vaccinations are taking the literal freedom of bodily autonomy away from us, using that horrid trap of the wage to coerce us into injecting a gene editing serum!

The foundations need to be there for our people to flee this tyranny when the time comes, when those of us who are unfortunate enough to be targets of the beast systems cruel attacks are forced into the cold, when those evil attackers offer us poverty or servitude there needs to be a core of help for those people who are usually the great system disrupters that we so dearly love.

I am plagued, dear reader, by the thought that I should come up with a crafty design, that I should be smart enough to have the ideas to rid us of our many problems. It disturbs me when I sit and think of solution after solution to our wicked entrapment, thinking always that there is some simple design I can fashion that will lead us to victory.

Here I have come to a starting point for us.

Christians your charity, on the martyrs bestow, for their affliction you may never know.

What I am proposing is a type of Tithe.

It should be that if you are in this community, you pay your way, you pay towards everybody’s welfare, because our governors will not.

It should be a common question among us, “do you pay your taxes?” and for those that can with pride they will say “YES!”

Obviously there are those of us who ARE in poverty and in trouble, who cannot pay, they will be the beneficiaries of the tax, and when times brighten again can proudly pay their share.

Imagine knowing that you give towards a brighter future, look and imagine the beauty of a future with this bedrock of wealth and power, look at those before us who have done it, the great churches of today were once a meagre idea my friends!

I propose that each of us give charity towards our future, and this is my belief that it can lead us towards freedom, we are not greedy people are we? we are giving and kind and truly it is time to give.

How do we do it? Well it starts now, I know of two of our friends who have just recently suffered an attack by system bootlickers – literal vermin, that are working to hurt all of us and take away our freedom.

Our friends and those that they target next will need our help, those of us who hide our views even online need our help to be emboldened by the power of our backing.

Now, I am an Ideas man, but, if I’m honest I’m not the most practical. The best I can think of now is we have a Crypto wallet set up that each of us glorious and beautiful champions pay into on the 1st of each month.

I assure you that this is completely sincere, not a grift or a greedy scheme, there may be some way to guarantee that it can never be taken advantage of but I can assure you that the intentions of this are pure.

Maybe something as simple as all tax payers receiving a monthly statement of the wallet and any charity that has gone out.

If you like this idea and would like to flesh out the finer points of the plan do not hesitate to contact me here at.


An Article on Man (1893)

Henry Lawson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 27, 2021

It is fashionable to sneer.

It could scarcely have been so fashionable in say, Byron’s time, or in the time of Thackeray, because had it been so those men would never have been considered the great and original writers they were. For in order to be original and to live, the writing of a man must be really against the ‘fashions’ of his time.

It is fashionable to sneer nowadays; it is fashionable to say that there is nothing good and pure in the world. It is fashionable to laugh at the idea of honour among men; and it is considered wisdom to believe and act accordingly. It is fashionable to be a liar, a swindler, a blackguard; it seems even fashionable to be ‘found out’, but not clever. It is fashionable to be a successful – thing.

I am not sure how it is in other lands. These conclusions are built in Australia.

It is not fashionable to write this way.

Gambling which is called ‘sporting’, is the most popular thing in Australia, and our best writers pander to it, because they are too blind to see that if they wrote as cleverly against it they would be thought a good deal more of.

This reminds me that a ‘poet of the people’ might write for them all his life and starve; they will scarcely recognise – just tolerate – him, that’s all; but if he turns round suddenly and stings ’em pretty smart they will immediately begin to think a great deal of him. A smart sting of that sort must necessarily have truth in it, you understand.

We may as well finish with writers now we have commenced. Here is a plan for a fashionable, or popular, Australian short story:

Write three inches of marriage, and put some stars underneath; then write about a foot of adultery, making it as dirty, or ‘racy’, as you dare, or as the law allows; put some more stars, and finish up with an inch or two of divorce. Then that ‘little thing of yours’ will be read, and thought a good little thing, and you’ll be considered a very clever writer. But your work won’t live longer than the issue of the paper in which it appears.

Speaking of popular things, the most popular man in an Australian country town is very often the greatest rascal and the man with the flattest head. Were he intelligent he wouldn’t be popular.

This brings up a famous remark made long ago by a man who would have been wise in any generation. He was reported to have ejaculated with feeling, “What foolish thing have I said that the people cheer me?” or words to that effect. It was more a remark than a question. Judging his wisdom from that remark alone, we are inclined to think that he did make a fool of himself on the occasion referred to. He must have been a wise man, or he wouldn’t have known it. He must have been an honest man, else he wouldn’t have said it. The funniest point of the business is that for generations after his death the wisdom of the world whooped louder for these few words than for many other observations of his; and, had he gone back immediately and mounted the stump and told the original crowd what he thought, the chances are that they would have barracked for him more enthusiastically than before. Such is man. But this is wandering from the point.

We will have to take writers, for instance, again. You need not be truthful, but you must be clever; you need not be just, so long as you are humorous. We didn’t say ‘funny’, because it would sound nasty there. The average reader looks more for humour than justice, more for smartness than truth, and it’s a pity that all those things couldn’t always be together.

It is fashionable to look for dirt nowadays, and find it in everything. The Australian boy does it because he hears the Australian young man, and thinks it clever. He wants to be ‘manly’ and for the same reason he smokes and drinks and becomes a larrikin. The young men see filth in most everything, because – because it’s fashionable. We admire the manliness of the age.

Suppose an average man-about-town to meet a girl who is as God intended her to be; the man would take her for a hypocrite; he wouldn’t believe in her, because he doesn’t believe in the purity of woman outside his own family circle. He might consider her the opposite to what she really is. Most likely he would see ‘encouragement’ in the very simplicity or innocence of her conversation, and come to the conclusion that “it would be good enough.” That last expression might seem offensive in print, but then, you know, it’s – it’s fashionable among men. If the larrikin language were to be printed a few times with suitable comments, it wouldn’t be used so much by gentlemen.

No, a pure true girl who speaks as she thinks would be put down either as a hypocrite or as being ‘a bit gone here’ by the average man-about-town. We admire the man-about-town, we have the greatest respect and admiration – almost awe – for the ‘man of the world’ of today. He is so clever, so witty, so bitingly sarcastic, so humorous (not “funny”); he so thoroughly understands human nature – men and women; he is so infallible, so unassailable (not to be had, you know); so blindly, ignorantly egotistical.

Damn him, for a blatant fool with a dirty mind and a dirty mouth.

Put aside all the bosh about Australia’s noble sport, her youth and beauty, her sunbright skies and grassy plains, her ‘shining rivers’, her enterprise and her ‘resources’, her loyalty, or, on the other hand, her Republicanism – put aside all the rot that has ever been written about Australia, and what remains? The remnant of a dying race of men who were men, though somewhat small-minded, and a rising race of ‘dudes’ and larrikins. What a land for swindlers!

We will not say that Australia is becoming ‘wicked’, because ‘wicked’ is an ‘old womanish’ word, and the user would be considered soft. You mustn’t be soft nowadays; you must appear manly.

It is not fashionable to prophesy, but we’ll chance it. In a few years, perhaps, Australian cities will be the most unprincipled in the world, and dirtier than ever the British hypocrite accused Paris of being. And when the societies of these cities are most vicious and their witty (not funny) men most grandly cynical, some great man will rise and turn his soul against all that is fashionable in his time, and his works will create reaction – and live.