SEPPO NEWS: Gamer Theft Auto!? Young Mexican Saviour of the White Race Embroiled In Console Gaming Scandal

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
July 28, 2020

Many of you will know of the political commentator and gaming zoomer, Nicholas J Fuentes (known to his friends as Nick Pepe). What you may not know is that he is believed by many to be the subject of an ancient prophecy, which details how a 17 year old Mexican boy will arrive at a crucial juncture in the timeline of the White Race – our “time of need,” if you will.

It is said that he will “name them,” and lead the White Race to total victory.

“Your time is up jews! Haha”

But the prophecy has been thrown into turmoil with young Nick Pepe embroiled in a scandal that many of his followers are struggling to let slide. Allegations have been made that at the age of 12, Nick Pepe permanently borrowed a Playstation belonging to a black kid of the same age, indicating that he may in fact be a console gamer.

I am quite late to this story, with it having been published on July 22 through Medium, by a user called JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. It has since been removed, but I have been able to acquire the full text post (in screenshot form), which is available EXCLUSIVELY here at Cobbers Morning Herald (for the time being).

Though this story has been posted with basically no evidence, it has been covered briefly by Mike Powers at the Daily Groyper, who claimed that, “childhood friends of the pod-caster did comment, claiming they did see the unique markings on Nick’s playstation described in the article, adding a level of validity to the claims.”

After attempting to project an image as a PC gamer, followers of The Nicker are concerned he may turn out to have been a console gamer all along.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to corrupt the prophecy, with slander and bad faith arguments directed at young Nick Pepe. All attempts have run off him like water off a raincoat. This story may be too much however, and we may all be astonished at how he recoils.

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