Channel 7 Accidentally Acknowledges That Race Exists and Everybody Loses Their Mind

David Hiscox
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 16, 2021
Originally published by XYZ on July 13, 2021.

In yesterday’s Final of soccer’s European Cup, three negroes choked during the penalty shootout to lose the match for England against Italy. This led to one of the greatest XYZ headlines ever.

This triggered vile online abuse of The XYZ on Twitter, about which we happily boasted on last night’s XYZ Live.

An intern at Channel 7 was subsequently swayed by The XYZ Effect. This caused them to accidentally acknowledge that race exists in the wrong context.

Channel 7 swiftly altered the headline then deleted the whole article but it was too late. Beautifully, the Blue Checkmark response exposed the jewish-programmed doublethink on race:

Note the fact that the Channel 7 article explicitly referenced “abhorrent” “racist” “abuse” and discussed the fact that the word “nigger” was trending on Twitter. Yet due to the acknowledgment that the three players who missed the penalties were black, ie the entire point of the so-called “racist” “abuse”, Channel 7 itself is held up as an example of so-called “systemic” “racism” even as it believes it is following orders in decrying it:

We are expected to decry “racism” while simultaneously avoiding any mention of race. The doublespeak is especially egregious from Craig Foster, who is fully on board with the population replacement agenda.

The moment a black guy misses, it is “racist” to notice that he’s black.

When France Africa won the World Cup a few years back, Foster launched into an epic rant about how great it was that there were so many African, ie black, players in the French team and how it was a reflection of “modern” France and “modern” Europe.

Thus the doublethink and doublespeak of the globalist oligarchy is exposed. If a non-white is good at something, it is okay to mention that they aren’t White. If they do something bad, do not mention race.

The same hypocrisy exists regarding the deliberate racial replacement and slow extermination of White people in our own countries. If you think it is good, it is a thing.

If you point out that this is bad, all of a sudden it is a conspiracy theory and a dangerous one at that.

This hypocrisy is evident within a Google search, where the two different narratives exist side by side.

It is telling that the only people who acknowledge this contradiction are those of us who point out that White Genocide is a bad thing.

Although handy, this latest exposure of the globalists’ hypocrisy on race isn’t likely to lead to a mass White awakening. We can be sure of this for the simple fact that they have been prepared to expose their hypocrisy so blatantly, just as they did when they refused to acknowledge their lies after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 or after they rigged the election to defeat him in 2020. The hypocrisy has been on display for years, still no White Revolution.

What could accelerate matters is the serious damage this episode will have on the jews’ ability to drug White people with sport. As Millennial Woes put it yesterday:

It’s more like a heroin addict who says “yes, I know how bad this is for me, but it feels good, so stop being a party-pooper”.

Like porn, sportsball is the opium of the White masses. 100,000 Aussies will go to the MCG for a football match but only a handful will protest an Australian Police Station raising a Chinese communist flag to commemorate a Chinese communist victory.

If the Kalergi English team had won, the race of the Africans wearing the English shirt would have been openly acknowledged, celebrated and rubbed in our faces. This would have worked because White Anglo soccer fans would have received the heroin hit to keep them docile and obedient.

Instead, deprived of victory they are deprived of their heroin hit. Now awake and agitated, they realise that their team lost thanks to negroes and they have said so openly on the internet. A certain percentage will be brave enough to openly acknowledge that their country is full of negroes and it is time to do something about it.

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