Richmond Tigers? More like RACE MIXING POOFTERS!?

Charles Bronson
Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 8, 2020

There are indications that Richmond has been fostering a culture of race mixing, and not just regular race mixing – WORSE, homosexual race mixing.

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick cut his weekly press conference short on Friday after being hit with accusations of alleged sexual assault among his players.

It was alleged by veteran reporter Hugh Riminton that Tiger defenders Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short were involved in the incidents involving teammate Mabior Chol.

Two incidents were allegedly caught on camera in the changerooms, after last week’s win over Brisbane and the previous clash with the Western Bulldogs.

The vision is being circulated on social media, allegedly showing Vlaustin putting his finger up the anus of Chol on the outside of his shorts.

It was alleged the footage also showed Vlaustin grabbing the genitals of Chol three times.

Short allegedly was filmed grabbing Chol’s genitals after the game against the Western Bulldogs the following week.

Eww. That is stomach turning. These men seem to enjoy performing homosexual acts on each other. Football players are often the heroes and idols of Australian children. They should not be going around being gay.

These players should be handed down an appropriate punishment, and the only appropriate punishment for homosexuality is therapy. Electroshock therapy.

“It was a stupid action and I am deeply embarrassed. I’ve apologised to Mabior,” Nick Vlastuin said.

Jayden Short said: “It was unacceptable behaviour and a poor example.”

Chol was unfazed by the incidents.

“I have no issue whatsoever with those players, or any of my teammates,” he said.

“But (I) understand that is not the sort of example we should be setting.”

Yeah no shit idiot. Nobody wants to see that gay shit.

How many times does it have to be said. RULE 1: NO POOFTERS!

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