Women Need Your Meat NOW!

Terry Caste
Cobber’s Morning Herald
September 28, 2020

Could it be that women invented hunting?

Lets step back in time, to a simpler time where men had barely broken free from their monke ancestors.
Now picture a group of men, armed with clubs and sharp sticks, charging into battle against a mighty beast.
Why? What drives them? What would make a man leave the comfort of his cave, the loving bosom of his proto-wife, his children and family – to risk it all on the Auroch prize?

good art, not like that Abrodginal rubbish

What about if it was women? 👀

As many trad and based cobber’s would agree a woman’s love is like no other, yet, a woman’s hate is like a demonic entity.
And we – as men – do generally cop the brunt of that torturing despise from time to time, well, every month to be exact.
Yes, you may guess where this is going cobber’s, women are a strange creature, lovely to be sure, but mad as a cut snake at times.
During menstruation and pregnancy a woman’s hormones do weird and wonderful things, she may want a root, want a cry, want a fight, or all three at once.

I propose that It was women who spurred men on to slay beasts for their tasty flesh, by forcing them from their homes by way of being abominable wenches.

“But hold on terry, one single woman can’t force out all the blokes of a tribe, they’d tell her to shut up and get nicked”

-Bloke at the pub I’m waffling on to
women: the original fags

Women who share close proximity to each other can often have their periods at the same time, it’s called menstrual synchrony.
Synching pregnancies and allsorts, although this effect has recently been “debunked” (probably by some jew) it’s real and it happens in animals too.

You could potentially have more than half of the young women in the tribe going batshit crazy at once.

I’ll take my chances with the wild beasts

So now in perspective the hunter stands before the mighty beast ready to die:

With the urge to attack something rising, Blokes came up with the perfect answer. The Hunt.
Man do what a man gotta do – heck, we love it.

So after the hunt is finished and the big lad brings home the bacon so to speak (but literally really bring home bacon), they are met by their (now hormonally normalised) trad wives and get food, love and sexy time, very cool.

Women need meat during pregnancy and often have intense cravings for it, even menstruation leaves them in need of meat so it stands to reason that they were probably whining and bitching about getting meat, all the time.

Even in an age where going “Natural” is trendy and cool our society has continued to neglect the fundamental nature of our biology, our fertility.

During my research for this article I stumbled across something that took me by surprise, both in it’s strangeness to our culture and also it’s pureness and simplicity.

Natural fertility, it is the fertility that exists without birth control.

BBC writes:

Menstruation is also rare in human societies that don’t use any form of contraception. There are a few such “natural fertility” populations even today, and women in these societies spend most of their reproductive life either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Among the Dogon, a natural fertility population in Mali, Strassmann has found that women have about 100 periods over their lifetime. This was probably fairly typical for much of our species’ history.

By contrast, most modern women have 300-500 periods. “What we are experiencing, as part of our evolution, is very unusual,” says Strassmann.

Actually a very interesting article

Women are cyclical, hormonal and cyclical, one can see the kind of poisonous creature that this society breeds when women take birth control for all of their fertile years and then spits them out – a spinster with a barren womb and brain damage.

The answer really is to leave women’s reproductive fertility alone, simple isn’t it?

But how in the hell did we get to this point? It really hits home now, the assault on our women, the continual relentless war which they have endured. I feel sorrow and pity for the victims of this biological attack.

With people at the forefront of “birth control” such as George Rosenkranz (invented the pill), Emma Goldman, Rose Pastor Stokes, Margaret Sanger… one can see that the attack is of course… jewish at it’s core.

In fact, weirdo jews seem to have a real obsession with menstruation, Orthodox jewish women have to take their dirty underwear to the rabbi so he can check if she is still unclean from bleeding. (eww gross I bet they beat off their disfigured little peckers over the nasty undies yuck)

Scratch and sniff:


I do believe that humanity will inevitably come to it’s senses, eventually when we stop drinking the fluoride, eating the poison, and watching the brainwashing, we will live closer to God as we are meant to naturally and healthfully.

And men.. remember to give women your meat.

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