HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DAD’S: Fox FM Hates Father’s Day and All Men

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 8, 2020

The Facebook page for Melbourne’s Fox 101.9 radio station posted a disgustingly obnoxious and frankly anti-male image on the night of Friday, September 4 – barely more than 24 hours before the sacred event known as Father’s Day.

The image stated:

Tag a Melbourne Mum & let her know she’s doing a great job!

This is an obvious attempt to co-opt a time dedicated to the most noble of men, fathers, diverting attention towards women again instead.

Women have become so entitled that they now wish to take even Father’s day for themselves. In this case, the post specifically redirects attention towards Mothers, but as we know, the slippery slope is now in effect.

Next year, the first Sunday in September will be celebrated as Mother’s Day 2. The year after that, it will be celebrated as Women’s Day.

Well, perhaps this is an accelerated timeline that I have given you. It may not happen that quickly, but it is the likely end result of female liberation. Liberating women from the position that nature determined for them has resulted in a full unleashing of total societal shit test.

Wollt ihr den totalen scheisstest!?

Josephine Goebbels

For those uninitiated in the behaviour of women, a shit test has been defined and understood as, “a premeditated social challenge set up by a man or a woman, but usually a woman, to test and assess the target’s reaction to the social challenge.”

The Power Moves:

There are different theories on what women test men for.

Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male, says women seek confidence, the proof is he has options and the proof he can provide security.

Chase Amante, author of How to Make Girls Chase says that women test men as part of the sexual arms’ race: men try to position themselves as better than they actually are and women need to make sure they’re not going to mate with some weak men who is posturing as alpha.

W. Anton, author of The Manual, says that women seek first and foremost strength, while Leil Lowndes author of Undercover Sex Signal says women seek men who are generally “better” than they are -the major element behind female hypergamy-.

And they are all right.

The shit test is not merely a non-gender specific mechanic of relations, it is a biological drive that is hard wired into women. They exercise it at the individual level, and when liberated on a collective scale, they exercise it at the collective level also.

It is also often the case that women do not know why they are shit testing, or what the effects will be. The test is simply their nature, that is why it is a societal imperative that the nature of women is controlled rather than liberated. Here is the process of shit testing put simply, by the way:

  • Woman tests
  • Man concedes
  • Expectation of woman increases
  • Woman tests again
  • Man concedes again
  • Repeat indefinitely
  • Woman becomes bored with the lack of challenge
  • Woman destroys whatever the man has worked to create (relationship, society, etc.)

For some time, we have been seeing this pattern expanding from the individual level and pervading the collective. We begin to face a national and even international shit test as women begin to take prominent positions in the workforce, politics, or even just public speech like with journalism or whatever.

Of course, the schemers behind this pattern are jews.

It’s actually a jewish war on European civilisation, but whatever.

And it does not take much female influence to achieve the goal of these jews! Let’s return to our example in Fox FM.

Fox FM is a subsidiary of an Australian group of companies called Southern Cross Austereo. Southern Cross Austereo has a mere four women in their fifteen member Board and Leadership Team, and yet they have already begun to deconstruct our national day of Father respecting.

Of course, the number of women specifically in positions of power is really only the tip of the iceberg. Before it even reaches this point, women will already have moved in en masse, beginning to form a large percentage of an organisations workforce. It is these lower level women who begin this destructive process of male dispossession.

The person who made and posted this image to the Fox FM Facebook page is probably doing an unpaid internship lol – and ultimately that is the point.

We can still claim ultimate victory royale and save our civilisation if we begin to once again empower the masculine element of our nation and destroy the negative force that is the liberated woman.

Heroic Seppo Boy Charged With Homicide for Defending Himself Against Pedo’s

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 29, 2020

A 17 year old boy has been charged with murder after defending himself from hordes of violent rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse had travelled over 30km from Illinois to Wisconsin with the intention of protecting small business owners whose livelihoods were under threat from destructive homosexual anarchists and black rioters.

The majority of these small businesses are run by white families by the way. Kenosha is 67% white. I checked.

This boy escaped from behind enemy lines. He was under attack from all sides. He fought valiantly for his life and the safety of his people.

The first individual to unsuccessfully attack our young hero was a jew named Joseph Rosenbaum. In the footage, Rosenbaum chases King Kyle and throws a projectile at him. Many people theorised that the projectile was an explosive device, but I think it turned out just to be a plastic bag. This doesn’t really matter though, as there could well have been something in the plastic bag that could have caused injury, like a rock or a knife for example.

Rosenbaum then attempted to charge Kyle and viciously rip his rifle away from him. This was indeed a silly move, as Kyle expertly fends him off and terminates his existence.

By the way, it seems that Rosenbaum was stalking and antagonising Kyle Rittenhouse throughout the night. He is seen in earlier footage yelling, “Shoot me nigga. Shoot me nigga.”

It is important to add that Joseph Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender with a history of criminality and a lengthy prison sentence served for class 3 sexual misconduct with a minor.

A point I saw made was that this conviction occurred all the way back in 2002, so hypothetically his sexual misconduct could have been him at age 18, with his 17 year old girlfriend at the time. This is not the case however, as for sexual misconduct to be class 3, the victim must be under the age of 15.

Jewish paedophile manlet exterminated!

The other individual to suffer ultimate defeat at the hands of Kyle Rittenhouse was Anthony Huber. Huber is known colloquially as, “the retard armed with a skateboard.”

Shouldn’t have brought a skateboard to a gun fight faggot.

Huber was also a violent criminal who had been arrested on battery, drugs and other charges. In 2018 he was found guilty of repeat domestic abuse. In 2012, he was convicted of domestic abuse strangulation and suffocation as well as false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon.

After whacking Kyle with a skateboard and then attempting to steal his cool gun, Huber suffers the full force of Stopping-Power Pro as Kyle blasts him in the chest. FATALITY!

After making Huber pay the iron price, young Kyle is assailed by a man who has been identified as Gaige Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz is a pathetic slimy weasel, as I will show you using evidence and facts and logic. Luckily, Kyle shot him in the arm, epic style.

Grosskreutz, like the other men who attacked Kyle, also has a felonious history. In 2013 he was charged with burglary and theft, and in 2017 he was arrested again for an unknown crime.

Grosskreutz was a legitimately fatal threat to Kyle. He approached the boy in a stance that feigned surrender, before charging at him with a handgun in his right hand.

What did I tell ya? Pathetic slimy weasel.

To feign surrender like this is considered perfidy in the context of war. It is a war crime under Protocol I, Article 37 of the Geneva Convention.

International Committee of the Red Cross:

Art 37. Prohibition of Perfidy

1. It is prohibited to kill, injure or capture an adversary by resort to perfidy. Acts inviting the confidence of an adversary to lead him to believe that he is entitled to, or is obliged to accord, protection under the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict, with intent to betray that confidence, shall constitute perfidy. The following acts are examples of perfidy:
(a) the feigning of an intent to negotiate under a flag of truce or of a surrender;
(b) the feigning of an incapacitation by wounds or sickness;
(c) the feigning of civilian, non-combatant status; and
(d) the feigning of protected status by the use of signs, emblems or uniforms of the United Nations or of neutral or other States not Parties to the conflict.

2. Ruses of war are not prohibited. Such ruses are acts which are intended to mislead an adversary or to induce him to act recklessly but which infringe no rule of international law applicable in armed conflict and which are not perfidious because they do not invite the confidence of an adversary with respect to protection under that law. The following are examples of such ruses: the use of camouflage, decoys, mock operations and misinformation.

There is also evidence that Grosskreutz may be a satan worshipper, who was looking to sacrifice a firstborn son to the devil!

Grosskreutz with his DISGUSTING gay mask
This is the satanic mask donned by the evil Gaige Grosskreutz

Kyle bravely faced down this demon and threatened to send him back to hell!

But why was Kyle in the area? Furthermore, why was he armed?

So, people are getting injured and our job is to protect this business, and part of my job is to also help people. If there is somebody hurt I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle because I need to protect myself, obviously. I also have my med kit.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Well as it turns out, Kyle Rittenhouse is just a good kid who loves his country. He wanted to help business owners in the area keep their livelihoods, and he wanted to provide medical attention for people who needed it.

It appears that Kyle has attended this event in joint force with a group calling themselves the Kenosha Guard Militia. This group posted a, “call to arms,” on facebook, reaching out for volunteers willing to, “protect our great city.”

The criminal complaint filed by the Circuit Court of Kenosha County includes a statement by the man interviewing Kyle in the video above. The man’s name is Richard McGinnis and he claims to be a reporter.

There is a section that is in the above video, which has also been transcribed into the criminal complaint. The complaint states:

McGinnis said that as they were walking south another armed male
who appeared to be in his 30s joined them and said he was there to protect the defendant.

This implies that Kyle was there under the banner of a group that was at least somewhat responsible for him. This group failed Kyle, leading him to almost certain doom.

People continue to organise these vigilante missions and retard rallies that inevitably lead to young men having their futures taken from them.

I would like to think that Kyle will be found not guilty, on account of the clear evidence that he acted in self defense against a horde of violent thugs and sex offenders. However, I am not filled with confidence.

He is certainly a sympathetic character. One that will be difficult for the media to skewer. But I think they will do as they always have, and crucify him with the labels we know all too well – racist, white supremacist, domestic terrorist.

Just as James Fields was, this poor boy will be tried in the media and convicted of white supremacy by a kangaroo court.

I hope that the group Kyle accompanied will staunchly defend his innocence and do everything they can to save him, never stopping until he is freed. It is very common in these circumstances however, that these individuals will be more or less abandoned, as their cause becomes too difficult due to the weight of the avalanche of slander by the jewish media.

Anthony Huber, the domestic abuser and skateboard retard, now has a GoFundMe page set up on behalf of his partner. It has accumulated $100,000. Conversely, a GoFundMe set up to cover Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal expenses has been deleted by the platform.

Luckily the same lawyer who publicly defended the Covington Catholic kids, Lin Wood, has announced he will defend our boy Kyle.

I will pray for Kyle and I will always admire his valiant stand. I hope that others will also pray for him and support him.

Best of luck King Kyle!


S E L F – D E F E N S E

Imprisoned Adelaide Rapist Still Likes Rape, “a little bit.”

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 28, 2020

You simply have to respect the brutal honesty of this man. He reminds me of George Washington, as neither man could tell a lie.


The South Australian Government has urged a judge to indefinitely jail an Adelaide rapist, with the Supreme Court hearing the man had told doctors he still liked the concept of rape “a little bit”.

Aiden Harvey Driver is serving a sentence for three counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault, but became eligible for parole on July 6 and is seeking release to the Northern Territory.

In 2009, he raped a woman in her West Hindmarsh home at gunpoint, indecently assaulted a woman as she walked her dogs along the city’s Linear Park, near Felixstow, and dragged a third woman into the bushes before she escaped at Vale Park.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman has asked the Supreme Court to declare Driver a high-risk offender so he would stay in prison indefinitely.

Karim Soetratma, for the Attorney-General, told the court that Driver had received 70 hours of intense one-on-one counselling while in prison.

He said it was “deeply concerning to the Attorney” that Driver had received so much treatment but still had limited insight into his offending.

The court heard that when psychiatrists asked Driver how he felt about the concept of rape, he replied that he “liked it a little bit”.

Lmao, this nibba dumb as fuck. Imagine essentially confessing to a future rape while actively seeking release.

Justice Sam Doyle said it was a “difficult case” because of Driver’s intellectual disabilities.

I wonder what his intellectual disabilities are?

Aiden Harvey Driver

Oh. He’s aboriginal.


I suppose we can not expect much more from a race of people with an average IQ of 62. By the way, this IQ score falls into the range of completely mentally retarded. LMAO. That means that the average aboriginal is clinically retarded by modern standards. SAD!

By the way, because of their simple brains, aboriginals like to do rape a lot. Much of it goes unreported, but they are basically always raping. There is also a serious problem in aboriginal communities with raping kids.

This is due to a combination of factors, including their very limited ability to think or distinguish right from wrong, as well as their exposure to disgusting jewish sex propaganda.

Koori Mail:

Abo’s are basically being instructed to rape kids by jewish pornographers. That is objectively not cool.

But what about the particular subject of this article, Aiden Harvey Driver…


He said the 20-year-old had been brought up in the remote community of Ali Curung, about 200 kilometres north of Alice Springs, and was extremely shy when he came to Adelaide to attend school.

“His communication problems didn’t help with him settling into maturity in the big city,” Mr Gaite said.

He said Driver had also been heavily influenced by watching pornographic movies while growing up.

While that was no excuse, it seemed to be linked to his offending, Mr Gaite said.

So yeah, I’m gonna blame this one on jews as well.

Old Jew Bitch Survives Her Second Soap Related Tragedy: COVID-19

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 23, 2020

Victoria recently recorded its oldest COVID survivor, and COVID is not the only hawrrible tragedy she has survived.

AJN – Times of Israel:

MELBOURNE Holocaust survivor Marianne Schwarz, 98, could not have imagined she would also become Victoria’s oldest COVID-19 survivor.

Vienna-born Marianne marked her 98th birthday at Cabrini Malvern Hospital on Saturday, where she had spent three weeks with COVID-19. But her birthday present came this week when two successive tests came back negative.

Wow! It sure is an amazing story.

At first she was facing eternity as a bar of soap, but in the end it may just have been a bar of soap that saved her life!

“Oh gawd, what is this device you have strapped me to goyim!? I’m having flashbacks of the scooby doo coaster into the ovens where Hitler did the shoah of the six billion!

Retiring at 65, Marianne devoted her time to B’nai B’rith, where she is a long-time member of the Raoul Wallenberg Unit. Through Courage To Care, she relates her Shoah experiences to Victorian schoolchildren, and is a member of WIZO Masada.

Oh awesome, she tells Australian schoolchildren about her gay fairytale that doesn’t matter to them whatsoever.

For one thing, Australia was on the opposing side to the Germans in WWII, who Schwarz accuses of gassing her sneaky tribe. The only reason she could have for making it her mission to teach Australian children about such an event, is to instil racial guilt in young White Australians.

The utility of this for jews, is that pre-programming young White Australians to feel racial guilt about the holocaust will act as a barrier to investigating or questioning the jewish influence on Australian politics.

I wonder what the last stand of these holocaust survivors would be if White Australians did begin to question jewish influence…

THIS UGLY SON OF A DONKEY Is Giving Your Granny COVID and basically you are fucking stupid. (How? …Just Read The Free Article)

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 22, 2020

There are many opinions I have heard regarding the Chinese virus frenzy. Some are insane and some seem insane. Some are stupid and unnecessary.

We have all seen people making the flimsiest stand for freedom imaginable, by refusing to wear masks. This is probably one of the most retarded attempts to do freedom when you consider that in the contemporary era (information era, digital age, whatever you would like to call it), we do not even have the freedom to speak our minds.

Most people are unfazed that we are not allowed to discuss ethnic crime trends, that jewish influence in Canberra is hidden from us, that our politicians sell our country off piece by piece to slopes, or that the race which founded the nation is being replaced by paki’s.


On the other hand, I have recently been made aware of what could be a COVID-19 related plot against White Australians.

The evidence indicates either direct or indirect collaboration between the State Government of Victoria, hungry hungry haji’s, zipperhead students and lying African sluts – all of which I will outline for you right here!

The link is that minorities do not care if your granddad dies of gook flu, and the State Government of Victoria is happy to see the number of cases increase because it means Daniel Andrews can lock us down, preventing white baby making. Daniel hates white babies.

There may be other reasons as well. Perhaps they would like to inject us with aids or wrongthink microchips via a vaccine. Or they may wish to condition us for face coverings so that we do not notice when they decide to import even more durkas. I am not certain of this though, so it would be unwise to tell you this is definitely the plan.

The Age:

The seeds of COVID-19 in Melbourne might have been sown first among skiers and international travellers, but since the hotel quarantine system infected poorly-paid and sessional security guards, it’s Melbourne’s working-class west and north-west where the pandemic has taken root.

It spread from security guards to their families in suburbs where often young migrant families juggle multiple jobs to pay off home loans and other bills. It got into the close-quarters workstations of meatworks, which are mostly located in the same areas and staffed by a similar demographic of workers. Several abattoirs have had serious outbreaks.

And it’s infiltrated aged care, where casual, low-paid personal care assistants are likely to have brought it in and then worked across numerous homes to try to earn a full income. There it has infected thousands, killed 125 and pushed the whole city under a severe lockdown and curfew.

The pandemic has exposed fault lines in Melbourne that cut across geographic, class and ethnic disparities.

The city’s outer north and west, Whittlesea, Brimbank, Hume, and Melton all rank in the top five areas for active COVID-19 cases, and they are also four of the five most disadvantaged municipalities in Melbourne, according to a Bureau of Statistics index. That index measures disadvantage based on a range of Census data including income, education, overcrowded housing and health.

Census data shows people in these areas are much more likely than other Victorians to be born overseas and to work in trades, road transport, or as labourers – jobs that cannot be done at home. They are far less likely to work as managers or in professions.

As far as I am concerned, the funny thing about this article is the clear struggle that the author has found in attempting to report truth, while avoiding the blatantly racial element of this topic.

The author attempts to camouflage key information amongst information which is largely irrelevant. Allow me to draw the key information from the previous excerpt for you.

…international travellers…

…young migrant families…

…people in these areas are much more likely than other Victorians to be born overseas…

Any information that is packaged with these key quotes is designed to deflect from what has truly been uncovered. The fact that people in an area may be more likely to work in trades or other work that can not be done from home does not matter at all.

I know this is anecdotal, but I know many people working in trades and I also do not know a single person who has actually had this virus.

The key to all of this is demographics. My working theory is that the vast majority of cases are non-whites, particularly muslims. Muslims are very insular and are the most likely sub-population to spread an illness amongst themselves and barely anyone else.

All of this happens to coincide with Ramadan and Eid as well, which is something to consider. Perhaps now that this period of sand rat festivities is over, we will begin to see active cases decrease.


The vast majority of Victorian cases are contracted locally from a known contact.

I will be even more confident in this theory if it turns out that the postcodes most affected accommodate a higher percentage of towel heads and foreign language speakers than the national or state average.

Let’s look at important data relating to the Victorian hotspot postcodes reported by the ABC. I am not going to explore every postcode and suburb, but I will cover enough to make the demographic component of this very clear.

All of the following data has been retrieved from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and can be easily verified.

3029 – 346 cases

Hoppers Crossing

Muslims are represented more than twice as much in Hoppers Crossing’s (7.1%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).


Muslims are represented nearly four times as much in Tarneit (11.5%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In more than 50% of households in Tarneit, a language other than English is spoken. This is a severe over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).


Muslims are represented approximately six times as much in Truganina (18.9%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In nearly 70% of households in Truganina, a language other than English is spoken. This is a severe over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

3064 – 286 cases


Muslims are represented nearly four times as much in Craigieburn (11.9%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In over 50% of households in Craigieburn, a language other than English is spoken. This is a severe over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

Roxburgh Park

Muslims are represented approximately 9 times as much in Craigieburn (28.3%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In over 70% of households in Craigieburn, a language other than English is spoken. This is a severe over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).


Muslims are represented approximately twice as much in Donnybrook (6.1%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).


Muslims are represented just under twice as much in Mickleham (5.5%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In 42% of households in Mickleham, a language other than English is spoken. This is a significant over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

3021 – 221 cases

St Albans

Muslims are represented just under twice as much in St Albans (5.5%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In 71.6% of households in St Albans, a language other than English is spoken. This is a significant over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

3030 – 217 cases


Muslims are represented similarly in Werribee (5.5%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In 29.4% of households in Werribee, a language other than English is spoken. This is a reasonably similar to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

3031 – 118 cases


Flemington is a bit further down the list than the other postcodes, but I included it due to the early spread in this area and the resulting early lockdown.

Muslims are represented approximately four times as much in Flemington (13.1%), as they are in total Victorian State population (3.3).

In 40% of households in Flemington, a language other than English is spoken. This is a significant over-representation when compared to the Victorian State total (27.8%).

For the sake of accuracy and truth (sacred core values for us at Cobber’s Morning Herald), I should add that Catholic’s are over-represented in three suburbs (Roxburgh Park, Donnybrook and Mickleham), by somewhere around 1.5-2 times their statewide representation. This is certainly a factor that some poofter trying to prove me incorrect would point out, but it is just so irrelevant in that data set and I should not have to explain why. But, I will:

  • Far less significant over-representation
  • Fewer cases of over-representation across the total data set

I assume that all of this data indicates some kind of Chinese virus fueled, islamic jihad against Australia’s elderly population. Although another explanation may be that muslims simply do not give a fuck about rules that we implement in our own country. They just do whatever they please, so long as it does not break the rules of the caliphate.

As mentioned earlier, this trend suits dick-ears Dan, because a spike in cases means that he can lock us all down and prevent white people from meeting and making Aryan babies.

Of course, it is not just desert dwelling child rapists who disregard the rules of their host country. It is basically every foreign race. They are bad guests, and anyone with half a brain would remove bad guests from their property. By force if need be.


Three Melbourne vloggers have been fined thousands of dollars after they posted a video of themselves breaching curfew rules for a McDonald’s run on Chinese social media.

In the five-minute video, the vloggers, who are also Chinese international students, are seen walking through alleys and dodging police officers on Elizabeth Street in the CBD, as they make their way to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant at 2:30am on Sunday.

The students also boasted about having the “courage” to break the city’s 8:00pm to 5:00am curfew, which was imposed as part of Melbourne’s stage 4 coronavirus restrictions earlier this month.

“Melbourne vloggers… Chinese international students.” So they are not Melbourne vloggers at all. They are just Chinese people who happen to be in Melbourne.

It is not even as if they are vlogging for an Australian audience. These chinklets uploaded their video to Weibo, a Chinese social media site/app. They filmed themselves flouting our laws (whatever we may think of the laws), and then uploaded it to a foreign site, for their foreign audience.


And it does not fill me with confidence the way our inept politicians have handled the situation either. In the midst of restricting the lives of real Australians, our government allowed an enormous amount of foreigners into the country.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on March 12, that 31,196 Chinese students had landed in Australia since mid-February, a period in which there was meant to be a ban on non-citizens returning from China. They were able to return by waiting out a 14 day period in an intermediary country.

Already they were finding ways around our restrictions, and we still let thirty fucking thousand of the yellow dogs back in. I guess it is possible that those aforementioned gook vloggers are included in that number?

Another case involves a couple of sheboons from Queensland.

I am not sure if this is actually a picture of the perpetrators. It may just be evidence of Estee Lauder testing makeup on animals.

Brisbane Times:

Two Queensland women who tested positive to COVID-19 after partying in Melbourne went to “extraordinary lengths” to conceal their activites and re-enter their home state, police allege.

Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu have triggered a health emergency in south-east Queensland by returning from Melbourne and visiting schools, restaurants and a medical centre.

And after this flagrant breach of the laws in our country, the brother of Muranga took great offense to the identification of his shitcunt sister.


Ms Muranga’s brother Eddie told A Current Affair on Thursday his sister struggled for days with coronavirus after arriving home from Victoria on July 21.

“You need to think about this … think about my sister … she couldn’t even breathe, some days she couldn’t even breathe out of her airways,” he said.

Eddie said his sister and the other two women hadn’t spread coronavirus deliberately.

“It’s not something that we sat down and thought about yeah, it’s a f**king mistake,” he said.

“I reckon if someone else did this yeah, that wasn’t of colour, you’d be f**king protecting them. You wouldn’t be doing all of this s**t.

“Just because we’re f**king black, you all want to run all the way to the media, talking all of this s**t bro.”

Ahh yes, it is just because they are black, lmfao.

For a real hood nigga, every event that occurs is influenced by melanin, the most powerful element on the periodic table. Melanin can actually influence people’s thoughts sub-consciously and meta-consciously. In some cases, the powerful element has even been known to interfere with the space-time continuum, changing the course of history.

If you think either of these are beautiful, you have something seriously wrong with you.

It is the power of this element which only exists in black people, that makes everyone jealous of blacks. This jealousy leads white people to treat N-words unfairly in the media.

You see, because I as a white man have no melanin (sad!), nobody in the media would ever want to see me identified, plastered all over the news, fired from my job, and have my life ruined, for posting racism on the internet dot com. And Eddie Muranga would not want to see that either.

It would simply never happen, because I am not black, and only black people get doxxed.

But what is my ultimate point here?

The Age:

After decades of union campaigning on insecure work with only limited effect, Ms McManus senses a shift in mood since the huge wave of hospitality and casual lay-offs in March.

“What has changed in the pandemic is the absolute experience of, and the absolute brutality of insecure work. All the jobs that were let go [when the pandemic began] were casual jobs, because they could be.

“There’s been a shift in consciousness in the public. ‘Is this actually what we want?’ At certain times in history, people say this can’t happen again. That’s possibly the start of the thinking now.” However, the ACTU leader says change would only come from a “national consensus” on the issue.

Regardless of what you think of the illness itself – whether you believe it is very severe, greatly exaggerated, or completely non-existent – the most important point remains that ethnic foreigners have no regard for us or the rules we implement. Furthermore, as McManus comments on the insecurity of employment, I consider how much more secure employment may have been throughout this crisis if we had not taken in millions of workers to limit the opportunities of Australians.

This topic must mark a turning point in the attitudes of the Australian people. Amongst the many other negative effects of immigration, we now have clear evidence that allowing these foreign populations to grow in our country will endanger our health, our values, our standards, and alter our entire culture irreversibly, if the number of foreigners is allowed to exceed the number of European descended Australians.

We have been accepting for too long, to our own detriment. It is time we put Australia First.

What do the public want? Do they want the continued depression of their wages due to labour market saturation? Do they want employment to continue on a path towards complete insecurity? Do they want to see the founding stock and national culture replaced until all that is left of Australia is the name and soil.

The people of Australia must choose an end to immigration. We must choose the White Australia Policy!

Big Prick Aims to Inject Aussies

Tery Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 20, 2020

Australian politicians are questioning how they’ll go about vaccinating their herd.


“Morrison thought there had been a bit of an “overreaction” to the comments he made earlier that day on Australian radio station 3AW, when he stated that he expected to make a vaccine “as mandatory as you can possibly make it.””

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be mandatory…

As if you could make it mandatory you spineless pig. There is no mandate to forcibly inject God knows what into unwilling Australians, I’m really pissed off that they would even FLOAT that idea, see, this is what they do – how they operate, they float 1984-esque Orwellian super-totalitarianism, walk it back, and gauge the citizenry.

How about I float something out there? What say we get every politician (bar a select few) and yeet them into a bunch of ovens? wait, we aren’t actually going to do that, don’t worry you scumbag pollies (not a bad idea though).

Life imitates art – shout out to @lushsux

But look, if people feel the need to get vaccinated for an illness that the average death rate is higher than the average life expectancy, and which clearly medical data has been manipulated so as to inflate the death toll, and infection rates – Look – Even if a Goat and a PawPaw can test positive for Covid-19 It is your right to take the Vaccine if you want it.

Who cares, not a big deal it’s just a little jab, however I don’t want it & it goes against my morals so unfortunately, I will not be getting the vaccine. Also doctors are gay, and you are too if you go to one.

The Age:

“Premier Daniel Andrews has warned stage four restrictions will not be eased if coronavirus testing rates continue to decline, even if case numbers fall.

On Tuesday Mr Andrews revealed a “concerning” drop in the number of people getting tested, as health authorities pleaded for people with mild symptoms to be checked.

Authorities say people with cold or flu-like symptoms are likely to have COVID-19 because the common cold and seasonal flu have “virtually disappeared” from the state.”

Hmm.. so the common cold has “virtually disappeared” from the state and if you had the sniffles then it was likely the dreaded Covid-19 !! the killer virus, you had it and it gave you a little blocky nosey and a cough, maybe – just maybe, you caught it from a fart.

The question remains WHY? Why did they destroy the economy, get us into mega billions of debt, Forcibly close down businesses, destroy so many jobs and put the whole nation into panic? what for? An illness that kills people on death’s door and really old people (God rest their souls).

They don’t care how many lives they ruin to stop this disease, which they now suppose will be impossible to eradicate and we’ll have to live with forever, now the narrative is one of – this is the new normal – get used to it, take your vaccine.

Well we are cattle right? we are merely an animal servant for Gods chosen people, so it’s no wonder they want us dirty animals vaccinated, heck we shouldn’t even have a choice in the matter, right?

The Times of Israel:

““Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas Party and the former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, also said that the lives of non-Jews are protected in order to prevent financial loss to Jews.

“With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.”

A vaccinated goy is a healthy goy, but how can they force it?

No, they won’t smash down your door and stab you with a needle, they aren’t going to take you to prison for refusing the BIG PRICK, lets have a look at what they will do.

What might the consequences be for refusing?


“A variation of the “no jab, no play” or the “no jab, no pay” policies have been suggested as one way to withhold some welfare payments for parents whose children are not fully immunised or on schedule to catch up. In some states, it also applies to enrolment in preschools and childcare centres.

Mr Morrison says he has “pretty strong view on vaccines”, established during his years as the social services minister responsible for strengthening the “no jab, no play” regulations.

When asked how the “no jab, no play” concept could be applied to those refusing a coronavirus vaccine, Mr Morrison wouldn’t be drawn.

“I don’t think offering jelly beans will be the way to do that as you do with kids,” Mr Morrison said.

“We’ll take it one step at a time, but we’ll take those issues as they present and consider what steps are necessary at that time.”

But it’s not the only option available — there could be something like an “immunity passport”, giving those who have been vaccinated more freedoms as restrictions ease.”

Jelly beans won’t work on these cattle, you need to use the prod. They are just going to make it so you can’t live your normal life without taking the vaccine, that’s all.

Say goodbye to international travel, public transport, your JOB etc. These maniacs are going to try and make your un-vaccinated life hell.

I wouldn’t consider myself an “anti vaxxer” a name whose connotation implies you are nut-bag crazy and wear a tin foil hat (funny how similarly they portray other beliefs that I hold). But as we know our government doesn’t love us very much do they? Increasing our immigration by hundreds of thousands a year and seemingly rubbing their hands with glee at our racial displacement, so forgive me if I’m wary of a substance they want to forcibly inject into my bloodstream.

The seemingly endless vaccination propaganda continues to flood our screens by the minute and really this is a pivotal moment in Australia’s history, for good or bad.

I was personally disgusted by what happened in the NRL, with an attempted forced vaccination on it’s players with normal “Flu shot”, which has nothing to do with Covid-19 as what I saw as a bellwether, a little puppet show for the rest of the population, to see what they could get away with while the country is in a pandemic. Despicable.

What would you expect from an organisation that had a pro-homosexual song performed at the grand final night in the midst of the same sex marriage debate.. It’s almost like they have an agenda.

Ahh memories, when we stood against them with a simple message. NO.

I really do understand the people who are going to take the vaccine, who wear the mask, who religiously rub their hands (not those ones lol) after all, every credible source is telling you to do these things & the government is fining and gaoling people who break the rules.

What I want to clarify is that you do have a choice, you have an unalienable right to decide what goes into your body, just remember that when they turn the screws on you to take the jab.

So, what say you?

Modern Aged Care is as Bad as You’d Think

Bruce Chungus
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 17, 2020

The future that awaits us!

The Guardian:

Horrific footage of a 95-year-old woman left to languish in a Melbourne aged care facility struck by Covid-19 shows ants crawling from a wound on her leg, and the bandages around it crusted with blood.

The footage and photos, described by the federal aged care minister as “heartbreaking”, were taken inside Kalyna Care, a private residential home in Melbourne’s north-west, on Tuesday, some two weeks after the virus was first identified in one staff member.

The woman, known to her family as Milka, died on Friday morning of conditions unrelated to Covid-19.

Do you have a family member that perhaps needs special care you cannot give them?

Do you love your family and think they deserve only the best care?

Are they of Eastern European descent and perhaps don’t speak English?

Well, I have just the place for you!

When only the best will do…

Kalyna Care is a Ukrainian Community project that welcomes residents from all European countries

Sounds lovely, a place where your Eastern European grandparents can get the care they deserve. They worked hard, busted their asses to pay taxes for god knows what, and deserve to live their later years in peace knowing a highly-trained nursing staff will ensure their comfort.

Hang on, what’s this?

The staff say they were not given adequate facilities to change out of infection-exposed clothing and basic hygiene was said to have fallen by the wayside, with some residents not cleaned for days.

Okay, enough bullshit, let’s be serious.

The state of our aged care facilities is a material manifestation of how we treat those who need it most: the elderly, our mothers and fathers – our own flesh and blood. It is also a glimpse at how deep the cultural rot has clearly set in and even shows us the future of Australia and White nations more broadly.

Simply, this whole trainwreck shows us that we no longer value anything but ourselves; the elderly delegated to homes and being looked after by hordes of third-world retards that have no reason to care – they clock-on, they clock-off, they go home to their 6 kids all crammed into an apartment tower in Flemington or something. The incentive to care was never there and never will be.

Does that nurse look white to you?

Care staff brought into the home this week have told Guardian Australia that some residents went without food or water for 18 hours. Faeces were found on the floor. An ant infestation, which had been kept at bay, had got out-of-control in Milka’s room.

I hope our readers realize that this is the world they will potentially one day inhabit, whatever material success they had in life will be deemed irrelevant as they rot away in an aged care facility, their economic usefulness now depleted; their sons too busy drinking at bars and eating Cool Food, their daughters marrying a Mystery Meat Special and paying the subsequent toll, her black eye making it difficult to come visit. Sanjeet will be all they know, the faint smell of cigarettes and curry on his breath as he demands in bad English you get out of bed for a shower.

If you are reading this, there is already a chance you are aware of what I have just explained – you are based and should probably pat yourself on the back and have a VB, the official beer of CMH. That said, you should do your best to let others know the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves.

Think of the FOOD!

Really makes eating a bullet or some pills worth considering at that age…

What is Love? (baby don’t hurt me)

Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 14, 2020

Love, It’s hard to define but we all know what it is right? Well, maybe not.

The thought of romantic love – as envisioned by the majority, is two people, a man and a woman – who fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after (just like in a fairy tale).
But those fairy tales are ancient European stories & the concept of romantic love that we conjure could perhaps be solely White and an exclusively Heterosexual phenomenon.

Until recently I had always assumed that all humans felt romantic love the same way, now after consideration I am sure the experience differs greatly between the many ethnicities of the world. And it makes sense, there are already vast differences between us in our emotional behaviours.
Take for example the western woman, she does not expose her breasts freely – her breasts are intimate and are not to be seen by the masses, especially random men.
Yet in many tribes around the world their culturo-ethnic disposition is to expose their breasts for anyone to see.
This small example shows that the strong emotions associated with modesty and morality are experienced in wholly different ways.

if you look closely you can even see slight differences in physical appearance.

But supposing that differing races experience love differently is a touchy subject, and I don’t think the powers-that-be would want you knowing that romantic love is a White thing.

Seeing as they are especially keen to normalise “bi-racial” couples and mixed race children.


Just google “White Couple” to see where their preference lies, typically media is saturated by Black and White couples (even though that pairing is a statistically small relationship).

Pathetic score of rice burning white blokes but you get the picture

Emotions – we are told they are humanly universal, we are all the same inside..
Are we?
Westerners are known as high IQ, low time preference, having high societal trust and with an aversion to cruelty, yet others are the complete opposite.
Take for example these Black people torturing and killing an iguana for fun.

How humane.

How about the practice of “Necklacing” where a person is tortured until they set alight a petrol doused tyre around their own neck and burn to death – the crowd love it.

Our brains work differently and our experiences are vastly different, just look at IQ tests which put the average IQ of some races of humans lower than Koko the gorilla in what would be considered the mentally retarded range in western cultures, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we love differently also?

We are not the same.

Think too of the alien culture which is promoted by the mainstream of crude filth in the music and film industry, who’s goblin like owners push into our faces the likes of disgusting “art” like Cardi B’s new song about how wet her vagina is. It’s absolutely disgusting.

– Is this love?


Don’t hate the player, Hate the game

Chris Poole founder of 4chan.org

Hmm? Yes I think I will hate the game, and the player too.
“The game” as they call it – is to be as promiscuous as possible, with as many partners as possible and do and say anything to have loveless sex with anybody.
This results in STD’s pregnancy, abortion or concludes in single mothers with “baby daddies” who never see their own children.
Growing up without a loving Mum and Dad – what are the odds they will end up a productive member of society? A single mother who has 6 children to multiple absent fathers – is that love?

Another example of non-white love is the Aboriginal practice of marring underage girls to 50+ yr old men, the old pervert is legally (Aboriginal Laws) allowed to beat and rape the child too – is this love?

Or the middle eastern practice of an arranged marriage to your cousin and then spitting out 6 genetically abnormal children – is this love?

Hans, Get the flamethrower

No. Love is not love.
Another point of attention is our forced toleration of homosexuality and soon-to-be paedophilia, this filth does not mesh with our idea of love, it is sexual immorality and goes against nature and God.
It’s in our nature to feel this way.
At the core of our being we understand that the natural way is to fall in love and get married, have children, and live together until death,
As Husband & Wife.

Unfortunately, some misguided women fall for the lie that there is no difference in loving between the races. For them the lesson is a Hard-Knock life in more ways than one.

Pair bonding is a thing – It affects women more than men but it basically makes a strong emotional connection between husband and wife, the more sexual partners you have the less emotional connection you can achieve, whores and sex workers being practically unable to marry afterwards because the emotional part of their brain has been ruined -Permanently.

Married couples have more sex than single whores.

Married men & women enjoy more sex with their partners than whores get by far, this fulfils our desires in a positive way, and more than that – having babies is the most rewarding thing you will ever do

Our enemy hates to see us married and with children.

Why? It is simple, love, marriage and children are the ultimate win. The ultimate self defence. A little clan of your own who can peer at the world from your safe zone and grow together learning right from wrong, a Child growing up in a loving home with a Mother and Father and Brothers and Sisters is like 100 points to our team, that Child is almost guaranteed to be based and redpilled, smart and aware and will go on to make a healthy family of their own.

So what is love? It may be undefinable sure – but we know it, we feel it and we see that it is different.

Love may be one of White Europeans greatest evolutionary successes, enabling us to be monogamous, to be sexually fulfilled yet sexually healthy, to grow a staunch and unbreakable family unit – a clan that is strengthened by blood, and most of all to provide an ultimate purpose, a reason to live and die.

A meaning to life itself.

Gorilla Mindset

Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 10, 2020

Nostalgia is gay. But in the heart of every waking man who’s arteries haven’t been clogged by heart-attack pills or the ZOG media, we feel something burning. A yearning for a better time, for a place that we may not have discovered or even visited.

We feel this burning in our hearts. Similar to the burning we feel at the cruise ship bar, Chang is buying us cheap shots of multiculturalism and despair. We’re stuck on this faggot Contiki tour that our parents booked without our knowledge.

It’s time to get off this ride.
It’s time to return to monke.


The lost boys have had monke on their mind for quite some time now, whether it be making fun of atheists:

When an atheist converts to Christianity

Or perhaps it is the primitive expression of our desire to escape the cultural clutter of modernity. We expand on esoteric ideas that outlive the shitty office humour you leave behind at 5pm each day. We may strive to be meet the standards of the Nietzschean Übermensch, or to simply escape the industrial society like Kaczynski.

Or we may just like cool pictures of funky monke.

Australian monke getting banned by blue check marks, we all know that feeling bro!

It’s a jungle out there, and we’re fighting a tough fight. Our beautiful culture and heritage is being replaced by 5G towers and globohomo conglomerates which blot out the sun, pushing us further away from the eyes of God. Luckily there is hope out there. There are people just like you. You are not alone in this fight.

Some people are lucky enough to find like-minded men of similar status. Those are the men that you stand by for life.

Mike Ma, Harassment Architecture

Use the tools that your family, friends and online racist twitter mutuals have given you.

An honest days work

There is no need to waste your valuable time with online political compass tests, or to support hand rubbing grifters, living in McMansions.

Notice patterns. Lift heavy things and put them back down. Shitpost online anonymously, but most importantly, focus on building yourself and your family. Progress physically, mentally and in your career, so that when the volkische horn sounds you are prepared to answer the call!

We’re all gonna make it brahs (RIP Zyzz). God has a plan for all of us, and He may will you to become a titan for our race. A 180kg Gorilla dick daddy. Until then, take the Gorilla Mindset into everything you do and succeed.

POV you just rocked up to the job interview

Richmond Tigers? More like RACE MIXING POOFTERS!?

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 8, 2020

There are indications that Richmond has been fostering a culture of race mixing, and not just regular race mixing – WORSE, homosexual race mixing.


Richmond coach Damien Hardwick cut his weekly press conference short on Friday after being hit with accusations of alleged sexual assault among his players.

It was alleged by veteran reporter Hugh Riminton that Tiger defenders Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short were involved in the incidents involving teammate Mabior Chol.

Two incidents were allegedly caught on camera in the changerooms, after last week’s win over Brisbane and the previous clash with the Western Bulldogs.

The vision is being circulated on social media, allegedly showing Vlaustin putting his finger up the anus of Chol on the outside of his shorts.

It was alleged the footage also showed Vlaustin grabbing the genitals of Chol three times.

Short allegedly was filmed grabbing Chol’s genitals after the game against the Western Bulldogs the following week.

Eww. That is stomach turning. These men seem to enjoy performing homosexual acts on each other. Football players are often the heroes and idols of Australian children. They should not be going around being gay.

These players should be handed down an appropriate punishment, and the only appropriate punishment for homosexuality is therapy. Electroshock therapy.

“It was a stupid action and I am deeply embarrassed. I’ve apologised to Mabior,” Nick Vlastuin said.

Jayden Short said: “It was unacceptable behaviour and a poor example.”

Chol was unfazed by the incidents.

“I have no issue whatsoever with those players, or any of my teammates,” he said.

“But (I) understand that is not the sort of example we should be setting.”

Yeah no shit idiot. Nobody wants to see that gay shit.

How many times does it have to be said. RULE 1: NO POOFTERS!