Modern Aged Care is as Bad as You’d Think

Bruce Chungus
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 17, 2020

The future that awaits us!

The Guardian:

Horrific footage of a 95-year-old woman left to languish in a Melbourne aged care facility struck by Covid-19 shows ants crawling from a wound on her leg, and the bandages around it crusted with blood.

The footage and photos, described by the federal aged care minister as “heartbreaking”, were taken inside Kalyna Care, a private residential home in Melbourne’s north-west, on Tuesday, some two weeks after the virus was first identified in one staff member.

The woman, known to her family as Milka, died on Friday morning of conditions unrelated to Covid-19.

Do you have a family member that perhaps needs special care you cannot give them?

Do you love your family and think they deserve only the best care?

Are they of Eastern European descent and perhaps don’t speak English?

Well, I have just the place for you!

When only the best will do…

Kalyna Care is a Ukrainian Community project that welcomes residents from all European countries

Sounds lovely, a place where your Eastern European grandparents can get the care they deserve. They worked hard, busted their asses to pay taxes for god knows what, and deserve to live their later years in peace knowing a highly-trained nursing staff will ensure their comfort.

Hang on, what’s this?

The staff say they were not given adequate facilities to change out of infection-exposed clothing and basic hygiene was said to have fallen by the wayside, with some residents not cleaned for days.

Okay, enough bullshit, let’s be serious.

The state of our aged care facilities is a material manifestation of how we treat those who need it most: the elderly, our mothers and fathers – our own flesh and blood. It is also a glimpse at how deep the cultural rot has clearly set in and even shows us the future of Australia and White nations more broadly.

Simply, this whole trainwreck shows us that we no longer value anything but ourselves; the elderly delegated to homes and being looked after by hordes of third-world retards that have no reason to care – they clock-on, they clock-off, they go home to their 6 kids all crammed into an apartment tower in Flemington or something. The incentive to care was never there and never will be.

Does that nurse look white to you?

Care staff brought into the home this week have told Guardian Australia that some residents went without food or water for 18 hours. Faeces were found on the floor. An ant infestation, which had been kept at bay, had got out-of-control in Milka’s room.

I hope our readers realize that this is the world they will potentially one day inhabit, whatever material success they had in life will be deemed irrelevant as they rot away in an aged care facility, their economic usefulness now depleted; their sons too busy drinking at bars and eating Cool Food, their daughters marrying a Mystery Meat Special and paying the subsequent toll, her black eye making it difficult to come visit. Sanjeet will be all they know, the faint smell of cigarettes and curry on his breath as he demands in bad English you get out of bed for a shower.

If you are reading this, there is already a chance you are aware of what I have just explained – you are based and should probably pat yourself on the back and have a VB, the official beer of CMH. That said, you should do your best to let others know the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves.

Think of the FOOD!

Really makes eating a bullet or some pills worth considering at that age…

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