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Terry Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 11, 2020 (lol)

If you had to choose, would it be your people or your god?

For many Christians the choice is easy – God. However, it is becoming increasingly hard for many of us to identify with the god of the jews. (eww gross)

And lets be honest, Christians are jews – Messianic jews.
Christians believe that the jews are the chosen people of God and that he came to earth as Jesus Christ king of the jews.
They believe that when Jesus came to earth – the heathen gentiles were then gifted entry to the jewish heaven. (how nice – I can see it now… oh god)

All these people have the same god.

Chosen people of god?
I don’t know why but something feels off about these chosen people of god. I kind of don’t …believe them.
It seems strange and wrong to me that the people of god would be such rat like subversive demons, that is unless god is really a devil?

Why would god bestow his greatest gifts of beauty, knowledge, ingenuity, lovingness and the list goes on, to the pagan Aryans and yet choose basically demon-spawn as his chosen people?

LOL at least he made them cut their foreskin off! what an epic prank –

It’s 4pm time for your cock cutting – “yes YAHWEH”

These jews aren’t the real jews –

A cope that I keep hearing is that – These new jews are a supplanted race of khazar merchants etc etc. I mean yeah that is really the only way I could get behind it at this point. but really who were the original jews then? Aryans?
Probably not, That seems a bit far fetched, seeing as our people have been living in Europe since forever, and those lovely white people were literally all pagans.
Semites are from the biblical region, jews and Arabs.

It would be logical that they should hate them, they literally killed their god and demanded that his blood be upon them and their ancestors. lol guilty as charged.
wouldn’t they be wary of the literal Antichrists in flesh and blood? who, time and time again have wreaked havoc and sinister plots on the Christian nations current and old?
well they did, until some smart shlo-mo’s came up with judea-christian values and they lapped it up like good goys.

jewgayism is the bedrock of Christianity, it is also Mohammedanism I.E. Muslamic eww

I used to be ok with the Christians, I don’t even call ’em Christcucks, but recent endeavours to redpill them on the JQ has seen me talking to a brick wall.
they wall up as soon as their chosenites are named. “Not them, they are the good guys, the.. th… holocaust!!”

more like lolocaust am I right?


Christianity is no longer White.

Christianity has become a non-white majority religion, and it’s future is nonwhite, heaven is supposedly filled with nonwhites while the billions of our white pagan ancestors sadly lament in hell. (nice old bloke that jewish god). The religion grows rapidly in places like Africa & dwindles in the western world with many adherents being diverse blow-ins anyway.

this study is 10 years old its worse now

Christians must at some point choose between their race and their god.

Non-messianic jews (cohencidently) don’t have that problem because they believe they are gods chosen race.
Can we really prosper into the future when our survival as a people would just be a lucky happenstance and in no way important?
To the Christian religion, race is nothing, a full on blue-black African who worships Christ is 100 times better than your Atheist White father.

Actually in today’s homosexualised Cuckstianity it’s “problematic” that you would even compare the two.
The bible even tells you to hate your father and mother and love god, pretty sure at one point god goes a bit loopy and demands a dude slaughter his own son – as a sacrifice, and the idiot was going to do it too.

The way Christianity spread through our ancestral homelands was a bit over the top what with all the barbaric torture and murder, the destruction of our ancient holy places and wiping out of our practices, until we have today really nothing left.

God is dead – Nietzsche

Could it be that Yahweh is dead? that the memory of him is decaying in the minds of humanity, like so many other gods before?
every point in history has a god, eventually the people change and the old gods are thrown to the wayside.
“Bu.. but.. they weren’t the one true god….” – *Crying pink wojak meme
In their time they were, see, a god needs a people to survive, end the people – end their god.
even the current god has been amended and moulded to different peoples around the world with it looking different from one sect to the next.
the history of Christianity is one of schism after schism, with each offshoot claiming to be the one true correct version.

This to me is the old religion, a better schism is rising, one that entwines our blood and spirit.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the answer is a type of White Christianity – it is possible.

I do like the teachings of Jesus.

All I know is when I look inside myself for the truth something about all of the Abrahamic religions does not sit right with me. (oh btw satanism is the Gayest of all)

Our race is entwined with our blood, our mind, our hearts and yes our spirituality, I feel that our people are the closest of all to god, our people are divine, we have received the greatest gift in the universe being born White – do you not feel it inside of you?

I will leave the reader with a question.

Why would God bestow his greatest gifts to pagan Aryans?

‘Idun and the Apples’, 1890. Idun is the keeper of apples that give the gods eternal youth. Illustration from “Teutonic Myths and Legends” by Donald A Mackenzie, 1890.

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