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Tery Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 19, 2021

It’s time that we start paying our way.

The old saying goes thus; There are two things for certain in this life, Death and taxes.

Yes, we agree on these, the first for sure and the second… Well, it is so ingrained in our civilization and societies that the saying becomes true, but as with other societal garbage it is merely a phantom.

The alternative to paying taxes is made, by it’s design, so uncomfortable and cumbersome let alone illegal, that it’s just easier to do it. and that is where we find ourselves in this day, simply as tax paying citizens under rule of a government that supposedly represents us.

One might be wondering, “what on earth is Terry talking about here? is he genuinely going to call for the cessation of taxes!” No, that is not the crux of that which I want to bring about.

I actually think we should pay MORE taxes, hear me out here.

We should be paying a tax to ourselves, we should be paying towards our own welfare. It is simple to anyone with eyes to see, that our Government is no longer ours, our governors are in fact calling for the end of us, our morals, our ethnicities, our freedoms, everything.

Still, we pay our way to these imposters and receive our paltry services for the reward.

Talking of rewards there is an old Scottish tale of The Brownie, Have you heard of it?

He was a shaggy brown looking elf of some sort who would hide away in old homes and at night come out to do chores around the house, working tirelessly and asking for none in return, that is, until the owner of the house decides he deserves payment and gives him a wage for all of his hard work. Having received his payment he leaves and never returns.

Upon hearing this tale one might question; Why Is it so? Is it that their is a fear of a reward? And, why would one fear a reward?

A wage or a reward may be the single most dangerous thing for a persons soul. If one were to receive a wage would he not want to stay and collect another? here we see the trap as old as time, the honey on the fly paper, the trap is immediately set.

We are wage slaves, simple as.

The chain tied to our necks is getting shorter every day, we see it clearly, and currently, with our current predicament where Government mandates around Covid 19 Vaccinations are taking the literal freedom of bodily autonomy away from us, using that horrid trap of the wage to coerce us into injecting a gene editing serum!

The foundations need to be there for our people to flee this tyranny when the time comes, when those of us who are unfortunate enough to be targets of the beast systems cruel attacks are forced into the cold, when those evil attackers offer us poverty or servitude there needs to be a core of help for those people who are usually the great system disrupters that we so dearly love.

I am plagued, dear reader, by the thought that I should come up with a crafty design, that I should be smart enough to have the ideas to rid us of our many problems. It disturbs me when I sit and think of solution after solution to our wicked entrapment, thinking always that there is some simple design I can fashion that will lead us to victory.

Here I have come to a starting point for us.

Christians your charity, on the martyrs bestow, for their affliction you may never know.

What I am proposing is a type of Tithe.

It should be that if you are in this community, you pay your way, you pay towards everybody’s welfare, because our governors will not.

It should be a common question among us, “do you pay your taxes?” and for those that can with pride they will say “YES!”

Obviously there are those of us who ARE in poverty and in trouble, who cannot pay, they will be the beneficiaries of the tax, and when times brighten again can proudly pay their share.

Imagine knowing that you give towards a brighter future, look and imagine the beauty of a future with this bedrock of wealth and power, look at those before us who have done it, the great churches of today were once a meagre idea my friends!

I propose that each of us give charity towards our future, and this is my belief that it can lead us towards freedom, we are not greedy people are we? we are giving and kind and truly it is time to give.

How do we do it? Well it starts now, I know of two of our friends who have just recently suffered an attack by system bootlickers – literal vermin, that are working to hurt all of us and take away our freedom.

Our friends and those that they target next will need our help, those of us who hide our views even online need our help to be emboldened by the power of our backing.

Now, I am an Ideas man, but, if I’m honest I’m not the most practical. The best I can think of now is we have a Crypto wallet set up that each of us glorious and beautiful champions pay into on the 1st of each month.

I assure you that this is completely sincere, not a grift or a greedy scheme, there may be some way to guarantee that it can never be taken advantage of but I can assure you that the intentions of this are pure.

Maybe something as simple as all tax payers receiving a monthly statement of the wallet and any charity that has gone out.

If you like this idea and would like to flesh out the finer points of the plan do not hesitate to contact me here at.


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