A Statement by Alice McNamara

Alice McNamara
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 29, 2021
Originally published by Alice McNamara on September 26, 2021

Hi everyone, it’s been a minute. For those of you who are expecting an apology, well you might be disappointed.

Firstly, to address the claims made by members of the media and their ‘anonymous’ ANTIFA sources that the articles published about me were done in the public interest…. Well, quite frankly, that is complete bullsh*t.

You slimy, self interested worms print salacious tabloid gossip like that as click bait and to boost your own social media engagement and ad revenue. The underhanded tactics you employed to dox me, cancel my business and have me shunned by society are horrifyingly reminiscent of those used in East Germany to silence political dissidents. You have only proved that you are the most willing establishment shills on the planet. History will not look kindly on your actions and normal people already know what disreputable smear merchants you are. Barely anyone reads the Age and the dozen or so private messages I received before deleting my accounts (mostly from people offering support) shows how drastically your reach has dropped. Pretty pathetic that a one time celebrity from the early 2000’s created the most engagement you have had all year. And even that must have taken up most of your budget given the number of bots that were paid to attack my social media pages on the morning the story broke.

Secondly, the invasion of privacy. The media published snapshots of conversations I was having in what I thought were private groups. Regardless of whether the general public approve of the comments, they should be honest that there are probably things in their own conversations that would not reflect well on them should they be splashed all over the front cover of mainstream media outlets. Do you really want to live in a world where comments you make in what you believe are private conversations can be used to turn public opinion against you and destroy your livelihood?

Mary Manson is an online persona. An alias. Was David Bowie really Ziggy Stardust? Is Eminem the real Slim Shady? The things she said were intended for a small audience who understand that they were satirical and hyperbolic. They were never meant to be read by the children or parents who came to Kiddyrock classes. I have actually had a long career of making offensive art. My band was called the Spazzys for heavens sake. I had lead roles in a theatre group called Sissies and Sluts. We weren’t even the only theatre group doing shock humour. There were others even more successful who received arts funding and were competing for our audience. To those who know me, do you really think this is something new for me? I have always been attracted to edgy ideas and offensive language but have never mixed my audiences up. My work with children has always been the thing I am the most proud of though.

The people who ‘unmasked’ me haven’t protected anyone or saved anyone from harm. My work and conduct with children has always been warm, kind, respectful, inclusive and professional. It’s unfortunate that children and families have been affected and that Kiddyrock music classes, a business I built from nothing and which has given children so much over the last decade, is now no longer able to continue as it had been, limited as it was by the lockdowns. Kiddyrock has never had any political agenda and it is truly saddening that children will not be able to experience the joy and fun of such a high quality music education service at a time when they so desperately need social interaction.

The people who wrote that hit piece on me, and the people who disavowed me on social media, are the same ones who burned witches, and went to the holy land to kill the unbelievers. They are the same as those who denounced people to the Stasi, Gestapo and KGB and were glad that those ‘evil’ people were sent to the Gulags, re-education or concentration camps.

This is not an apology. I DENOUNCE YOU.

Nick McKenzie – You are a talented actor, I mean investigative journalist. Your ‘expose’ essentially amounted to a high production edit including scary music, covert meetings in cars under bridges shot from 3 different camera angles, you typing furiously at your computer, you on the phone to your sources, wide angle shots of the Melbourne city skyline. It all seems so sinister when cut together like that. Why present to the public another disaffected young man with controversial political opinions, when you can scare them into thinking that wholesome music teachers are the informal leaders of the ‘Nazis Next Door’. Makes it sound like a much bigger issue than 10 gym bros boxing in a driveway and spouting off some offensive, racially charged rhetoric. Congratulations, Nick you have really earned your gold Logie (oops, Walkley) this year.

Tom Tanuki – You are a creepy, unintelligent, unfunny establishment shill who pretends to disavow the very tactics you used against me. To point out that you and your ‘comrades’ are hypocritical, pick-me left wing corporate media bootlickers would be stating the bloomin’ obvious. You’re a grifter. I earned my money fair and square. You beg for yours online.

Could it be that you are the anonymous writer for the White Rose Society and that your ‘very important work’ includes doxxing women who make jokes you don’t like and collecting screen shots of private conversations they have with other people? It’s a bit like stalking. The public wouldn’t really be ok with it and you know that which is why you did it anonymously. Allegedly.

Did you also use a link to a video of me performing on stage with children without blurring their faces and promote it to your followers whilst simultaneously declaring me a neo nazi? Wtf bro. Say what you want about me but including that in your piece is really sick. They’re innocent children. Did you choose that clip because my other videos prominently featured performers of African and Asian descent and didn’t really gel with your neo nazi angle? You’re a scum bag for using children like that, Tom. A real whack job. Luckily your audience is small and you struggle to generate any real engagement. You adopt the cool and funny language used by gamers in the ‘far right’ internet chat rooms that you lurk and try to pass it off as your own ‘comedy’ but your sperg-posting only attracts an audience who is as weak and bitter as you are. You’re delusional if you think you’re not embarrassing yourself every time you show your nasty, bitter, fat face on screen. All you appear to have in your life is a cat and a Twitter account that no one cares about, it’s just you replying to yourself. I’m sure these are the most words that have ever been dedicated to you. Tweet about it, bro. The 20,000+ tradies you claim are also neo nazis will be high five-ing me in the streets if you do.

Kat and Lucy Spazzy – Remember a few years ago when I said we should change our band name because people might not like it moving forward? Bet you wish you had listened to me then. It’s you who have spat on the legacy we created together as young people. It makes no difference to me as I have been embarrassed to be a part of that band for a long time. You claim that it was your decision to part ways but we all know that’s not true. I chose to stop playing because the music had become stale and boring and I grew to loathe the pretentious, self important phonies in the music industry. I still considered you friends though. We shared so many experiences and I will always treasure memories of seeing the world with you. I never thought the day would come when you would throw me under the bus because you believe ridiculous media allegations about me being a neo nazi. Do you also believe claims that the Croatian CFMEU members at the recent protests are neo nazis? Your dad literally fled communism in Yugoslavia to find a better life and here you are, in Australia, ushering it in. Smdh.

Richard Stanley – You know the dirt I have on you. But it’s not just one allegation anymore. It’s multiple allegations from several women about your disgusting sexual misconduct. You’re an alleged rapist and serial sex pest.

Sarah Hardiman – Eternal narcissist. Selfish, manipulative, angry, miserable wretch. You have also had non consensual sex allegations levelled against you in the past. I stood by you through that but you turned against me after I said I’m not a feminist and don’t believe in the popular mainstream conspiracy theory about a mythical, oppressive patriarchy made up of white men.

I understand that you’ve been suggesting that I am a Q-tard? Cringe, Sarah. So cringe. You told people to listen to a New York Times podcast on the Q movement to help them understand my state of mind. I listened to the first 10 minutes and it is Tom Tanuki tier. People like him have been spruiking that theory and trying to paint dissidents as a monolith to discredit them. None of you seem to have any kind of grasp on what Q Anon was about so I’m going to do you all a favour and drop some information on you and anyone else still reading along.

The Q Anon movement was similar to a well known psy-op that was used in the Russian civil war called Operation Trust. The Bolsheviks devised it as a counter intelligence operation aimed at neutralising opposition by creating the false impression that military leaders had organised to stop the communist takeover. It placated patriotic Russians into waiting idly by while the Bolsheviks consolidated power and also flushed out those still loyal to the Tsarists. It’s interesting that Q Anon culminated in a ‘terrorist’ attack on Capitol Hill on January 6th where a woman was murdered by an agent of the state and other protestors are still languishing in prison for allegedly participating in an ‘insurrection’. Donald Trump promoted the rally and then disavowed those who attended as extremists. Seems to be straight out of the playbook, huh?

The media tries to ridicule Q followers for believing that there are pedophiles in government though it’s not hard to find evidence that human trafficking and pedophilia exists in the highest halls of power. Ever heard of Jimmy Savile? How about Jeffrey Epstein? I’m sure you don’t have any problem believing accusations like that when they’re made against George Pell or Scott Morrison and members of the Hillsong church. The implication that the Clinton Foundation and other people of note were involved in some extremely suspicious activities came from coded messages that were discovered in the Wikileaks email dump. You love those guys right? Have you looked into those at all? I doubt it and I’m sure you’ll just continue to form your opinions based on information spoon-fed to you by biased left wing hacks at the NYT. You and people like you are stuck in a binary of left versus right, men versus women, black versus white and now vax versus anti-vax. Pour yourself another drink, Sarah.

Anthony Biancofiore – You designed the sunglasses for Bobby the beach ball. Did you know you were including a neo nazi dog whistle in your design and radicalising toddlers into fascism?

Lee Gambin – I still have hard copies of the Sissies and Sluts plays as well as copies saved to my email and hard drive. I wonder whose words would be deemed more offensive if those ever see the light of day again. By disavowing me you are disavowing 90% of the art you ever created and the people who supported you.

Pat Telfer – Did you threaten/intimidate/harass an ex girlfriend? I’m just asking because allegations like that are not very consistent with your purported feminist values.

Everyone else who felt the urge to offer up unnecessary, low information cold-takes to social media, attempting to camouflage your own stupidity and malice with concern for my mental health, it is not up to me to unburden you of the guilt of participating in a virtual lynch mob. You are not owed an explanation. You are not victims because some rude words were said on the internet. I know many of you participate in very toxic and harmful behaviours. Sexual assault, drug abuse, domestic violence, deviant sexual fetishes, infidelity, all of which could be very damaging to your personal and professional lives should they be made public. You dare to condemn me? I set my face like flint. I will not be put to shame by you.

This will be the only statement I make on the issue. I will not be doing business in the public realm anymore. Deleting all social media has been one of the blessings that has come from this but there have been many more. I would like to thank the friends and family who have stood by me and reminded me of who I am, when I felt as if I was losing myself amidst all the noise and harassment. I also thank God for revealing his truth to me and guiding me on my path out of Babylon.

Yours Sincerely,

Alice McNamara

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