Charles Bronson To Be Released From British Prison SOON! (Return To AVSTRALIA ??)

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 4, 2020

It seems that the editor-in-chief of this very website believes he will be freed from British prisons before he has reached the age of 70.


The 67-year-old, who has spent the vast majority of the past 45 years behind bars, was given the green light last week to challenge a ban on Parole Board hearings being held in public.

Bronson, now going by the name Charles Salvador after the painter Salvador Dali, wants his next hearing to be in the ‘full public glare’ as he mounts a fresh bid for freedom.

Writing from the high-security estate at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes the ‘born again artist’ told it had been a ‘magical’ result. Once freed, he said he intends to ‘smash his way to the top of the art world and live a nice, simple, happy, honest life’.

A nice, simple, happy, honest life. That sure sounds splendid.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Charlie will be treated fairly by the snivelling pom cunts who preside over his case. They always had it out for the Australian master race.

Reppin’ that green and gold

We must all hope that when Charlie is released, he gets to live the traditional life with his new pensioner wife, Joan; and they will live as two old people together. Totally based.

Joan, I imagine, will be a much higher quality woman than Charlie’s last missus, Paula Williamson.

Williamson was a caked up tart from television who betrayed Bronson’s trust by letting some idiot motorboat her and, ‘getting cozy,’ with a black guy.

Very undignified, and frankly it looks like she has been ignoring Charlie’s order to, “not get fat,” and to, “do 400 sit ups a day.” This is good advice by the way. She shouldn’t have gotten fat, and neither should you.

It doesn’t matter now because I guess she died of a drug overdose. Regardless, she should at least have been a healthy weight when she died of that drug overdose.

This man could be her drug dealer, though we can not be certain.

Charlie handled this situation with the class and style befitting an honourary Australian, stating she was a, “drunken tart,” and that, “Paula has disrespected me, my mum and most of all herself. I can’t accept that from somebody who’s supposed to be my wife.”


I hope Charles is released soon so that he can join his convict brothers in the great southern land, with his traditional aryan pensioner gf, Joan.

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