Squealy Keneally Cries and Pisses Her Pants About Racism

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 22, 2020

Middle aged seppo bitch, Kristina ‘Squealy’ Keneally, last week came out to nag and complain about white people who don’t hate themselves or want their kids to be mentally ill gender bending freaks.


Labor has called on the Morrison government to ban right-wing organisations to send a signal that extremist views won’t be tolerated in Australia.

Currently, 25 of Australia’s 26 banned terrorist organisations are Islamist, with the other being the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.

But Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally says these groups are not the sum total of the problem.

“The proscription of a right-wing organisation – international or domestic – would send a powerful message that these extremist views will not be tolerated,” she wrote in an article for ASPI’s The Strategist.

I could have saved you reading all that and just told you that she said, “ban right wing organisations.” That quote would not have been out of context whatsoever. There is no specific organisation she has deemed worthy of banning, or even a category of right wing organisation that she thinks must be stopped. She just wants to send the signal.

Squealy Keneally wants to forbid the existence of right wing organisations, and she does not even give a fuck if they are in her jurisdiction or not.

… international or domestic…”

She will ban your right wing organisation wherever you are. She doesn’t even care if you are in Pakistan, Taiwan, or the People’s Republic of Congo. She will find you and ban you. Proscription means forbidding something by the way. I know that for certain because I looked it up on the internet to make sure that I correctly understood what I was reading.

This cunt really just wants to ban any old right wing organisation. They are all on her hit list. Your Granny’s church might be next. Nobody can say for certain.

“While the home affairs minister has said the dark web is fuelling right-wing extremism, the reality is far simpler, but equally sinister,” she wrote.

“Nazi memorabilia is being sold on Facebook Marketplace and ASIO’s Director-General has said, ‘in suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology.'”

Well, it seems your Granny’s church is safe for now. The next target on Squealy Keneally’s list appears to be Facebook Marketplace! Haha, FIGHT!


Senator Keneally said the government should also roll out a national anti-racism campaign, as well as practical advice to parents, teachers, youth workers and churches to recognise and combat the rise of right-wing extremism.

I assume that she has hatched a dastardly plan to train parents in the art of posting cringe if their kids start getting too #based and #redpilled.

Before even addressing whether this old dishwasher is adequately prepared to combat ‘right-wing extremism,’ I wondered how she might begin to recognise right wing extremism. I quickly came up with a list (incomprehensive), of potential red flags she may notice in a young person. I will tell you now, in dot point form, the warning signs of a young person who may be a right wing extremist:

  • They don’t want 20 porch monkeys to steal their Nike Tn’s
  • They are not interested in committing sodomy (giving or receiving (aids?))
  • They are not fat and sweaty
  • They prefer looking at things that are a e s t h e t i c rather than things that are stomach turningly foul
  • They already had autism and their new fixation is cuboids
  • They do not practice witchcraft and/or wizardry

Moving on, I must wonder what her plan is for combating the gamer uprising, as I have so far gleaned only two potential strategies from her comments. The first strategy is just banning any random right wing organisation of her choice. She might even spin the wheel of fortune to help her pick one. I can not say for certain.

I am also unsure of how right wing you must be in order to experience this brutal banning that has been suggested. Keneally may even have to ban herself for that time she was accidentally too pro-Australian.

“The answer is no…”

Her second strategy, the one that we all truly fear, is her anti-racism campaign.

Please. Please just don’t say it.

I can only imagine that you are all sharing in the feeling of immense fear that I am currently experiencing.

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