Gorilla Mindset

Cobber’s Morning Herald
August 10, 2020

Nostalgia is gay. But in the heart of every waking man who’s arteries haven’t been clogged by heart-attack pills or the ZOG media, we feel something burning. A yearning for a better time, for a place that we may not have discovered or even visited.

We feel this burning in our hearts. Similar to the burning we feel at the cruise ship bar, Chang is buying us cheap shots of multiculturalism and despair. We’re stuck on this faggot Contiki tour that our parents booked without our knowledge.

It’s time to get off this ride.
It’s time to return to monke.


The lost boys have had monke on their mind for quite some time now, whether it be making fun of atheists:

When an atheist converts to Christianity

Or perhaps it is the primitive expression of our desire to escape the cultural clutter of modernity. We expand on esoteric ideas that outlive the shitty office humour you leave behind at 5pm each day. We may strive to be meet the standards of the Nietzschean √úbermensch, or to simply escape the industrial society like Kaczynski.

Or we may just like cool pictures of funky monke.

Australian monke getting banned by blue check marks, we all know that feeling bro!

It’s a jungle out there, and we’re fighting a tough fight. Our beautiful culture and heritage is being replaced by 5G towers and globohomo conglomerates which blot out the sun, pushing us further away from the eyes of God. Luckily there is hope out there. There are people just like you. You are not alone in this fight.

Some people are lucky enough to find like-minded men of similar status. Those are the men that you stand by for life.

Mike Ma, Harassment Architecture

Use the tools that your family, friends and online racist twitter mutuals have given you.

An honest days work

There is no need to waste your valuable time with online political compass tests, or to support hand rubbing grifters, living in McMansions.

Notice patterns. Lift heavy things and put them back down. Shitpost online anonymously, but most importantly, focus on building yourself and your family. Progress physically, mentally and in your career, so that when the volkische horn sounds you are prepared to answer the call!

We’re all gonna make it brahs (RIP Zyzz). God has a plan for all of us, and He may will you to become a titan for our race. A 180kg Gorilla dick daddy. Until then, take the Gorilla Mindset into everything you do and succeed.

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