Jud Gib Da Boong Boong Tribe More Gibbies Fella! PWEASE!?

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 5, 2020

Are we really still doing this?


Australia’s leaders are set to take another step toward empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with a new agreement in a bid to Close the Gap.

The National Cabinet, the Australian Local Government Association, and a coalition of peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations (the Coalition of Peaks) will tomorrow announce a new national agreement aimed at improving the quality of life for the country’s Indigenous communities.

“It is a pledge from all governments to change the way they work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations through four Priority Reforms that were overwhelmingly supported during the community engagements led by the Coalition of Peaks late last year,” they said in a statement.

How long are we going to keep pretending we can help these people. We have done everything in our power to facilitate the success of abos, and they are still complaining and failing endlessly.

I suppose we can not expect much more from a race of people with an average IQ of 62. By the way, this IQ score falls into the range of completely mentally retarded. LMAO. That means that the average aboriginal is clinically retarded by modern standards. SAD!

With that said, I imagine the type of response I might hear to such a comment would include the usual platitudes. A normie may respond with a phrase such as, “IQ tests are culturally biased,” or, “IQ tests don’t necessarily measure intelligence because ackchyually we are all the same.”

Listen, here’s the thing libtard. Even if IQ tests did not measure intelligence (they almost certainly do), it would not matter, because we are not just measuring intelligence for the fuck of it, but rather to predict outcomes.

First of all, IQ is a better predictor of workplace performance than basically any other measure – even job experience, level of education, or parents socio-economic status. The point being that IQ measures something that is relevant to functioning and contributing in a developed society.

Insofar as IQ testing being culturally biased, well…

The Alternative Hypothesis:

If IQ tests painted non-Whites as being less intelligent than they actually are, then they should under-predict how well non-Whites do in school and the work force. They do not (Kobrin, 2001Cucina et al., 2016Jensen, 1980). Moreover, if IQ tests are biased, there should be “bias” problems which are among the hardest problems for non-Whites, but the easiest for Whites.

Actually, Whites and non-Whites rank the difficulty of IQ tests items essentially identically (Jensen and McGurk, 1986Reynolds and Suzuki, 2003).

Further still, if IQ tests were really biased against non-Whites, you would expect Europeans to score the highest on them. They don’t, East Asians do (Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, 2012Faulk, 2016A).

In summary, the idea that IQ tests are culturally or racially biased makes several testable predictions and they have all been falsified.

So that is out of the way. Problem solved, if you will. We now understand why the gap exists.

Now we must look at what we are currently doing to close the gap. There is a point at which you realise that no matter the amount resources you dedicate to solving a problem, the problem will remain. I believe we are at that point, but I will provide you the basic numbers and let you decide for yourself

The 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report (the most recent report available), stated that, “…total direct government expenditure on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians was estimated to be $33.4 billion,” (p. xii).

The same report states that the estimated direct expenditure per person was $44,886 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, around twice the rate for non-Indigenous Australians ($22,356),” (p. xii).

There’s your fuckin gap ya dopey prick. The gap is that an abo gets twice as much handed to him as anyone else does! Give some to me!

How did these piss takers wrangle a spot on QandA. Well it’s quite simple. They were offered.

How long are we going to bang our heads against this petrol sniffing wall? I guess it will be as long as it takes for liberal pussy poofters to feel they have acquired the maximum upcummies available – that is to say that this will continue forever unless we start to flip our shit, #AryanStyle.

Lord Almighty, I do not know how much more of this shit cuntery I can bear.

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