Jew Slave Julia Suckles At the (Metaphorical) Knob of Anti-White Powerbroker, Mark Leibler

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 1, 2020

I would expect no less from our nations first dishwasher Prime Minister, than that she would be at the beck and call of our country’s most dangerous jews. Her most recent outing found her paired up with another pet of Australian jewry, Abo activist (and fat person), Noel Pearson.

Noonga Noel wants YOU! (to get him a donut. please get him a donut. he really wants one but hes stuck in his chair. please bro.)

Goofy Gillard and Noonga Noel teamed up to launch a new book called The Powerbroker, Which is a biography written by Michael Gawenda (a jew), about Mark Leibler (a jew).

Oh gawd, look at this dude Michael Gawenda. This is one of the most jewishest jews I have ever seen haha wtf.

This man next to Kevin Rudd is Mark Leibler. He looks as if his life force is draining with each moment that he does not receive a dose of adrenochrome.

AJN – Times of Israel:

Gillard, whose foreign ministers Kevin Rudd and later Bob Carr nursed controversial views of the Middle East, had been among Australian leaders on the receiving end of what she called “Mark’s fundamental forthrightness”. And yet she shares a bond of mutual respect and admiration with Leibler, evolving from their dance as PM and communal grandee. Leibler, she said, always displayed “a care and concern about me as a human being”.

Of course, this care and concern that Leibler displayed for our clothes folder-in-chief is to be expected if we are to believe Kevin Rudd’s account of a 2010 encounter between Leibler and himself.

AJN – Times of Israel:

Rudd said Leibler replied “I don’t believe you,” when told Mossad had forged passports in 2003 and went on to threaten, “Julia [Gillard] is looking very good in the public eye these days, Prime Minister. She’s performing very strongly. She’s a great friend of Israel. But you shouldn’t be anxious about her, should you, Prime Minister?”

“Julia is looking very good in the public eye these days, Prime Minister. She’s performing very strongly. She’s a great friend of Israel.”

Ahh, a powerbroker indeed. Surely it is no coincidence that soon after this encounter with Leibler, Rudd was ousted by Gillard before his term had ended. It would seem that the Australian Israeli & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), of which Mark Leibler is national chairman, wields more power than it would have you know.

In fact, this suspicion of mine has previously been bolstered by the words of then Labor Minister Bob Carr, who has recalled memories of things such as the jewish lobby, “standing over,” the Labor party with power based on donations. Carr writes in his memoir, “Diary of a Foreign Minister,” that Kevin Rudd told him about one-fifth of the money he had raised in the 2007 election campaign had come from the Jewish community. That is a lot of money (page 5).

Many people can recognise the organisations and individuals that represent jewish power in the United States, but are unaware of our home grown jewish problem, right here in Australia. People will point to organisations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), or the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), but will not be familiar with Mark Leibler and AIJAC, Dvir Abramovich and the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), Jeremy Leibler and the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA), Anton Block or Jillian Segal and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

These organisations act in different ways and sometimes with seemingly different aims, but the sum total effect is that the interests of jews is advocated above the interests of other groups in Australia. Of specific concern to me, is how the interests of jews are contrary to the interests of the native Australians – the White Australians.

Jewish Mark Potok is tracking the decline of the white population in the US. We can be sure that there is a jew doing the same thing here in Australia.

Mark Leibler, with his influence in the Australian Taxation Office, extensive list of clients in the top end of the Financial Review Rich List and close personal ties to Mossad – will wine and dine Australian journalists, politicians and public servants on tours of Israel.

And thats not all…

AJN – Times of Israel:

He was fascinated by Leibler’s midlife metamorphosis into a champion of law reform for Indigenous Australians after devoting himself almost solely to the Jewish community in which he had grown up and worked.

Excerpt is in reference to Michael Gawenda, Author of Mark Leibler biography The Powerbroker

Hmm, what a surprise. He suddenly found a cause in advocacy for boongs, after not giving a single fuck about anyone other than his own race for the majority of his career. Why could this be? Perhaps he saw an opportunity to sow disharmony within and towards the founding European population of Australia.

An organisation such as the ADC will claim to be, “Australia’s leading civil rights organisation that works to ensure a safe and fair society for Australians of all faiths and cultures by combating antisemitism and all forms of hatred.” What I see however, is an organisation that wants the population of white people diluted with pakis, while minimising the negative consequences for jews.

In a 2012 article titled, “Nipping hatred in the bud,” the ADC’s then executive director, Deborah Stone made several interesting statements.


“The Jewish community is facing increased opposition and attacks fuelled by opposition to Israel. There is a documented increase in anti-Semitic attacks at times of increased conflict in Israel. An image of Israel as a violent, oppressive regime has now become mainstream and the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions movement which aims to isolate Israel internationally is gaining ground. Particularly on university campuses, there is a growing antipathy to Israel which flows through to an antipathy towards Australian Jews.”

So her primary concern is hostility towards Israel, which she believes is intertwined with a hostility towards Australian jews. Well this is possible, but I do not think it is accurate. She is talking about leftist university students, who oppose Israel because of some feeling of sympathy for Palestinians. Those students do not have any distaste for jews, I can almost guarantee it.

“Oh gawd! A Rawck!”

On the other hand, I can see a scenario in which someone has a strong distaste for jews whilst not giving a single fuck about Israel. In fact, I am in that scenario. Israel could launch missiles at every rock throwing paki in palestine and I would not lose any sleep over it – so long as Australia was not sending Israel any money or being dragged into wars that do not serve us, for their gain. I simultaneously have a strong distaste for the way in which elite jews influence the political landscape and ideological culture of this country.

Deborah Stone is attempting to form a narrative where these two positions are moulded into one, manipulating people against opposing anything jewish ever, for fear of being labelled an anti-semite.

Ew! I can not believe that Deborah Stone actually looks like this. Totally #GROSS !!

She continues:

Most Australian Muslims are committed to multiculturalism but there is evidence of pockets of isolationism and sympathy towards extremist ideologies. The growth of the extremist Hizb-ut -Tahrir is an example. We need to monitor the Australian Muslim community to ensure we understand its plurality of positions, build bridges with moderates and counter fundamentalism in its earliest stages before it becomes a physical threat to our community.

Her organisation described itself as combatting not just anti-semitism, but all forms of racism or whatever, but she also wants to just monitor every cunt with a towel on his head. Kind of based I’m not gonna lie, but kind of hypocritical as well.

The author of this ABC article, Michael Brull, writes:

On another occasion, Stone was critical of those who opposed a Muslim prayer group in St Kilda. She bravely explained that, “I have no reason to believe they are terrorists”. After all, “people are innocent until proven guilty.” I am sure she would be as encouraged by non-Jews declaring they have “no reason to believe” that she adhered to certain Jewish stereotypes.

He seems to be making the point that Stone’s comment was implicitly racist, but he is completely missing the point of this quote being contrasted with Stone’s previous quote. Which brings me to my final point (for this article), regarding the objectives of the ADC.

The reason this comment is significant when contrasted with her other comments and the stated objectives of the ADC, is that it is subliminally directed at a different group of people than her other comments.

Her comment in favour of muslims is directed at white Australians who are uncomfortable with strange desert practices taking place in their cities and towns. Diluting the white Australian population reduces the likelihood that her people will be recognised as outsiders with disproportionate influence. Her comment about monitoring muslims is a recommendation for insulating the jewish community from the risks of a growing muslim population. And her comment regarding criticism of Israel being a product of hatred of jews, is designed to minimise negative consequences for her ethnic homeland.

Each thing she says has a different aim, but all of her aims serve the jews.

This happens in many ways and there are many examples you may find. In some circumstances, a jew might advocate for something that is contrary to typical jewish teachings in order to achieve a jewish objective. I will give you one more example for this article.

In 2017, Anton Block, who was the President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, came out in favour of fag marriage.


The President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Anton Block, has rejected as “alarmist” suggestions that an amendment to the definition of marriage in Australian civil law will in some way open the door to a future infringement of the religious freedoms of those who believe in the traditional definition of marriage.  He was commenting on a controversial statement issued by the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) urging Australians to vote “No” to proposed reforms to Australia’s marriage laws that would recognise same sex marriages.

The council of baby dick suckers (p. 109, haha funny that), must not have received the memo from the Executive Council of Scheming Heebs.

We are turning the goyim into fags!

Might be an actual quote, but we can not be sure.

The collective aim of jews in Australia appears to be a balancing act between encouraging support for their stupid desert country, while also attempting to deconstruct any remaining trace of traditionally conservative values in our country. With one hand they lobby and with the other they sow disharmony. When such activities are the calling card of a people, it is no surprise that these people have been expelled from different host regions on at least 359 separate occasions.

The funniest reason for their expulsion by the way is in 1831 when they were expelled from the Danubian Principalities of Moldova and Wallachia (region now known as Romania), because they could not prove their usefulness.

On a tangent, there are a number of cases where their expulsion has been for the ritual murder of children. In my opinion, this is an activity that they are engaging in now with more frequency than ever before. Perhaps I will write about this in more depth another time.

In any case, it is sad to see Australian politicians suckling at the baby knob of such a horrible group of people. That was the original point of all this and it is the point I will leave you with.

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