Old Jew Bitch Survives Her Second Soap Related Tragedy: COVID-19

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 23, 2020

Victoria recently recorded its oldest COVID survivor, and COVID is not the only hawrrible tragedy she has survived.

AJN – Times of Israel:

MELBOURNE Holocaust survivor Marianne Schwarz, 98, could not have imagined she would also become Victoria’s oldest COVID-19 survivor.

Vienna-born Marianne marked her 98th birthday at Cabrini Malvern Hospital on Saturday, where she had spent three weeks with COVID-19. But her birthday present came this week when two successive tests came back negative.

Wow! It sure is an amazing story.

At first she was facing eternity as a bar of soap, but in the end it may just have been a bar of soap that saved her life!

“Oh gawd, what is this device you have strapped me to goyim!? I’m having flashbacks of the scooby doo coaster into the ovens where Hitler did the shoah of the six billion!

Retiring at 65, Marianne devoted her time to B’nai B’rith, where she is a long-time member of the Raoul Wallenberg Unit. Through Courage To Care, she relates her Shoah experiences to Victorian schoolchildren, and is a member of WIZO Masada.

Oh awesome, she tells Australian schoolchildren about her gay fairytale that doesn’t matter to them whatsoever.

For one thing, Australia was on the opposing side to the Germans in WWII, who Schwarz accuses of gassing her sneaky tribe. The only reason she could have for making it her mission to teach Australian children about such an event, is to instil racial guilt in young White Australians.

The utility of this for jews, is that pre-programming young White Australians to feel racial guilt about the holocaust will act as a barrier to investigating or questioning the jewish influence on Australian politics.

I wonder what the last stand of these holocaust survivors would be if White Australians did begin to question jewish influence…

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