Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
January 20, 2021

Daniel Andrews has once again cast an ominous shadow over the state of Victoria, looming as an ever present threat to the Australian nation. His demonic silhouette threatens to blot out the Sun on one of our most sacred days.


Premier Daniel Andrews has issued a stern warning for Victorians not to protest the day that divides the nation – Australia Day.

It comes as the traditional Australia Day parade has been ruled off the calendar this January 26.

Mr Andrews has urged people against gathering, regardless whether for celebrations or protests.

A dumb retarded centrist might read this and think, “oh well at least it is very fair durr he is not allowing the parade but he is also not allowing the protest durrrrr.”

That is a dumb, gay and frankly retarded opinion.

The first reason I say this is that we all know protesters will be treated very nicely, given lots of kisses by Andrews’ police force and be let off lightly for whatever crimes they commit during their protest. Meanwhile, Pro-Australia Day patriots will probably be sprayed with a newly developed gay pepper spray, which not only hurts your eyes, but can also make you gay if your spirit is not strong enough.

The second reason I am critical of this centrist opinion is because of the replacement celebratory event that is being backed by Melbourne City Council.

But an “Invasion Day” dawn service will proceed, with the backing of Melbourne City Council.”

I don’t believe the world should stop because of COVID we just have to do it differently,” Jill Gallagher, Former Treaty Commissioner, said.

“It’s still important to get message across about what Australia Day means to us as aboriginal people.”

Outdoor gatherings in Melbourne are currently limited to 100 people, but exemptions can be granted for public events as long as organisers submit a COVID safe plan.

Everyone in attendance must be registered and they’re required to maintain social distance.”

The dawn ceremony is a way of supporting an event that reflects that ancient Australian history,” Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said.

So all the cool stuff we normally do for our national day is cancelled, but they are still going ahead with some stupid dawn service where they can, “get message across about what Australia Day means to us as aboriginal people.”

This is not about being COVID safe, it is a means through which everything that great Australian men built can be deconstructed until we have no meaningful national identity. This is a ploy to take another step towards ending Australia Day permanently and divorcing ourselves further from the historic Australian nation and its values. We, as nationalists and Australian patriots, must strongly oppose this government sanctioned program to uproot us from our historic cultural traditions.

For this reason, I am encouraging any of you who are in the Melbourne area to DO SOME LIGHT EXERCISE! I encourage you all to go for a walk. You might go for this walk by yourself, or with just a few friends, but there may also be many other people out for some LIGHT EXERCISE! People often like to do light exercise and nobody should be allowed to unfairly group them together just for trying to keep very healthy at the same time coincidentally.

Image unrelated to recommended LIGHT EXERCISE

Intelligence have suggested protests are being planned by those on both sides of the political spectrum.”

There will be zero tolerance for any antisocial or criminal behaviour,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

Please make sure that you are not antisocial or criminal when you go for your walk lol. This is a good rule to follow every day because we love our cops and our law enforcement. But it is especially a good rule to follow on Australia day.

If you are able to do so, it is your duty to do your part to defend this sacred day of ours by engaging in some healthy light exercise. BUT, before you do so, strengthen your spirit so that you are immune to the newly developed gay pepper spray (hurts your eyes and can make you gay if your spirit is not strong enough).

In the coming days, I will be writing in more depth as to why we should be defending our day against the slanderous, anti-Australian remarks to which it has been subjected so consistently in recent times. Please stay tuned!

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