Race Wars: Gook Unleashed

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 27, 2020

Tensions with China are increasing exponentially as reasons to be sick of gooks continue to accumulate. The most recent sign of tension has occurred in the disputed waters known by many as the South China Sea.


The ABC has learnt an Australian Defence Force joint task group consisting of five warships last week travelled through the disputed waterways, including close to the Spratly Islands, which China claims as its own.

It is understood the Australian warships did not come within 12 nautical miles of the contested islands, unlike American warships, which have recently conducted freedom of navigation exercises to challenge Beijing’s territorial claims.

It sounds as if we are treading more cautiously in the region than the US, so as not to anger China to the point where they turn us all into dim sim meat. The seppos on the other hand have decided to go right ahead and start doing freedom right in China’s lunchbox.

To an extent, I wish our country had the knackers to just shit all over China’s day like that. It is the geopolitical equivalent of taking a big bite out of the school nerds LCM bar and handing them the remaining third, which is now contaminated with your disgusting mouth germs. It is alpha behaviour and it is very based.

“Gimme your LCM bar NERD!”

In saying that, there are much more effective means of combating the yellow menace’s influence in Australia, but this is something I will discuss in future posts.

The Australian warships, led by HMAS Canberra, were transiting through the increasingly tense region as they made their way to the Philippine Sea for training exercises with the American and Japanese navies.

It is not stated in this article, but it has elsewhere been stated that these training exercises were a show of strength (the article title has now been edited to say, “naval exercise”).


Over the next two days the three navies will conduct various training exercises aimed at improving interoperability as they work to keep the Indo-Pacific region “free and open”.

So what I am hearing is that we participated in some soft-cock, pussyfooting boat tricks in the name of classifying a dumb patch of water as ‘free’. This is, frankly, very gay.

If we are going to attempt shows of strength in the direction of China, it has to be more epic and it has to be for the good of Australia. The South China Sea is a very hotly disputed section of pond. It has been given many different names by many different nations. The Viets refer to it as the East Sea. Indonesia refers to it as the North Natuna Sea, because it is located north of Indonesia’s Natuna Islands. In 2012, the president of the Philippines mandated that all government agencies refer to the sea as the West Phillipine Sea.

What I am suggesting is obvious. This sea is the property of Australia and the Australian people. It always has been and everybody knows it. I would suggest renaming it as the, “Far North Australian Sea,” or the, “Greater Murray,” but perhaps you have an even better name than that. I am open to suggestions.

There is no reason why we should not engage in aggressively patriotic geopolitics when it comes to China. People might say, “oh but we have to trade with them so we can have more economy.” Who cares lol. The majority of our exports to China are gas, coal and iron ore, which are non renewable natural resources. We should be utilising those resources here in order to increase our own productivity as a nation. There will come a time where Australians have nothing because their ancestors gave it all to chinks in exchange for currency that is now worth nothing (now – in the future).

And it WILL be worth nothing by the way. That will be, in no small part, due to the way our economy works. I am not going to explain this in too much depth, as I can not be bothered – but, it has been observed that natural resource economies tend to experience staggeringly slow growth.

Natural resource economies are like that Sam Hyde bit where he’s pushing the boulder up the hill, in that, it is like pushing a boulder up a hill. It is a very slow process for national economic growth, however, it is likely a very fast process for personal financial gain or political influence if you are in the right position. If the Australian nation decides at some point to abandon this economic structure, I am sure there will be a very nasty individual there to tell us that we have broken the rules.

When people counter signal taking a firmly patriotic stance against China, they often mention the potential destruction that we could face at the hands of such a large nation. Let me tell you something – China is an aggressively imperial nation which has flagrantly conducted all manner of sly and slippery operations in order to further itself, and when caught operating in such a manner, they simply respond, “lmao ok yeah, u got us, we don’t give a phuk tho haha,” (not a real quote – artists interpretation).

If their aim was to merely cause our destruction, they would probably have just done it with a tactical nuke by now. Or they might have just started throwing us in gaol like they do to that paki tribe in Xinjiang, I can’t say for certain what approach they would take. What I can say is that their primary aim is to leech all of our stuff slowly for their growing population of parasitic bug people, until we have nothing, and the excelsiites (who are their neo-upper class), have everything.

I should clarify that it is not just the mainland Chinese who have this approach hard wired into their hive mind, but all gooks (except perhaps the Japanese, who are the most noble of the yellow races). Take for example this Taiwanese individual, who was attempting to ship over one million dollars worth rare lizards across to China in, “ready-to-cook,” packaging – from Victoria, Australia. In his little lizard goldmine were several native Australian lizards, so there he is leeching our natural wildlife. Not that I frankly give a fuck about some dumb lizards, but put simply – this slope cunt can fuck off, we’re full.

For more examples, just look at these gay Hong Kong protesters, who gather in our streets and our university facebook pages, trying to make any of us give a fuck about their stupid little city. What I would say to these people, is that if you love Hong Kong so much, why don’t you marry it. But they do not want to marry Hong Kong, they just want to leech our peaceful time from us with incessant talk of boring foreign affairs, and they do it for themselves.

It is a different means of taking advantage in each case, but it is nonetheless self serving Asian behaviour.

So you see, the Chinese are not the only self serving Asian nation, they have merely been the most successful when it comes to expanding ever outwards and sapping the life force of all who suffer their presence. That makes them the number one threat to total Australian dominance, which means that we must continue to assert our authority in the Far North Australian Sea, until they become too scared to approach our naval vessels and annoy our citizens with their stupid gobbledygook language. It will not be easy though. They truly are the Gook Unleashed.

Strong Chinese Woman

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