Donald Trump Finally Removing Women!? (From Earth)

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 15, 2020

Donald Trump has announced that he will be sending a woman to the moon, and he gave no indication that he would be bringing her back!

The very whitepilling announcement took place during his campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, 2 days prior to the publishing of this very article. Ever since the statement was made, people have been wondering whether he omitted the details of this woman’s return from the moon, or if there is no plan to bring her back at all.

People have also been talking, and they are talking about who this mystery woman is. Perhaps even she is not yet aware of this master plan. In my opinion, the strongest theory is that Trump plans to send Joe Biden’s presidential running mate ‘Kabbalah Haaretz’ to the moon, and leave her there! Haha.

I like the way this is heading. As the White Man colonises Mars and even other galaxies while breaking the conceived boundaries of technological innovation and philosophical thought, women will be sent to the Prison Moon Breeding Facility, where they shall remain forever. And it’s going to be very soon.

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