‘Kiddy’ Vidler Alarmed By Based and Redpilled Teens

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 31, 2020

A fat idiot is concerned and confused about why young Australians would want to be based. Well boy do I have some news for him.

9 News:

When it comes to the dangers of online recruitment into the extreme far-right movement, the narrative is a sadly familiar one.

Young people are exposed online to “ironic”, reaction-baiting memes featuring coded anti-Semitism, racism and white supremacy. A piece in The Atlantic earlier this year, for example, showed how neo-Nazis had infiltrated the majority-male “brony” fandom of the My Little Pony cartoon.

From such beginnings it progresses, the “jokes” gradually lose any façade of humour, and the unwitting recruit finds themselves enmeshed in an online society that validates and encourages their worst impulses.


I bet this retard decided to write this article after searching for my little pony porn and stumbling upon this piece in the Atlantic. What a disgusting fat bitch.

But I should make the point – Adam ‘Kiddy’ Vidler implies here that young people are brainwashed into being racist by funny memes. I have heard this explanation trotted out so many times and it is the most retarded take I have ever heard. It should only take a minutes worth of analysis to realise that this does not make any sense.

Young people (currently zoomers), are not necessarily mindless drones who just believe everything that is in a meme. In fact I think this idea is a projection of the type of gullibility that is quite common in older generations. Boomers, Xers and Millennials, in my opinion, are particularly prone to such gullibility.

Would it not make more sense to assume that these young people are quite critically minded? I mean, just by the fact that these young Australians have found themselves exploring a scene with an ideological basis so divorced from what is establishment ideology. The answer is yes, it makes much more sense.

The article continues and confirms that on some level, the contributors understand this to be true.

Terror studies expert Dr Kristy Campion of Charles Sturt University told nine.com.au it was not as simple as teenagers being “exposed” to this material by happenstance.

“I’ve researched this area, I’ve looked very deep into it, and you know what? It doesn’t just pop up automatically,” she said.

“You need to go looking for it. We know there is a supply, but there’s also a demand.

“In other words – the focus on the perils of online recruitment ignores that the recruits are, initially, curious about what’s being presented by the far-right.

The fact is that young people are entertained by the vibrant energy, contrarian nature and disruptive influence on modern boundaries that are offered by the dissident right.

Young people can see the top down, socially enforced boundaries on speech – boundaries that are established by big jewish mega-corporations which provide the majority of informational content, whether that be in current affairs reporting, academia or anything else. They see this phenomenon and they think to themselves, “that’s fucking gay bro.”

They think this and they embark on a perilous quest for the truth. And it is perilous for there are long nosed men hiding in the shadows who wish harm upon them.

Some encounter the truth quickly, having rushed to find everything that has been hidden from them. Some take a more gradual, meandering route, absorbing the most they can from each stage of their journey.

Yes, our memes are funny and they are attractive laugh factories for young people who have a youthful energy with joy in their heart, but they do not have the power to convince people of lies. The humour of the dissident right is feared because it is a gateway to the truth. Memes are a gateway to the truth.

Young Australians are intentionally looking up extremist material. But why?

“In an Australian context, we don’t have an answer,” she said.

I gave you the answer. We are offering information that young people have not been given by the people they were told to trust. Teachers and parents never told them. But now they are finding out, and fat pussy nerds are VERY scared.

I hear many dissident nationalists these days are wishing to separate themselves from the, “left right dichotomy,” but as far as I am concerned, such an act would be an enormous missed opportunity. When being, “far right,” can cause such concern amongst the fat nerds of this world, I would never give it up.

The reason people reject the left right dichotomy is because they want to adopt some ideas that are typically associated with the other side, be it economic or otherwise.

What you must understand is that these ideas on the other side are often just tacked on to their worldview strategically. It is clear to me that democracy is structured in such a way that it associates single issues with broad worldviews, whether or not they are actually complementary.

In a similar way to how a business might segment their potential markets into the most effective consumer populations, democracy allows the people at the top to segment voting blocks into the least effective voting populations.

So to rise above this left right dichotomy does not mean you are so great in your thought that you can not be placed politically on a spectrum. Unfortunately, you can not be the, “Man above Coherent Ideas.”

Let me clearly and simply define what the right is and why we are in fact right wing: To be on the right is to support the preservation of the natural order, including hierarchies and traditional social expectations. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Of course on the opposite end of the spectrum is the left, which seeks to destroy the natural order and destroy traditional social expectations. It will attempt, against nature, to flatten natural hierarchies and ban the natural response to undesirable behaviour. The left is it’s own god. There is no natural law that it must abide, be it a law of beauty, biology, order, or conduct. The only law it must follow is the one it sets for itself.

This is why a right wing youth scares all globohomo nerds. In RETVRNing TO TRVDITION, the youth revolt against the set of arbitrary material laws that the establishment wishes to impose. They adopt the morality of God and nature, as well as embracing the tradition of their race – that is judiciousness, stability, stoicism, desire for order, recognition of biological differences, and an affinity for natural beauty, rather than some perverted pursuit of the ugly and deformed.

The kids are far right, and it is trvditional as fuck bitch.

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