What is Love? (baby don’t hurt me)

Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 14, 2020

Love, It’s hard to define but we all know what it is right? Well, maybe not.

The thought of romantic love – as envisioned by the majority, is two people, a man and a woman – who fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after (just like in a fairy tale).
But those fairy tales are ancient European stories & the concept of romantic love that we conjure could perhaps be solely White and an exclusively Heterosexual phenomenon.

Until recently I had always assumed that all humans felt romantic love the same way, now after consideration I am sure the experience differs greatly between the many ethnicities of the world. And it makes sense, there are already vast differences between us in our emotional behaviours.
Take for example the western woman, she does not expose her breasts freely – her breasts are intimate and are not to be seen by the masses, especially random men.
Yet in many tribes around the world their culturo-ethnic disposition is to expose their breasts for anyone to see.
This small example shows that the strong emotions associated with modesty and morality are experienced in wholly different ways.

if you look closely you can even see slight differences in physical appearance.

But supposing that differing races experience love differently is a touchy subject, and I don’t think the powers-that-be would want you knowing that romantic love is a White thing.

Seeing as they are especially keen to normalise “bi-racial” couples and mixed race children.


Just google “White Couple” to see where their preference lies, typically media is saturated by Black and White couples (even though that pairing is a statistically small relationship).

Pathetic score of rice burning white blokes but you get the picture

Emotions – we are told they are humanly universal, we are all the same inside..
Are we?
Westerners are known as high IQ, low time preference, having high societal trust and with an aversion to cruelty, yet others are the complete opposite.
Take for example these Black people torturing and killing an iguana for fun.

How humane.

How about the practice of “Necklacing” where a person is tortured until they set alight a petrol doused tyre around their own neck and burn to death – the crowd love it.

Our brains work differently and our experiences are vastly different, just look at IQ tests which put the average IQ of some races of humans lower than Koko the gorilla in what would be considered the mentally retarded range in western cultures, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we love differently also?

We are not the same.

Think too of the alien culture which is promoted by the mainstream of crude filth in the music and film industry, who’s goblin like owners push into our faces the likes of disgusting “art” like Cardi B’s new song about how wet her vagina is. It’s absolutely disgusting.

– Is this love?


Don’t hate the player, Hate the game

Chris Poole founder of 4chan.org

Hmm? Yes I think I will hate the game, and the player too.
“The game” as they call it – is to be as promiscuous as possible, with as many partners as possible and do and say anything to have loveless sex with anybody.
This results in STD’s pregnancy, abortion or concludes in single mothers with “baby daddies” who never see their own children.
Growing up without a loving Mum and Dad – what are the odds they will end up a productive member of society? A single mother who has 6 children to multiple absent fathers – is that love?

Another example of non-white love is the Aboriginal practice of marring underage girls to 50+ yr old men, the old pervert is legally (Aboriginal Laws) allowed to beat and rape the child too – is this love?

Or the middle eastern practice of an arranged marriage to your cousin and then spitting out 6 genetically abnormal children – is this love?

Hans, Get the flamethrower

No. Love is not love.
Another point of attention is our forced toleration of homosexuality and soon-to-be paedophilia, this filth does not mesh with our idea of love, it is sexual immorality and goes against nature and God.
It’s in our nature to feel this way.
At the core of our being we understand that the natural way is to fall in love and get married, have children, and live together until death,
As Husband & Wife.

Unfortunately, some misguided women fall for the lie that there is no difference in loving between the races. For them the lesson is a Hard-Knock life in more ways than one.

Pair bonding is a thing – It affects women more than men but it basically makes a strong emotional connection between husband and wife, the more sexual partners you have the less emotional connection you can achieve, whores and sex workers being practically unable to marry afterwards because the emotional part of their brain has been ruined -Permanently.

Married couples have more sex than single whores.

Married men & women enjoy more sex with their partners than whores get by far, this fulfils our desires in a positive way, and more than that – having babies is the most rewarding thing you will ever do

Our enemy hates to see us married and with children.

Why? It is simple, love, marriage and children are the ultimate win. The ultimate self defence. A little clan of your own who can peer at the world from your safe zone and grow together learning right from wrong, a Child growing up in a loving home with a Mother and Father and Brothers and Sisters is like 100 points to our team, that Child is almost guaranteed to be based and redpilled, smart and aware and will go on to make a healthy family of their own.

So what is love? It may be undefinable sure – but we know it, we feel it and we see that it is different.

Love may be one of White Europeans greatest evolutionary successes, enabling us to be monogamous, to be sexually fulfilled yet sexually healthy, to grow a staunch and unbreakable family unit – a clan that is strengthened by blood, and most of all to provide an ultimate purpose, a reason to live and die.

A meaning to life itself.

Published by Tery Caste

Freelance writer of opinion pieces, anti-cannibalism activist, world renowned clandestine podcaster.

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