Heroic Zoomers Epicly Own Satanic Sodomite Agenda

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
January 13, 2020

Once again, zoomers have taken to the front lines in this noble war on repulsive deviancy.

Heroic students (or perhaps a lone student?), at Whitefriars Catholic College in Melbourne, have taken it upon themselves to craft a bulletin which aims to ensure the safety of their fellow students and peace of mind for parents everywhere. The bulletin has named students and teachers who are believed to have engaged in unsavoury acts.

The Age:

Police are investigating a “daily bulletin” sent to all year 12 students at a Melbourne secondary college which named boys and teachers as being gay and claimed a girl “distributed sexual favours.”

The misogynistic and homophobic bulletin was sent in an email to the entire year group at Whitefriars Catholic College for Boys on October 18 by an unknown author, believed to be a year 12 student.

Acting Principal Greg Stewart condemned the email, which he promptly reported to police. He said the email went to the year 12 cohort before a number of boys had approached him to report it saying “they were offended and embarrassed by it.”

It is highly inappropriate and its quite misogynist, and incredibly embarrassing to think one of our students could have been the author; however we try to keep that in context of a lot of good work done by our students,” Mr Stewart said.

It’s incredibly disappointing and means that somehow, on the assumption that the student has been here for six years, we haven’t been able to … break that belief system – whether it’s [due to] social forces in action in this individual student’s life or not.”


I hear you, the reader, asking, “but Greg, are you not the acting principal of a CATHOLIC SCHOOL? Why would a Catholic school wish to, ‘break that belief system,’ when that belief system is completely in line with the teachings of traditional catholicism?”

We must wonder if Greg Stewart, acting principle of Whitefriars Catholic College, has invented his own new form of Catholicism, which does not see sodomy as intrinsically disordered and contrary to the natural law.

Has Greg rewritten Catholic teachings to exclude the passages he dislikes?

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

Leviticus 18:22

Indeed, it seems he HAS!

The Age:

The Whitefriars bulletin ridiculed the appearance of one girl, claimed another “distributed sexual favours to Whitefriars year 12 students”, and accused a male student of “lacking knowledge of the age of consent laws in Australia”.

It also suggested the school was missing knowledge of a “rape incident”.

In an email to parents, Mr Stewart said “it only takes the action of one foolish individual to tarnish the good work of so many”.

I have to wonder what this good work is. This good work which has been so tarnished by a, “foolish individual,” who raised concerns about a potential rape incident. I would have thought this would be a concern that parents, and indeed the school, might have wanted to know about.

Asked for comment, cyber safety educator and former police officer Susan McLean said the email amounted to “one of the most abhorrent things I’ve ever read” because of the use of so many young people’s names.

Ms. Mclean has obviously not read Joseph Sciambra’s disturbing account of his gay nibba experiences, as detailed in the article, “Surviving Gay…Barely,” which has just about been scrubbed off the internet entirely. Now THAT’S abhorrent!

There is a disturbing agenda to expose young people to the life destroying aberration known as homosexuality; and when they voice their opposition to it, the people who are supposed to guide and protect them instead call them abhorrent, mysogynistic, homophobic, or any other of a million slurs designed to separate them from order and the natural law.

This is George Weinberg, the jew who coined the term, “homophobia,” and his creation is now being used to decisively beat Catholic students into accepting the satanic ritual of sodomy.

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