‘Random Jew Event,’ has Occurred in Melbourne. Jews are SEETHING!

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
October 16, 2020

If only one good thing came out of COVID-19 China virus hysteria, it is this heartwarming story.

Daily Mail:

Furious Melbourne locals have engaged in a heated row with a group of orthodox Jews and accused them of breaking lockdown laws. 

Confronting footage showed worshippers, believed to be the Satmar Hasidic group, leaving the Adass Israel School, in south Melbourne, on Saturday night. 

The two groups were seen screaming at each other and one clip showed the cameraman pointing at a large group of worshippers flooding the street.

‘All of these people and about 50 more were in this school,’ he said.  

People are beginning to call this the, ‘Random Jew Event.’ It seems as though jews in Melbourne have gone Mitzvah Mental and decided to have a barney with the locals!

Hahahahahah. This is so funny to me. I can’t stop laughing at this weird poofter sounding bloke slowly running away and saying, “they’re trying to attack me.” Absolute Pissa.

The video of people ‘pouring out’ of the building was shared to Twitter and shouting and screaming could be heard in the background.  

A second clip showed the worshippers together on the street in Elsternwick before one man began to chase cameraman.   

‘These people are breaking corona rules and they’re trying to attack me… they’re trying to attack me,’ he said. 

As funny as this Random Jew Event is however, it is important to consider the true meaning that it conveys to us. What this shows to me is that once again, we have ethno-cultural outsiders willing to blatantly disregard the rules that we choose to put in place.

Whether these rules are reasonable or not is irrelevant in this scenario. The fact is that the rules are meant to be in place for the protection of our citizens – and these people, who identify as jewish before they identify as Australian, would rather have their ridiculous chicken swinging parade than respect the rules we have established.

This follows from the theory established in one of my previous articles, “THIS UGLY SON OF A DONKEY Is Giving Your Granny COVID and basically you are fucking stupid. (How? …Just Read The Free Article),” which established as an unequivocal fact that Waleed Aly was possibly planning a Chinese virus fueled, islamic jihad against Australia’s elderly population.

The article also provided evidence for the idea that COVID-19 cases were significantly higher in regions of Victoria more densely populated with towel heads, and the reason I gave for this is that they are much more likely to flout our rules than we Australians are. They have their own laws – they couldn’t give a flying rat’s arse about ours.

It is the exact same case with these jews. They have their own rules and systems, which are incompatible with ours. That is fine, but they are going to have to follow those rules and systems elsewhere (in hell? (with Big Floyd and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?(probably lol)))

The Jewish man then screamed in another woman’s face and she labelled him ‘disgraceful’.  

‘You are a member of this society,’ she yelled. 

Actually, no. He is not. He is not a member of this society. And he is crying out as he strikes you.

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