HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DAD’S: Fox FM Hates Father’s Day and All Men

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 8, 2020

The Facebook page for Melbourne’s Fox 101.9 radio station posted a disgustingly obnoxious and frankly anti-male image on the night of Friday, September 4 – barely more than 24 hours before the sacred event known as Father’s Day.

The image stated:

Tag a Melbourne Mum & let her know she’s doing a great job!

This is an obvious attempt to co-opt a time dedicated to the most noble of men, fathers, diverting attention towards women again instead.

Women have become so entitled that they now wish to take even Father’s day for themselves. In this case, the post specifically redirects attention towards Mothers, but as we know, the slippery slope is now in effect.

Next year, the first Sunday in September will be celebrated as Mother’s Day 2. The year after that, it will be celebrated as Women’s Day.

Well, perhaps this is an accelerated timeline that I have given you. It may not happen that quickly, but it is the likely end result of female liberation. Liberating women from the position that nature determined for them has resulted in a full unleashing of total societal shit test.

Wollt ihr den totalen scheisstest!?

Josephine Goebbels

For those uninitiated in the behaviour of women, a shit test has been defined and understood as, “a premeditated social challenge set up by a man or a woman, but usually a woman, to test and assess the target’s reaction to the social challenge.”

The Power Moves:

There are different theories on what women test men for.

Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male, says women seek confidence, the proof is he has options and the proof he can provide security.

Chase Amante, author of How to Make Girls Chase says that women test men as part of the sexual arms’ race: men try to position themselves as better than they actually are and women need to make sure they’re not going to mate with some weak men who is posturing as alpha.

W. Anton, author of The Manual, says that women seek first and foremost strength, while Leil Lowndes author of Undercover Sex Signal says women seek men who are generally “better” than they are -the major element behind female hypergamy-.

And they are all right.

The shit test is not merely a non-gender specific mechanic of relations, it is a biological drive that is hard wired into women. They exercise it at the individual level, and when liberated on a collective scale, they exercise it at the collective level also.

It is also often the case that women do not know why they are shit testing, or what the effects will be. The test is simply their nature, that is why it is a societal imperative that the nature of women is controlled rather than liberated. Here is the process of shit testing put simply, by the way:

  • Woman tests
  • Man concedes
  • Expectation of woman increases
  • Woman tests again
  • Man concedes again
  • Repeat indefinitely
  • Woman becomes bored with the lack of challenge
  • Woman destroys whatever the man has worked to create (relationship, society, etc.)

For some time, we have been seeing this pattern expanding from the individual level and pervading the collective. We begin to face a national and even international shit test as women begin to take prominent positions in the workforce, politics, or even just public speech like with journalism or whatever.

Of course, the schemers behind this pattern are jews.

It’s actually a jewish war on European civilisation, but whatever.

And it does not take much female influence to achieve the goal of these jews! Let’s return to our example in Fox FM.

Fox FM is a subsidiary of an Australian group of companies called Southern Cross Austereo. Southern Cross Austereo has a mere four women in their fifteen member Board and Leadership Team, and yet they have already begun to deconstruct our national day of Father respecting.

Of course, the number of women specifically in positions of power is really only the tip of the iceberg. Before it even reaches this point, women will already have moved in en masse, beginning to form a large percentage of an organisations workforce. It is these lower level women who begin this destructive process of male dispossession.

The person who made and posted this image to the Fox FM Facebook page is probably doing an unpaid internship lol – and ultimately that is the point.

We can still claim ultimate victory royale and save our civilisation if we begin to once again empower the masculine element of our nation and destroy the negative force that is the liberated woman.

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