Malcolm Fraser Believes Israel Deliberately Attacked the USS Liberty

David Hiscox
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 22, 2021
Originally published by XYZ on July 20, 2021

Gumshoe News interviewed former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser shortly before his death. Considering the three key points covered in the interview, one wonders if he was done in a little early:

  1. He desired more foreign policy independence from the American Alliance.
  2. He presented overwhelming evidence that Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate and that the American government covered it up.
  3. He was suspicious of America’s motives for fighting the War on Terror and he viewed domestic measures taken to curb terrorism as a direct threat to our freedoms.

For further details, you can watch the interview. It is only 13 minutes long.

Here is a video providing further information on Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty.

It must be remembered first and foremost that former Malcom Fraser was a race traitor. Quite aside from his support for all sorts of silly left wing causes in his dotage, he betrayed our cousins in Rhodesia to White Genocide during his time in office.

The Jew and the Negro, Melbourne, early 1980’s.

During his time in office he opened up Australia to mass immigration from Asia and established the Human Rights Commission, which has become an instrument of totalitarian speech suppression against anyone who opposes our replacement. Thus he put the final nails in the coffin of the White Australia Policy.

He is a traitor.

His antiwhite attitude meant that he misunderstood the hidden danger behind Australia’s alliance with America, and he could not connect the final dot between Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty and American foreign policy.

Like Australia’s commitment to The British Empire, Australia’s alliance with America is the reason Australia was able to maintain itself for so long as a White nation with literally billions of coloured people between us and the centres of Anglo-Saxon Civilisation, before our governments chose to betray us.

There is irony in Fraser’s desire for Australia to gain some level of independence in foreign affairs from its great and powerful friends. A prime driver for Australian Federation was to prevent the British Empire from importing coloured labor into Australia and to maintain the entire continent as the White Man’s Land.

In this respect early Australia was independent from the globalist tendencies of the British Empire, while our commitment to Britain’s wars were bound very much to our ties in blood.

Fraser’s conception of Australia is from a liberal, globalist perspective. If he viewed our ties with Great Britain and America in racial terms, it was from an antiwhite perspective. His idea of independence was for Australia to go down the road of deracination, state mandated homosexuality and closer ties with Asia.

As such his wishes were more in line with the real danger which lies behind the American Alliance: America is beholden to a foreign interest, namely the jews within America and the State of israel.

Australia’s commitment to wars against communism were both in our strategic and racial interests. Of course, Western powers never fought wars against communism as fiercely as they fought the war against national socialism due to the jewish control of Western foreign policy, and jewish control of Western media and academia worked over the course of decades to destroy our will to fight against anybody.

Fraser states that he had hoped with the end of the Cold War that Australia could gain some level of foreign policy independence from America, but this is precisely when America’s subversion to fight wars for israel went into overdrive, as did ours. The War on Terror after Israel did 9/11 kicked this into hyperdrive while mass immigration into the West simultaneously escalated. This ensured that islamic terrorism would become “part and parcel” of life in the West. The War on Terror has been a total defeat.

Fraser was right to identify the measures taken to supposedly curb terrorism in the West as a threat to our freedom, but I doubt he understood their true purpose: To turn the laws back onto any White man who wanted to retain his White country for his own people, thus fulfilling the millennia long jewish agenda of eliminating the Aryan people.

To support the American Alliance now means support of an openly antiwhite regime which is openly genociding its founding stock, imprisoning any who oppose this, and whose foreign policy aims to spread jewish multiculturalism and state mandated anal rape across the globe.

Thus Fraser was able to correctly identify the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty as deliberate, the American government response as a cover up and its willingness to throw away the lives of its citizens to protect its vital interests, without understanding its true significance. Although it was a case of America protecting its relationship with its ally israel, it was more importantly an indication of jewish control over America.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I suggested at the start that perhaps Fraser was done in early to keep a can on it. He could however merely be a coward who started to talk only at the end, when he had nothing left to lose. The only way we will win this is if we are prepared to lose everything.

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